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What's New for 2011? Rides/attractions

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There is a new roller coaster under construction at Fuji-Q Highland. I was click around Youtube and found this www.youtube.com/user/purplefinale#p/a/u/1/R-HNTNhwNaM. Looks to be a Euro Fighter.


Is this a source? It´s unnamed and they don´t tell the park, but this seems to be the project:


Another exciting project for next year is Gerstlauer’s largest roller coaster. The still-unnamed Launched Euro-Fighter will be a massive attraction and located in Asia. “We were very pleased with our first Launched Euro-Fighter, which opened at Hansa Park in 2009,” said Gerstlauer. “From a guest perspective, the launch and beyond-vertical drop are outstanding. From a technical standpoint, this coaster will be the debut of our four-tube track, which will save our customer’s considerable expense when it comes to foundation costs.

Ride Entertainment.com


I hope this coaster will open before we are on the TPR-Japan-Trip

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Our new family attraction is 13.6 m high and has four boats, each of which holds 4 people. (Height Regulations: 110 cm alone - under, only with adults.)

The participant sits in the boat, and it shall praise over the years that the boat will move upward. Those who row "faster" comes first to the top.


The new ride reminds me of those towers where you are suppose to pull yourself up to the top

( Like this : http://blog.winesworld.no/images/legoland/legoland-1.jpg )

Except here you are suppose to row?! Probably fun to watch


the new ride

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Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while but I have a fun update. I was in Hong Kong last week and a helicopter ride took us right over Ocean Park. I didn't (unfortunately) have a chance to visit, but I did get some photos from the air of the park and specifically the new B&M, Hair Raiser. It looks to be coming along smashingly!




Here's one.




Courtesy of my brother (the guy who's hogging the left half of the frame on the first two).

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