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[RCT2] Six Flags X-Treme Holland

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SFMM died on me because of poor planning, and will probably be released at a later date. I picked up the SFH scenario, though, and this one is really turning out good. It's not supposed to be Six Flags really, just my take on some of the rides that were already there, and adding plenty new ones.


Main Strip- 75%

Spain- 80%

Italy- 15%

Camelot- 5%

Sf Teaser 2.bmp

Shot of Spain from the Preview Thread.

Spain Teaser.bmp

More Spain.


Mama's Tres Leches; snack stall in Spain.

Rapids Teaser.bmp

"El Rio Grande", the park's river rapids ride.

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Your creativity and way you use your pieces is what really intrigues me. I look at some of those items and i think to myself, "Wow, I never thought of using that piece of scenery like that." So just plain and simple here it is, you sir, are one creative and imaginative individual. Don't stop what you're doing because you are very very very good at it.

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THANKS for the PM, I totally missed this!


What can I say it is beautiful, from the river rapids drop into the tunnel. The ghost train/food stalls and even the way you used the giga coaster to frame the bottom of the second picture.


Very Nice, you been taking private classes from nin?

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Thanks guys! I was actually going to send this in over at NE, and hope for a Bronze.


Main Strip- 100%

Spain- 80%

Italy- 35%

Sherwood- 15%


Overall Completion- 55%!


The Main Strip has completed itself over the past few days, and I've been working heavily on the Sherwood area of the park, including Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Peninsula.bmp

The small peninsula that Robin Hood Resides on. (Layout next update :p)

Main Strip Cap.bmp

The end of the Main Street.

Viper Station.bmp

Come take a ride on Viper, the parks oldest coaster!


Note: The broken benches have been dealt with.

Viper Towers Over.bmp

I love the way it dominates the skyline over the Main Strip.

Viper Double-Up.bmp

A little more Viper action for ya.

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More work has been done. Mostly Spain finishing up, and some planning on other areas as well.


Main Strip- 100%

Spain- 90%

Italy- 35%

Sherwood- 20%


Overall Completion- 57%


Now on to some pictures!

Spain Marketplace II.bmp

This marketplace is situated on the banks of this pond.

Spain Palace.bmp

The grand palace towers over the entrance.

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