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Forlindon [RCT2] (Final Update 02/24/2018)

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Sorry, couldn't resist to not update the park

Here's an overview of the park

Download ==> Click (Only OpenRCT2, I know!)




Some new parts:

* Intamin Launch Coaster is scrapped. A new Chinese themed area, with new launch Coaster was build.

* Legend of Tohil receveid a small update, less breakdowns.

* The WaterFront area finally got attractions!

* Research Center got an upgrade (2 new attractions) and it's zone is much better defined now.

* The Pirates Area is the new home of the Shot'N Drop tower ride.


Some screenshots


Research Area + Intamin Launch Coaster (Before):







Research Area + Chinese Area (After):










WaterFront area:






Shot'N Drop at the Pirates area:



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Hi everyone. Sorry to bump this thread. But I'm back playing RCT2 after years. The only thing is, I don't have a copy of Forlindon left. My old PC had an hard disk crash and I lost all the save files. So if, by any chance, any of you has a copy of this park, I really would like to have it. Just send me a PM or post a transfer link here. Thanks a lot!

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