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Forlindon [RCT2] (Final Update 02/24/2018)

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This is a park where I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. It’s without CS, so it has an old-school RCT2 look, and has no real story, but every attraction fits in a themed area and has a story to match the theme of the area. The park is finished, at the bottom you’ll find a download, but any comments and remarks are highly appreciated.


The entrance, with plaza. At the end of the plaza, there’s a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake. At the left, you’ll find toilets, first aid and cash machine, at the right side of the plaza there’s an information desk and a souvenir store.

The coaster located behind the store and information desk is an GCI Twisted wooden coaster, called Schefferville Wood Company. It runs with the beloved Millennium Flyer trains.



At the other side of SWC, the park installed a custom Mack Powered Coaster, named Kolindo. This familycoaster takes visitors through a part of the O’Conner park, twice! At the neighboring building, there’re shops installed. The next attraction at this O’Conner park is a race circuit (Sir E. Sterlion Circuit) dedicated to a former, very famous, racing driver: Sir Edward Sterlion. Here you can show you’re racing skills, or just watch others pass at one of the stands.

Schefferville Manson, an old mansion which is haunted nowadays. This used to be the main family property of the O’Conners, but intrigues and deceptions made this house a living hell. The last descendant swore this house would stay a living hell for its residents.

Today, you’ll arrive at the office of a property company. You’re guided through the house in groups of 20 person, and maybe you’ll be the new owner, or maybe not…


This is the second main attraction of Schefferville, Undirasso. This spillwater takes the visitors through the old castle of this town, has 5 drops with a climax of a 15 meter drop at the end.

Between Undirasso and Sir E. Sterlion Circuit is the third main attraction of this area, El Mina d’Oro. You’ll enter the building where you’ve to put on an overall to go into the mines. There’s been an accident and you’re chosen to take part of the rescue mission.

This Vekoma MK900 is a custom indoorcoaster, slightly intense, but still suited for families. The duration is about 2 minutes and the track measures 1300 meters, with 2 lifthills.

A few extra rides are added to this area, a droptower, a boat hire platform, an dodgems attraction and a swinging ship. At the end of this area (close to 2 bridges, we’ve placed some shops and toilets, first aid and an information desk.



The children area, although it isn’t completed at this screen. Open the download to have the whole picture. Here I’ve placed a children coaster and a slide tower. The chairlift makes connection with the second station at Bojador. This section has been extended towards the mountain, with a cable tram, a monorail, a merry-go-round, a flying carpet, and a ferris wheel. (the hill-section isn’t visible at this screenshot)




Cloysterburgh, the old medieval town at Forlindon. This is the setting of 3 attractions, a familycoaster, a darkride and a merry-go round.

Baldrick (yes, I’ve stolen the name)was a servant of the lord. On one of his walks through the royal forests he discovered a group whom made plans to attack the lord. He ran back to the castle as quickly as he could and managed to warn every soldier to prevent the conspiracy. This is a Vekoma custom junior coaster.

Pelion was the home of the soldier trainingcenter. Here they could practice their skills on a wooden horse in a safe environment. This is a merry-go-round attraction

The Curse of Count Cloysterburgh tells the story about the cursed count of this city. The Count has to marry a noble lady, but falls in love with a beautiful citizen. Try to find a way to cancel the curse and save the city from any harms.

There’s also a small theater in which 2 knights are performing a real swordfight and we’ve got another area where you can take up an intiation in archery.

The gardens of this town are a very well loved place to come to a rest and enjoy the scenery.





The Flower-gardens are part of the Belle Epoque themed area (around 1900). Here we’ll find 3 soft attractions, a cycling track, a lookout tower and a mill-attraction (or how do you call this?) These attractions are set in an peacefull and quiet environment, so anyone is directly transported to the beginning of the 20th century.


An overview of the Belle Epoque area. At the front left, you’ll notice the first big attraction of this area, Agissua. At the beginning of the 20th century, some of the citizens where whealty enough to build real palaces. The lord Agissua wanted to impress everyone and started building a huge palace, build on a hill between 2 lakes. He wanted this palace to be unique and thought of a very original transport system. Although it seemed to be a bit wet at the end… This is a Mack Log Flume, with invertors




Behind the huge building of the Commission of colonial development is a kind of park located. The commission tries to discover which animals are well suited to this weather. They organize trips in the reserved area to gain some money, but they can be surprisingly. This is an B&M inverted coaster, named Tarréga and is partly build in the hill. It’s length is 650 metres, it’s maximum height 16.5 metres.




Other rides in this area are: an 4D-cinema, an oldtimer ride, a train ride and another ‘mill’-attraction.




This is Bojador, a fishermansvillage which is located on sea to prevent wild animals to attack the village. This area contains a watercoaster, a ‘mill’ and a slidetower. The watercoaster (Le Solvable) has 3 splashes and takes visitors on a fishing trip. Here’s also the second station of the chairlift, the other station lies at the childrenarea.





The City of Williamsburg welcomes you. Here you’ll find a Mack Wild Mouse coaster (which goes through all of the 4 office blocks), a maze to show you’re deductional talents and a mini golf, to hit away all the stress of a managers life.


The park management has plans to renovate this area into a new themed area, in which the hotel is included. Today, the hotel isn’t very well themed, but contains a B&M multilooper and an Enterprise. These 2 attractions are still open after closing time, just in favor of the hotel residents. There’s also a beach where the guest can swim or take a sunbath when the weather’s fine.








This is the main theater of the park. It’s themed to look like a Scandinavian theater, because it’s located at the edge of that area. Every day, 3 shows are performed. And after closing hours, there’s a different show. Guest (hotel as well as non-hotel) have to pay an extra ticket to watch this evening show.




Like i’ve already mentioned, this is the Scandinavian area. It lies between the hotel and the theatre and contains 5 attractions. The first one is the biggest one, Fjord Rafting. The park has also installed a (double) simulator, a darkride, a B&M Flying coaster and a Huss Topspin.






This area is a very little area, but it contains one of the best attractions of the park. It’s the Canyon area, and has 2 attractions, an Intamin launch coaster and an Intamin droptower. The launchcoaster takes you from 0 to 144 km/h in just over 2 seconds. After that, it travels through caves and tunnels, is launched a second time to compete with another train.






The last themed area is themed to be an Archeological site. Here, you’ll find a Vekoma Mine-train coaster (Ramses’ Tomb), a darkride (Curse of Tutanchamon), a camel ride and a jeep ride.




Pay attention. This park is already completed, but that isn’t always visible on the screenshots. If you want the completed park, just download it. Only RCT2 is needed.

Thanks for reading/watching. Hopefully you’ll give loads of remarks.

Forlindon (Final!).SV6

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With post count of 5, I would say welcome to TPR but you've been a member for a quite awhile.

Going to say this though, WELCOME BACK to TPR!


The park looks great from the pictures, can't wait to get back home an see it in person.


EDIT: Think you could change the title to include [RCT2] in it somewhere, might get more attention that way.

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  • 1 year later...

Dear ThemeParkReviewers. It's been a while since i've posted something here, but i've been updating Forlindon. I've decided to release a new download because the demand for a (working) download was higher than expected. It is in the exchange, named Forlindon.

Any comments are still welcome!

Edited by QueerRudie
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  • 1 year later...

Hi again!


Once againg I've updated a new part of this park, I've been building a new hotel area. Njord is now fully surrounded by a Fjords, on wich the new hotel is located. The building in purple and yellow is the reception, al the other buildings are chambers, some of wich are located in the fjord or on top of a new rock. The theater and the storage building have been transformed to two new attractions and we've build a new coaster, Litargo. The Canyon area is the new part wich I've started to renovate, and after this I'll try to build a new Wild West area, wich I'm going to transform to a Rocky Mountains area.


Of course: the pictures and the download. Have Fun!


Download here the latest version of Forlindon here!




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  • 2 months later...

Forlindon rebuilds! We've been rebuilding and remodelling the Old Canada part. We cleared all (except the Wooden Coaster), changed the infrastructure and buildings to make a little Town. The indoor coaster stayed, but we've turned it a quarter (lucky for us it's a transportable coaster ) The entrance connects with the new town.


The Circuit Sir E. Sterlion has moved to the place of the powered coaster Kolindo. The Powered Coaster has changed and rebuild on the top floors of the new buildings that make the town and town square. The new restaurant and infomartion/souvenirs stuff are all located in these new buildings, but on ground level.


We've added a maze and the new karting circuit lays around a lake on wich you can take a boat ride. The Circuit has now accesible stands, thus the guest can cheer for their favorite driver. And last (and least, I know): The mansion's garden has been updated and the mansion is now perfectly symmetrical.




The watchtower Panoramique wasn't placed ideal. It was standig at the edge of the park and half of the view was a parking lot, not really the thing you want to see... So we've broke down this attraction and rebuild it at the almost center of the park, at the kinderarea. It's got the place of the swan ride, wich we've rebuild at the old Panoramique place. To interact Kanui with the cycle-rail Bicyclette, we've adapted the cycle rail.




Litargo (Vertical Drop Coaster) and Canyon Pursuit (Launched Coaster) were not really finished coasters. They hadn't a real station and theme. After a long deep brainstorm we came up with the theme: New Energy Research. So we build a kind of research station (with the fences and all the stuff) to prepare people on their task to search new and re-usable energy. Be prepared! Theire's also a new path (canyon path) wich leads up the hill of the canyon.




We demolished our newest coaster: Business Class. This coaster never took off (ironically), and because we didn't have much darkrides, the management decided to build a new darkride at that place. It became a low darkride, because we've been building a new theater on top of it. The old on was transformed to Skandinavska Släder. The new one is a new state of the art theater, wich can be used for evening shows, hence the proximity of the hotel...



We've also build a smaller darkride, between Undirasso and DS Goldmine Company (the indoor coaster),Kids can board an old Westernstyle cabrio and ride as sheriff in search of smugglers or robbers.


Click and discover the newest Forlindon with this new download. Have Fun!


ps: Wich part needs an update? Any tips or tricks? Thanks! Forlindon in Game ExchangeThe newest Forlindon! March 2013

Edited by Coalinghe
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  • 11 months later...

I've been working again on this park. The City-part was outdated and dit not look anything near to a 'real' city. So I tried to change the area in a new, more Forlindon-esque style land. I've changed the area to a Pirate's town. I replaced the wild mouse attraction with a new one, I changed the location of the Swinging Ship and the darkride theme has been changed. The hills and the litte cove are made to make it more realistic and more Forlindon style.


The old look of the area:




The new area:





The other area I've updated was the Wooden Rollercoaster. It's entrance was located on the main path, not at all near the Canadian zone it belonged to. Because the coaster itself wasn't the best one, I've built another one on the same spot, but with the entrance near the end of the Canadian zone.


The old look of Thunderhead


The 'new' Thunderhead






Next thing I want to give an update is the children's zone in the middle of the park. Althought I don't have any idea wich theme I can use...

Stay Tuned! Any comments are more than welcome!


ps: Screenshots are a little different than the final result. If you want to look at it; just download it here.

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  • 1 year later...

Forlindon renovates!


I've finally found some time to update the children Area. In fact, it wasn't a nice area, there was no real theme, only some buildings in different colors. By updating I linked the two different parts of this area to become quite a nice area to work with.


It looked like this...





It became a Roman coastal town. There's an Egyptian Archeological site already, but the Romans aren't boring either...


Some attractions were replaced, some were scrapped and some were relocated. The Flying Turns coaster was scrapped (it didn't have any connection with any area...) The Zierer rollercoaster is replaced with a new one, another custom build. It's now totally indoor and themed to a Roman Spa.

I've build an old Roman theater (with underneath a merry-go-round) and a Circus (with a karttrack) to meet the Roman idea of 'Bread and Circuses'.

To complete the area I've relocated and rethemed some attractions. A monorail circles above the town and the lookout tower is now located at the top of the hill, together with the cable cars wich still connect to Palafitte.


The screenshot!






Next to this big change, I've updated some other areas in this park. Palione has now an secret base theme, because of it's proximity to Litargo. Arnor has changed to Raldion and was given a real 'towerish' look, to cover the fact it faced the building of DS Goldmine Company.


Any questions, any remarks, just post them!

And for those who want to discover Forlindon, I've made an new download! Forlindon.SV6

Download of Forlindon

Enjoy! Edited by Coalinghe
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  • 2 years later...

Forlindon invests (again ) one last time.


First of all, the old spillwater at the end of the Western zone was scrapped. We've reshaped the area to recreate an winter village, in wich we've put an Log Flume and a bobsleigh coaster. An spinning cups ride and a dark ride were constructed to support these rides and the themed area.


The old Belle Epoque area was outdated. It didn't fit in the park, it was to difficult to create an real style and the attractions were linked with massive buildings. After a lot of time (+ 2 years) I've decided to update this part to an old Mayan city in the jungle.


Because the loss of the old Spillwater, we've build a new one themed after the Mayan god of rain and water. The Inverted rollecoaster was relocated (some 10 tiles to the left ) and got a huge make-over. An darkride adventure (like Indiana Jones at WDW) is housed at the giant Temple, the cave next to it houses an 4D-cinema and a litte darkride. A twist, Flying bikes, crooked house attraction and a boat rental sums up the list of attractions located at the Mayan Jungle.


The Cloysterburgh area got a minor update (more water and different path lay-out towards the medieval town)


The screenshots you've all been eager to see



















This park is finished now. Download is included: click! (OpenRCT2, not possible to upload at the Game Exchange!

Forlindon (Final!).SV6

Edited by Coalinghe
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Well wow again this never seems to stop doesnt it! I still like this but is this open rct2 or original rct2? Because open rct2 wont work on my computer!

It was OpenRCT2, but I've made an original RCT2 download as well. Have fun!

Download for OpenRCT2: click!

Forlindon (Final!).SV6

RCT2 without Extensions. (I hope)

Edited by Coalinghe
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