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Official RCT3 Help Thread

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^^Chroma Key on a billboard. The people who put video effects into a ride edit the video in; it's not an importable item. Try using this on a billboard:


Depending on the software you use to edit, Chroma Key could be a different color, either blue or red. However, green is the most common.

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Hello, I have another three questions (well one is more of a problem).


Question #1: When I open RCT3, and zoom out, a lot of my scenery disappears but when I zoom back in, everything goes back to normal, also flashes keep appearing when I move the camera... any help?


Question #2: I downloaded some custom sings, but I don't know what file to put them in... any help?


Question #3: How can I make my camera take pictures like this:

OR This?

(photos from SoCalCoaster's "Bell Gardens" park. I DO NOT OWN THESE PICS ALL CREDITS GO TO SoCalCoasters)


Thanks if anyone replies!

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1. Scenery will often lose detail or disappear completely at certain heights/angles; that's normal. If the flashing is right when the file opens, quit out and reload. The flashing should be gone.


2. Place the song files in the My Music>RCT3 folder. Should be there when it opens up.


3. I assume you already know F10 takes a screenshot. The normal camera gives good overviews, but it won't work for showing off details. In options, change the camera to "Freelook". This allows you to go down to the ground and take shots like that. To remove all the menu bars, name a peep David Walsh and press Ctrl+U. Not trying to solicit my work, but I got these shots from my current project that illustrate the viewpoints Freelook allows you to capture:

If you also plan on using the flying camera at any point in the future, Freelook is the easiest camera to use with it.

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I'm thinking of purchasing RCT3 for my computer and wonder how bad it is in the long term for slowing down new computers? My computer is only 2 months old and I worry how bad having this game will be after time in slowing down performance. I tried the trial version of RCT3 Platinum and had a blast and would love to own it. However again I'm concerned about the cons of doing so.

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^There isn't an "Export" option in RCT3 as far as I know.


To get CSO into the game, unzip the scenery file into your Themed folder (Directory should look like this-C:\Program Files (x86 if you have Windows Vista or 7)\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\Style\Themed). If you can't locate the Themed folder, it may be hidden; change the options in the window to allow access to hidden files.

Also, there is usually a "readme" with the download. If there's a different setup you need to follow, the directions will be there.

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Draw Distance. The draw distance setting is accessible by ticking the "show LOD options" in the settings menu. The draw distance is the point where an object completely disappears from view, much like how there is a point where our eyes can't see an object clearly enough and it "disappears".


The longer the draw distance, the further out you have to be for an object to disappear. However, increasing the draw distance can hamper in-game performance.

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I have yet another RCT3 question for you. What is a RAR file? When I tried to download custom rides or scenery sometimes they are RAR files and usually don't have an explanation where to install them.


Guys, these types of questions can be answered by doing Google or Yahoo searches. Not in the Game Forum.

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Which ride are you installing, and what is your file directory?


It should be Style>Custom>[CTR Creator's Name]>[Name of CTR]


Here's my directory for a Tower of Terror CFR I used a few months ago:

Style>Custom>Thatonekid>Elevator Shaft.




I normally unzip my files to my desktop, and then place those files in the proper directory, unless the attatched readme says otherwise. ALWAYS read the readme, because proper directories and file porting are key to installing CFR.


Example readme for a CFR (This is from Revolutionary Rides' Intamin Drop Tower):

Drop Tower Ride ( Custom Flat Ride )



Designed By Gadget and Created By Gadget

Flat Ride Conversion by ImagineerJohn



This is a CFR and requires special attention to installation.





The folder you have downloaded ( Gadget-ImagineerJohn) will need to be placed in:




If you do not have a folder called custom in your Style Folder create one and then place the folder ( Gadget-ImagineerJohn) Inside.


Using Custom Content is at the users own risk.

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