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When to visit Islands of Adventure?

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So, despite looking up ticket prices for Orlando (which are absolutely ridiculous), I'll suck up the money on "one park" since I really want to plan a trip to Islands of Adventure sometime in 2010 to visit the new Harry Potter attraction.


When is the best time to do this if I'm trying to avoid long lines? Obviously it's going to always be somewhat crowded since it's Universal and Orlando, but was thinking maybe some point in the year would be better. My initial thought was a weekday in early-September right around Labor Day

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With Harry Potter coming, I would definitely wait till late fall. ...after HHN and before Thanksgiving. Still, I'm sure the crowds will be a little heavier no matter what time of the year you go in 2010.


Edit: If the first two weeks in November aren't good for you, then late September or early December may be your next best options.

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I know from working there for a few years (a few years ago) that the park would be absolutely crazy until Labor Day. Two or three days after Labor Day the parks would completely die and after a longggg summer season it was so nice to work and not have 60 minute or longer waits to deal with!


So I would say because Harry Potter is opening hopefully in the Spring, I'd wait until the week after Labor Day to avoid the really nasty crowds and heat PLUS it gives Universal a few months to work all the bugs out of the new ride.

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^Early May is also good, but we're not 100% sure when Harry Potter will open. While I think it will be open by then, I'm not so sure if everything will be a 100% operational at that time. ...But it's definitely another option.


That's when I went last year and everything was open, operational, and ran the entirety of the week just fine.


So as far as that goes, you should be fine. I'd just monitor HP and when it is scheduled to open if you plan on going then, as the person I quoted said also.

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^Actually, my 100% operational response was for Harry Potter, not the other rides in the park. I've always found early May to be a great time to go in regards to small crowds and open rides. But with no official date yet for Harry potter, the fall may just be a safer time to go.

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Early December is another good time to go: Between-the-holidays low crowds, and after hurricane season. (And this year, the kinks are likely to have been worked out of Potter.) I spent 2 1/2 days at Universal/IOA on weekdays in December, and except for HRRR, crowds were moderate to non-existent, and there were all the seasonal goodies at both parks. Only downside: cool weather made riding the Barges a bone-chilling experience.

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