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TPR RCT2 Showdown Voting Thread!

Which park should win?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Which park should win?

    • DJ's team park?
    • SFGAM's team park?

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Here are the downloads and the poll for voting. The poll will be open or 5 days. Califolf's team has a automatic win due to Ghost's team not turning anything in. Good luck to Dj and SFGAM!



SFGAM's team entry



Fiesta Gardens_Roundone.zip





Folf's team entry (requires expansion packs)

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Remeber folks, you can not vote for your own team. Also, this is a Public vote, so anyone can partake in this.


From the entries, I'll have to be a narcissistic person and say ours is the better, only because I like open spaces. I mean, I like Tdub's and Sfgamguys' park as well, but it felt like you guys were cramming as much as possible into a small map.


I have a feeling though you'll be the winners though, so I guess my opinion does not matter. d:

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^DJ, I am big fan of the wingrider, but not a fan of ALL the open space. Some is good, but I felt there was too much. The Arrow looper layout isnt exactly breathtaking, and it feels very open. Kudos for the wingrider and accelerator coasters though, both were very nice.

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I dunno, I liked sfgamguy and tdub96's park better (and not just because they have faith in my skills as a mechanic ). Theirs just looks right, but yours is just too spread out and largely unthemed. Sorry if I seem rude, but I can just imagine having a better time at a park like theirs. All I liked was the accelerator and the wingrider.

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I though that both parks were very good. However, I understand that DJ's team didn't want to cram so much into their park, but it seems to me that there is too much space. Also, the only three buildings in the center of the park look similar. SFGAM's park did have a lot crammed into the park, but I didn't believe that it was over bearing. I also liked that there seem to be distinct areas of the park, which different colors and building styles.

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If they're in the selected rides in the object selection, no matter if they're built, just hanging around in the build ride window, or yet to be researched, they're in the saved game.

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Requires expansion packs...pee-shaw.


I really wish I would've taken part in this. Seems like a lot of fun.

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