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Pepsi World [RCT3]

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So, here is the first picture of my new park, Pepsi World. The storyline is that Pepsico has decided to go into the world of amusement parks. There first park, Pepsi World, is just outside of Boston, Massachussets. The is a twist, though. Pepsico has made a partership with Meshio Rides, of Japan. All rides in the park are currently Meisho built. I hope you like it!


Here is the teaser.

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A close up view of the Atomic Coaster.


My insparation for the Atomic Coaster.



A very messed-up coaster.


Ill finish this update with a nice nighttime picture of Giant Wheel.


Splashdown Water Coaster has a small drop but a very wet splash.


A Meisho Double Loop like Double Loop at Fuji-Q.


The nice food court has all of the Pepsico resteraunts in it. Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, KFC, and Taco Bell.


A gloomy rainy day, but the park is still full!

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Here is a teaser for the next update.




Please keep commenting if you want to see the next updates. I promise the park will be better!


P.S. how do you do spoiler code on this forum?


A little more obvious whats new in this picture.


Something new is hidden in this picture.

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Here is the last "improving the park" update of season 1.


This update covers several new improvements, including-

1.Meisho Junior Coaster "Ladybug's Adventure"

2.Swiss Chalet style Gift Shop


4.Quene building for Super Viking.( Pirate Ship)

5.Covered Bridge over the midway holding up Ladybug's Adventure.


Tomorrow I will finish off season 1 with a 1st person trip report style update.


I found a glitch in RCT3. See how even though its connected to the station its still grey?


Super Vikings quene buildng, also in Swiss Chalet style.




Gift Shop, Ladybug's Adventure, Covered Bridge.

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Aww, no comments?


End Of Season 1 Photo Trip Report


Ill end the TR with this photo I like of Ladybug's Adventure. That rock is almost like a headchopper!


Under the helicopters on the main midway.


End of the tracks on the Atomic Coaster!


Through the covered bridge into the awesome double dip finale.


Ladybug's Adventure. This coaster actually has some airtime!


Does this drop look a little bumpy to you?


Junior Sports Cars POV!

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Please please please comment! I really dont want to double post again.


Teaser #2. Nara Dreamland Bobsleds


Dont forget to comment on teaser 1 also.


1 more teaser before update 1 of season 1.


My little cousin Adriana made this MS Paint drawong. She made me attach it to this post. Its an alien.


The rock work isint done yet, and then Ill add trees and the waterfall.

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Season 2 Update 1!


Huge update this time!



Random buildings over the kiddie rides

Water Park

New Log Flume"Wild Water Mountain"

New themeing on Atomic Coaster, now "Evil Star, the Legend Of The Third Tower"

Unfortunatly, the contractor never finished rebuilding the Nara Dreamland Bobsleds.


On to the photos!


Update 2 later!


A great job on the Log Flume by Meisho, but a horrible job done by the contractor on the building. Easily as good as an Arrow flume, but not as good as a OD Hopkins flume.


The loop building. Also showing the remains of the 3 towers.


Awesome effects and a good shot of inside the loop building.


Ghostly strobe lights inside the loop.


More theming as we start down the lift hill.


Demonic theming on Evil Star, Legend Of The Third Tower, or ESLOTTT

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The buildings are an improvement. The rockwork on the flume seems kinda plain. Try adding some terrain around the flume so it doesn't seem boxy. Also add some windows on the large building on the coaster to make it look better.

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Oh, it all happend so quickly. I cant even describe it, let me show you a newspaper article.

Amusement Park Inferno Kills 17

On April 20th, season 2 of Pepsi World, a raging inferno destroyed a building and killed 17 people, 10 of them were children. Witness Maureen Martin reported seeing a light glowing from inside the park entrance, built by McGraph Construction. The fire soon raged out of control trapping 34 people inside. The fire was put out 7 hours later. The fire department has investigated and ruled the cause of fire faulty construction and a lit cigarette carelessly thrown into the building. The contractor, McGraph, has built 5 buildings in the park including reassembling a ride from Japan, called Bobsleds.


I hope that describes it all. This is a big reality check. What if all the buildings arent up to code? Will the park survive?


The charred remains of the building. There's actually scaffolding holding the building up, it just has a cloaking device on.


Another pic of the fire.


The fire.

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