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After looking hours to design from the New Elemnt site I said to myself, "why not try something like this myself". And so I did, with custom supports, custom flats, "the whole 9yards". I did start off with the easiest coaster to look good, a B&M Stand-Up coaster. I've been working on it for several hours and I've made some good progress on this impressive scream-machine.


This will take some time and I'll post progress on the construction fase of the design, I'll end this topic with a DL (I haven't included any scenery from WW so anyone will be able to open the design).


Not let me take you over to the screens who IMO say more than anything I can say to You guys.



I'd like you guys to be commenting as much as possible on this one because the more feedback the better it'll turn out I think.




This is the Support-work I've done so far, the lift-hill is also completed with its supports but I might change it with some landscaping so I'll probably gonna have to redo them


The cobra-roll


The loop, its the first time I use custom supports so they won't as good as most people on this forum but I'm learning


My first ever custom flat, feel free to share your opinion

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Man This is gonna take way longer than I expected!

Its just the detail work that drives you crazy really


I've been working on the supports and they're almost finished, so far I've done the Pre-lift, the lift-hill and the complete track before the MCBR. But I've also started some surrounding work and some buildings, its all very bare for the moment but the most important is landscaping and supports, once those are done I can start doing the rest. I've put in another flat-ride near the beach part of the design, I'll probably make a second coaster thats way smaller but nice to fill the open space without having to go crazy on buildings and foliage.


Also I've got some screens of the current progress I've made so far.



the only building thats not part of the ride for the moment, rest assured it'll recieve more work and I'll add more surroundings later on


Towers are always cool to see


Also a little transfer-track building has been added


Also some more custom landscaping is done on the first part after the lift-hill


This only a fragment of the pre-lift section of the ride, there's more before you go up!!!

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is it me or isn't anyone except Ghost checking this out or at least replying, I'd like some more comments because it really helps me out and motivates me to build.


Anyway I've decided to make it more like a mini park instead of just 1big coaster and a few flats to fill up the remaining space. So I've build another coaster wich I've already supported completely and I've also been able to complete some more surroundings and build a new Custom-flat.


Here are the screens.




I think it already looks cool altough its still very bare


a part of the new coasters station


another filler building


first part of the coaster CHOAS to recieve some foliage

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Everything looks amazing, nice work!

One thing I would suggest is to play around with different colors on the brown/black buildings. Brown and black are a nice base color, but a little variation would be nice. As a suggestion, use multiple shades of brown on some buildings, or even mix in some brighter colored plants. The colors you have now just make everything look a little 'dead'.


I've never seen a frisbee done like that before, I like it a lot!

Overall you're doing a great job! Can't wait for more updates!

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Landscaping is now complete, so are all the supports and rides are all in place, themeing is +- 80% complete and the biggest chunk of work that remains is foliage wich I'm working on now.


So I hope everyone is getting ready to download the CHOAS!!!


here are some more screens to get you intrested


this are some buildings that are close to the frisbee


the mysterious RED coaster

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I love how you make your custom flat rides, but I think if you made the towers on Sky Swat a little higher, it would look more realistic. Cause right now if it was operational, the seating area would just slam into the ground. The two coasters look really awesome, I think you should just turn this into a park.

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