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Land of Adventures [RCT2]

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Thanks for all of the nice comments,but here is an big update.


Well the park open.


Every single line was really big.



Although the line for Wildcat look long,but it went by really fast.


An overview of the park.


Kids World was really popular to.


Hey look,two coasters with the train running on there track.




Last photo of this update.

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I do hope you're going to send this to NE, for it should definitely win something. The new arrow is great.

I agree with this. The park is great, very nice. You should submit it, but make sure not to break any rules like last time. The park looks great with peeps in it.

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Some parts of this park I love, like the Wooden Coaster, then there are some parts that are just meh too me....like the foliage, then there are part that I don't like, one being a couple buildins with totally random colors. Not trying to nitpick just trying to give cunstructive critisism before you send it to NE. But overall it looks very nice. Good Job!

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Also, BAB, like I have said before, you use trees as filler rather than what foliage is meant to do, and that is provide to the aesthetics of what it interacts in. It looks like a park map where they hide all the back-stages with trees, because that's what Guest don't see, and are not intended to look for.



I'm still seeing this, and it's a very bad habit if you're looking for a nice, quaint atmosphere.

Edited by djbrcace1234
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oh no need to apologize, silly! I'm just giving my personal thoughts on the matter as it's not just me now that doesn't like the foliage.


the rule of thumb, for a realistic look is shrub/small plant life > trees.



I do like the park though. Fun, cute, and small.

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Little update.


I was wonder the park today and found this,it looks like an new ride being built. I heard it the old Alien Encounter show being built inside of the building,I hope it is becuase show scared the poop out of me when I was little. Also they said it was going to be called Invaded.


I also took this picture becuase I thought it look really nice.

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Well right now I can't becuase I am at my grand parents right now,and I won't be posting anything right now until tommowor. Also it is just an 3D theater that is under the mountian. The only thing you can see is the line.

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