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TPR's Game Exchange Moderators Thread


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I've tried the RCT3 ones. I'm not having any issues. There does seem to be a delay in the download. Like it doesn't complete, even when it says it is. If that makes sense??


I only have an old NL demo, which won't let you add other tracks.


I just got through page 31.

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I have purchased us a NL License:


NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulation for Windows (#150807) 1 Unit(s)


- Download the full version


You can download the product at:



File Size: 77.3 MB

# Download Time: Modem/ISDN: ~180 min.

# DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~11 / 1 / 1 min.


The link is valid until: 11-JAN-2011.


- License key for unlocking the product

The license key for "NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulation for Windows" is listed below. You will need this license key to complete the process and activate the product.


This product is licensed to the name "Theme Park Review".



User-Name: robb-alvey-robbalvey@gmail.com

Reg-Key: CY3EY-2HA77-Z9NZQ-DN16W

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^ Not sure. But we should probably figure it out before it goes live officially. I do want to make sure that the files we are uploading don't have any weird issues, like something got corrupted along the way.


Do you think there is any of the games forum people you could PM and see if they can do some testing by saying like "download 100 different tracks at random and let me know if some of them don't work..."

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OK, I just downloaded three random nltracks. They all work.


Three random nlpacks....not working.


Let me look into the Track Packager and I'll check them again. If that doesn't work, I'll start PM'ing the regulars.


I've got to go eat some lunch first!

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FYI - Next thing I'm having the china company add is the "required add-ons" for tracks. So if people need Soaked or the track packager, we'll be able to denote that.


It will mean having to go into each file we've already uploaded and adding it for those that require something additional, but we'll only have to do it once.

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That was my next suggestion.


Let me peruse the Forum and come up with a list. I can think of about a dozen off the top of my head.













Mr. Starr



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I just checked on both IE and FireFox. If you login with the same name, but add random caps, you cannot edit. Remember on FireFox, when you login, it will try to auto-correct your login name. You have to force it with the caps.


Gotcha. I hadn't even thought about that.


In IE, I was logging in as I normally do.

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