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  1. I had the pleasure of riding both. And while BBW was close, there is/was no Suspended Arrow like the Bat. I'm old too, I guess, but I managed to ride it ten times in its short existence. I truly miss it.
  2. I'm not soft on Disney I just happened to like "theme parks" more than I like "roller coasters." Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most perfect family coasters I've ridden (and I've pretty much ridden them all) as it's the perfect blend of thrills and very elaborate thematics that is targeted at a young audience. There is nothing wrong with liking theme parks just because it might not be your thing. Maybe you're soft for Ohio amusement parks or something? --Robb "Who the hell is Rob?" Alvey LOL, I'm very partial to KI and Cedar Point. I'm into extreme coasters. Doesn't mean I disrespect your opinions or preferences for family coasters and theming. Just pointing out you would make a good dwarf. And sorry, it is Robb, not Rob. My apologies.
  3. I have only experienced two, so my opinion is somewhat suspect. But I do live between two of the best amusement parks ever, Cedar Point and Kings Island, so I feel my opinion may count if you have to consider third world opinions. I have lusted over over RMC's every since they redid Texas Giant, and I thought either Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler would be the best of the bunch. (How can you not ride Iron Rattler virtually in POV through that wonderful setting and not think it ranks right up there with the best? Until you ride Wild Fire.) But the only one close to me was Goliath, and OMG. Maverick has always ranked number two on my top ten list but Goliath just stole that spot. It does things no roller coaster should be allowed to do. It blows you away. Yes, it's seems too short but what it does in that one minute of ride time is like nothing you will ever experience on a roller coaster. I should admit now I rode El Toro this year too and it's hard to choose between the two, but Goliath has to come out on top. Banshee is another list topper. Inverted coasters deliver a ride experience I feel that can't be topped by too many other coaster experiences. I have ridden Alpengeist, Montu, the Great Bear and Batman to name a few. I have always felt Raptor tops them all, but oh, Banshee. Banshee is the best of the lot. I haven't ridden The Seven Dwarves. I have been to Disney three times and think that's enough. But I would like to say while I respect Rob's opinion, I have always suspected he's rather soft when it comes to Disney. I don't know why I think that, but for some reason I just picture him as being kin or twin to Snow White in some surreal, parallel universe sort of way. He'd look good in a dress and surrounded by dwarves. Or being forced to sing eternally, "Hi ho, Hi ho, off to work I go..."
  4. When you wait 15 minutes to get on the roller coaster, 15 minutes to actually be dispatched and then 15 minutes in the break run to get off. There is a reason SF doesn't need three train operations on their coasters.
  5. There's a difference between shitty coasters that are rough and AWESOME coasters that you need to learn how to ride. There isn't an SLC in the world that I would ride a second time. And some of them have been smooth. They just aren't good enough rides worthy of another go. SOB should be the poster child for rough, brutal and basically unridiable but I believe you understand the difference. (I know you do.) Even if wasn't painful, other than the drop and loop it was a boring ride. I have not had the pleasure of riding an SLC, so can't say. But to me the Beast is the perfect example. Great coaster once you learn how to ride it. If you don't know how to ride it, well it can throw you and hurt you. Mantis is another great example. If you don't how to ride it, it can hurt you. But it's a coaster we only ride once on a trip. It's just not that exciting, not when compared to Maverick. MF is one we only have to ride once because it doesn't compare to Maverick or Raptor either. But oh boy if I had the chance, I would have given anything to ride the original Bat at KI again. I'm sure people would have complained about head banging, but that coaster was everything a suspended coaster should be. It puts all other to shame. Ditto for the Crystal Beach Cyclone. God, what I would have given to ride that. I guess that's why I'm shocked people complain about Maverick.
  6. Exactly. You can also lean forward. I have drilled into my son's head on Arrows with OSR's to lean forward and keep your head out of them. But once you know the layout, you can anticipate as Rob just said. The best way to make an SLC rideable as well! Or keep your head firmly against one side! I don't understand why real roller coasters enthusiasts don't get that. You want smooth and easy, there is the merry-go round. Bumper cars can jar your head. A scrambler throws your fellow rider into you forcefully. Roller coasters can be violent things, but that is part of the fun.
  7. Very true. Arrows can have some of the roughest transitions on any coaster. Some of their mine rides can be rough and brutal. Magnum's bunny hills can be painful if you don't know how to ride it. If you can't ride Maverick and enjoy the wicked thrill it gives, it makes me wonder if people are becoming wimps. Just compare it to a bad arrow coaster and then realize what a blast it is with correctly done transitions.One of the major thrills of riding coaster is that you will receive this out of control and wild experience that leaves you breathless and wondering how safe the ride is but loving it feels like it is not.
  8. You mean lean forward and enjoy, right? LOL...yep, bad use of a metaphor there.
  9. I do those things already. But I still have to hold on to the restraints right by my shoulders and apply a lot of pressure. I want to put my hands up! Maverick is not a coaster you need or want to keep your hands up on. Pretend it's Raptor where you can't. It provides the thrills. Just sit back and enjoy. MF is the one to keep your hands up on.
  10. Exactly. You can also lean forward. I have drilled into my son's head on Arrows with OSR's to lean forward and keep your head out of them. But once you know the layout, you can anticipate as Rob just said.
  11. True coaster nerds learn this, and also realize that if you want parks to build an intense ride, it might come with a little bit of discomfort and take some time to learn how to do it right. And once you do get the hang of it, it's not a problem at all. Kind of like having great sex. Side note - I'm assuming those people who bitch about Maverick's restraints have not had great sex and thus cannot relate to this concept at all. --Robb "For some of us, though, this just comes naturally." Alvey Rob, I'm now a very confused parent so thanks! My son is now 14 and you make a good point, but I don't want to make that analogy yet, LOL But seriously how can you be a roller coaster enthusiast and not learn to ride certain coasters 'defensively' so you get the most enjoyment out of them? I made sure I taught my son because he loves them as much as me. I want that to continue. (And no, I never found a way to make SOB enjoyable, but we have both enjoyed Mantis because I showed him.)
  12. Only complete pussies have issues with Maverick's restraints. For the rest of us, they are just fine. They can at times, especially if you're a kid and you have thin legs. My son was 12 when I took him on the first time and he got stapled. Didn't stop him from getting right back on (We both love Maverick and usually ride 7-8 times when we visit). We learned, if you push out on your restraints (Keep your hands on the restraints and push) on the one ejector hill and both MCBR's, you won't have any problems. Skyrush on the 'wings' is worst. No matter what my son did, he got stapled. But he was fine on the inside. Of course a little pain is no deterrent for him, since both rides give such great rides. Some of the best rides do require a little defensive planning depending on your body type.
  13. Why change the layout of Mantis at all? The layout is nice, doesn't have the Cobra roll (too many coasters have them). I actually liked it as a stand-up until you hit the MCBR. After that, it sucks. Making it a floor less is perfect for that coaster.
  14. I predict they repaint Mantis, it gets floorless trains, and they rename it Return of the King. The 2nd half of the announcement will be a dark-ride similar to what Canada's Wonderland got this year. But it would be seriously ironic if they sold Mantis to Kentucky Kingdom.
  15. 1) The Beast (Sentimental favorite, rode it when it opened in 79) 2) Goliath SFGA, IL 3) Maverick 4) El Toro 5) Top Thrill Dragster 6) Diamondback (it's hard to choose from the B&M hypers, but their seats rule!) 7) Banshee 8) Voyage 9) Superman UF (SFGav) 10) Kumba Honorable mentions: Montu, Raptor Hulk Dominator (I rode when it was Batman at GL) American Eagle The original Bat at KI Skyrush
  16. Please RMC Mean Streak, please! Rode Goliath this year and all I can say is RMC is awesome.
  17. I'd have to Twisted Colossus. Was trying to plan a trip in two years to hit Outlaw Run and the two SF's in Texas. But combine this with X2 and it's a hard choice.
  18. What is up with the mess at the gates? I visited my first Six Flags parks this year (Six Flags GA and Gav). I bought season passes and it still took forever to get through the gates.
  19. So could all of us. The Beast is what happens when people who don't what they are doing build a roller coaster and get it right. SOB is the opposite. I don't mind rough roller coasters but SOB was not fun, just torturous.
  20. Chuck, Thank you for the report and great pictures. You are an outstanding poster and contributor to this forum. You have a great sense of humor. I will forgive you for dislike of my all time favorite roller coaster; The Beast The Beast can be rough and likes to smack the unwary around. The slow first lift hill gives everyone a a chance to flee before risking the chance of getting eaten/beaten...LOL Unlike El-Toro. For the best rides on The Beast, it's either the first row or row 17. (And a night-ride to truly appreciate it) If you ride any B&M flyer then ride FireHawk, you spend most of the ride wondering if you're really safe with the restraints it uses. I also tend to think B&M took the concept from Vekoma and perfected it.
  21. This is what I don't understand...why would they change their style/philosophy when they were churning out world class rides year after year? I understand that parks have a great deal of input into what they get, but pretty much all of the B&M's built since like 2002 are considered "tame", which leads me to assume it has something to do with the manufacturer. I still think it is the park that asked B&M to make tamed rides. Even though I haven't been on Oziris, I think it could be pretty intense. Similar to Intamin, Cheetah Hunt is not intense compare to other Intamins because the park want a family coaster. OzIris has to be one of my least favorite B&Ms. It looked... **AWESOME** and just had zero forces on it. ...snoooooze... I hope you're wrong and Banshee turns out to be more like Raptor than Oziris as a huge KI enthusiast. And I really don't understand why none of the CF parks aren't clamoring for a copy of Maverick. Best roller coaster in Ohio, period.
  22. Just a quick question. Planning to go to Cedar Point on Tuesday or Wednesday. How much can I expect to pay for 2 fast-pass plus tickets? Thanks in advance.
  23. An I-305 clone would be great. A combination of I-305 and Maverick would be great. Probably impossible to have the 300 ft drop go past 90 degrees, but maybe one of the subsequent hills could. A 200 foot BM invert would also be great.
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