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Land of Adventures [RCT2]

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Well Matt, I really tired to add more track to it,but when the car went backwards it would not make it though the Mr. Freeze element. Although that is mostly the mountian, I really can't make an full mountian becuase the map is so small. So mostly I really can't change any of that,but next time I will take your advice next time when I make another park.


But here is little update.


Well they finally made an station for Water Serpent.


Also they gave me an paper of which what part of the park is done.The black line seperates the part that is done and the part that isn't done.

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I don't like the idea of a invert in there at all.

It seems like a bad idea with limited space on a rough hill. Since this park lacks space and a water ride maybe a mountain themed log flume or splash boat ride would fit nicely.


I wouldn't mind doing the log flume or splash boat ride for you on this park man. I got some free time and need my interest in rct2 rekindled with this type of small project before i start back on my parks again. I could redo some buildings (or new ones) and foliage also for your park.


Just hit me up on a message if you're interested . This break i took on from rct2 did me wonders and I'm filled to the limit with inspiration from the inflow of screens on TPR and NE.


Anyway just consider my offer, eh BAB. So yeah



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