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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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Hey Thinks But i want something like Scary Like What they would decorate a Cedar Fair themed Park For Halloween Haunt Maybe some cornstalks Or something like this...


Jack in The Box at Wolrds of Fun


Masked Scarecrow (Fake) Worlds of Fun Cornstalkers


Grave Diggers Coffin At Evening as the Fog Rises at wof Just Before haunt Starts


An Entrance To a haunted Section Called Carnevil At Worlds fo Fun


The Overlord the one Who starts haunt at wof

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^^ I have just about every custom DAT ever made for RCT2 but I don't have that one. What type of object is it? I may have it stored in a different place. I have many DAT's separated out from the main group for one reason or another.


Hey Mr. Smith here is your file.


I spent months sorting through all the rides, stalls, paths, entrances, trash cans and so on, made pictures for them all, tested and made detailed explanations of EVERYTHING so that everyone could have access to all this stuff whenever they needed all in the hope of making RCT2 less frustrating and more fun to play. Basically ending the need for this entire topic. WHERE DID IT ALL GO? What a complete waste of time on my part.




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It is quite possible that the DUKES005 used in that game has been modified from its original form. This is a problem when people alter anything in the file and then re-save it. Even the simplest thing like a single letter in the description will screw everyone who tries to use it.


Being an NE park all of its content should have exported, unless of course it is a older park.


Sometimes there is just nothing that can be done to get all the "right" files. Sorry.

I have entire ZIP file filled with hundreds of parks downloaded from all over the world that I cannot open. So many custom files used and so few people smart enough to include these "special" items in a folder with their parks or remember to put a simple check-mark in export files box. You would think if a person thought highly enough about their park to share it they would have made sure everyone could open it.


If you do manage to find the DUKES005 that opens that park remember this... the file will overwrite the real DUKES005 and in doing so will make every park that has the correct DUKE stall in no longer function unless you go in and remove the corrupted file and replace it with a correct version. So ask yourself is opening this park really worth it?

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