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Today I started my latest NL coaster. I am making a B&M stand up. Right now I've finished the first drop, vertical loop, & second hill. I still have a lot of work to do with the bottom of the first hill & I have to get the top of the second hill's gs out of red. I have a basic idea for the layout & will post is as soon as I doodle it in school Here are the pics from todays progress.



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Some comments:

Make the bottom of the 1st drop smoother, not so abrupt

Add some banking on the cobra roll, in the middle part of the half-loops (hope I'm explaining myself)

Add more banking in the turn before entering the brakes.

Reshape your loop so that it has a teardrop shape

And as said before do not make the helix so flat.


Hope that isn't much

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Not bad. Could still use a bit of work on banking on some parts (especially the half-loops into and out of the cobra roll, and the hill going into the MCBR). I don't think I've seen a stand-up with that many airtime hills before (or a stand-up with any airtime hills ). Definitely would be something to experience in person.

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^Thanks! I did not want a lot of inversions with this coaster & whats a good coaster with out airtime If I get a chance or feel like it I might fix up the ending & cobra roll but I'm happy with Firebird the way it is now. Yeah it would be cool if there was this much airtime would be on an actual stand up.

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Well, your track work is definitely getting smoother!


The banking on lots of elements was very strange, and there were some pretty painful lateral G's along the course...


Next coaster, it's about time for you to start implementing heartline!

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