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Metallica: The Park [RCT2]

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Hey guys, I'm here doing a small project.


I'm in a hurry, so I'm going to keep the introduction short.


This is a park that I'm making for one of my favorite bands, Metallica. It will be on a 105x105 slot of land. I hope to be able to get this project finished by Thanksgiving.


Also, you guys are the only ones who get to see the updates!


an older picture of Jump Into the Fire.


Damage Inc = Food Court

House of Memory's(memory remains) = Vekoma Madhouse.(watch the music video!)


For Whom the Bell Tolls = Frisbee


Jump in the Fire = vertical coaster

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Oh, I still like St.Anger. I don't care if its a new style, I listen from anything from Slayer to Queen to The Beetles to the Misfits. My taste in music is very open (I just hate most rap, and a lot of stuff that you here on #1 radio stations)

@Stoksy. WHAT! Go get 15$s and go to your local target, go to the music section, and grab the Master of Puppets Album! LOL.


More screens.




One (couldn't think of anything else :/)




enter sandman

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CorkscrewFoley - I made it.

the ghost -no, its not ride the lightning. Yes I did see that movie, I was expecting soundtracks like Beyonce (garbage) and Black eye peas(garbage), but instead theres Metallica and Van Halen!. Also, the movie was funny!

Stoksy - The funny thing is that I'm basing these stations and buildings from spotlighted parks


Layout of ride you guys need to guess the name of it. I'll give you another hint. Its not on any of the new albums!

Trailer layout.bmp

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Vintage - no, no, and thanks

Pure Impurity -

BelgianGuy - No.



Hey, I have a question to ask. Does anybody like the look of this style I'm doing? Which is more interaction, not piling rides on the side, and using terrain with the rides a bit more. If you guys like this, I may take my major park (sunrise), and play around with it, to make it more interactive. (I've already started on that version BTW, just finished the whole entrance, and started working to the right side of the park)



Oh yes. . . . .



This has one of the highest "intense" ratings ever. Tieing in with my other B&M launcher. Must be those inversions

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I don't want to stress on the bad but I'm the teof guy that only posts something that's at least 95% done


I see that you have a cool layout but you'll need to get the folige right to make it pop, my own weakness is foliage so I tend to be very critical about that specific subject


And sorry to go off topic but if a screen in generally bad and I don't like it I'll say it no matter what(this isn't the case here, just the foliage needs work)

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Nothing wrong with criticism, but sometimes, on this board, the criticism is a little blunt with no helpful nature to it.


As a personally lousy player, looking to improve, I always appreciate to see when people say "I like this because the [insert building/ride/whatever] looks great and is very realistic" as opposed to just "I love it".


The same is true (perhaps more so) for negative feedback. Saying "Your buildings/foliage/layouts suck" or "your rides need work" doesn't offer much insight. What's wrong with the foliage? What could be done to fix it? How would you do it differently? Or why does the layout suck? Too boring? Unrealistic? What changes could be made?


It's those sorts of things that will actually help people make changes to better their parks.


Personally TLM, I think your foliage looks good. Maybe not spectacular, but good. I know foliage is difficult in RCT2 because there's only so many quarter tile options, and if you choose custom scenery and what not to incorporate in your park, there's less spaces available for varied trees and shrubs.

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Pure Impurity - I dunno about that being a coaster. Also, if I were to make buildings surrounding all the rides, then the park would be called "Metallica Lego Park!" Also, with Damage Inc. Food. To be honest, I have no idea why I made it like that, but I'm going to keep it as it is. That, and I can't really think of anything to add with the title. (Aswel as 1/2 of the songs)

BelgianGuy - Well if you haven't noticed, I use a pretty stranded set of foliage. The tulip, the shrubs, the buschs, and two of the trees. This has been my default for almost a year now. I don't see why your complaining now!

Tchu - I know what your saying, normally when I post (replying to a project). I try to make my views worth reading. If I don't like it, I'll say why I don't, and how to improve in most cases.




BelgianGuy, if you don't like it then heres a bunny with a pancake on its head!


It looks lonely :/


A new meaning to the "big block of death"

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I'm sorry but I'm still no fan of the foliage, make it look more natural, TBH I think it looks random use more quater-tile grass to fill up some grass tiles, also use more variation in land colours that often helps aswell


But the layout is very cool and I agree some buildings wouldn't make it look bad

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