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Photo TR: Italy tour 2011


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Thank you for following this report and I still hope you are getting excited to visit Italy next year or sometime in the future.




This park I had visited before in 2010 with TPR. I liked the park and there was a whole battle going on then between Katun and iSpeed, which was the better coaster. I think I know the answer now. My vote goes to Katun, although iSpeed is still a great coaster, Katun has more re-ride value.

There was also a new coaster, Master Thai, a mobius loop coaster (so I have to count it as one) which takes you the whole way. It does not matter which side you get onto the coaster, they load every other car so you get two laps round and ride the whole coaster. It is an OK coaster, fun but not very mind blowing.

The other 'new' attraction was the haunted walk through. It is upcharge and I must say it is a shame they took out an amazing ghost train to build this. Though they use the scenery of the old ride nicely, it is nowhere as cool as the old ride was. Scares are predictable and not many.

Mirabilandia is still a great park to visit and the prizes of the Q-bot make it totally worth getting one. We paid 10 euro's a person, and with the crowds in the park it was totally worth the money.

I got Japanesness feelings from the big wheel, really cool that the park still has it up and running.

Must do in this park for anyone who will go there soon is the dino-egg monorail.


I have no problems waking up to this


That is where we are heading!


The park has still some nicely themed entrance


I see a very nice ride


One of the best coasters in Europe!


And you could not see this side from the park. Now you can get this look from the sqaure and waiting line from Master Thai


The soon to be Intamin corner of the park. That's ride you will get a friend soon.


Another park with a lake, and yes another lake monster. You might have heard of Scotland, but if you want to see some monsters, go to Italy


Love giant wheels.


Makes me think of Japan


And well this is where the theming of destruction began, then it started spreading, next victims; Heide Park and Thorpe Park


we totally conquered Mirabilandia


We then drove to Lake Garda


Where we will sleep to visit the next parks

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Hello, it is a while ago I worked on this report. I am having some more time now so I will be going on and try to finish this report so I can shift my attention to some other pictures I have and I would like to share with you.


Last report was Mirabilandia and we moved to lake Garda, so next park was;




I like this park, it has a nice selection of coasters, water rides and dark rides. Everting is nicely themed and I can only think of one sort of flaw the park has. The park is a bit unbalanced in its type of rides. Water rides together, coasters clustered, children's rides in one area, you get the drift.

But that does not stop me from having a good time. They still have the most awesome entrance to their pirates ride (really, go ride it and you will see) and the main reason for visiting, the new monster that is Raptor.

I think it is a very entertaining coaster. It is not very forceful but just enough. The theming is great and you may get wet from the wingdip effects and the other 'secret' water effect. If you sit towards the back of the coaster it will jerk you over the top of the lift hill and drop you in the coaster action. My advise is try to sit outside backseat, I liked that seat the best.

Onto the pictures


View from the Hotel

I can see roller coasters


This park has a nice collection




Who has this picture?




What could they be hiding here?


It would be Raptor


We were not the only ones trying to ride it. Thank Jhvh for fast pass and single rider lines


Did I say I like the theme


Nice ride, I can't wait to ride the other wing coaster lay outs.


Artsy shot, Lift Hill geeks get your tissues


And then we visited the other attraction Merlin is well known for. Gardalands Sea Life. You have to cross the parking lot and it is not well signed but eventually you will find it.


Garqon, that one please


They have some Italian theming here


Jelly Fish!


Just having fun with Colors and Jellies


They are such beautifull creatures, if I had more room at home I would have a tank full of them


Diving for treasure


They have Sealions here


And some strange creatures....


...I hope they can not come out of the tank

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Long overdue, but I finally found time to post another update in this report.


After visiting Gardaland we, of course, visited movie land studios (or whatever the name of that park may be now). And we had a blast. The park is so much fun. I did not take my camera with me because we would also visit the water park. It was a very cool park, but we did not stay long. After plunging down Stuka's, we decided to try our luck at Twin Peaks. After an amazing drop and a fast incline we jumped high. Not very surprizing with almost 450 pounds on the raft (Me and Hans). We landed Ok on the slide, but flipped in the basin. This is where Hans hit his elbow and started bleeding. First aid then directed us to the nearest hospital to get him stitched up. Very short but intense visit of the water park.


In the evening we drove to Milan. We stayed here so we could visit Europark Idroscala in the evening. It is not a real park, more of a permanent fair.


Our hotel bedroom for the night.


Our hotel bedroom with the lights off. Yeah, this was kind of a crimson hotel. The information our tourguide had on this hotel was a bit off




One of the best swinging ships I have been on. And Yes, you are aloud to stand in those cages without restraints. Italy, need I say more?


A very cool mouse coaster. Fast, smooth,....


and it had a helix


You were aloud to kick the chair in front of you as high as possible. If you can ring the bell you win prizes


Karting in a tent. Win.


This was their other big coaster. Pretty fun too


But mind your head on that passage


Seek the differences. It may or may not be more then five


Italy loves its monsters

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