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Photo TR: Smoky Mountain Christmas


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In honor of my girlfriend's birthday, we spent the morning playing mini golf, had lunch in town, then headed up to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas event for the evening.


Overall, it's a nice event, and we had a great time. Thanks for reading!


This is the bakery near the front entrance.


Angels live in trees.


I believe this is the first time I've ever attempted this type of shot.


Santa's Workshop is not nearly as creepy as this photo makes it look. :OP


A little blurry, but I still like this shot.


"Carol of the Trees" involved tree lights timed to Christmas music. Nice, but overly long.


Which is good, because I don't have the patience for most parades. :OP


The "Parade of Lights" was short and sweet.


That tree apparently tripped and fell into a pile of blue lights.


Starting to get dark....


The Polar Express in 4-D involves watching a bit of the movie while having your kidneys punched in. This was the only ride with a line.


Mr. Percy, the magical stove.


This should give you some idea of Dollywood in Fall.


I also like sitting. But I'm not ready for the big leagues.


I like cookies.


A German Christmas Pyramid. (Don't ask me. It's cool, though.)


Blazing Fury's full facade. I love how the roof's caved in.


The best ride in the park? (Blazing Fury, not Misty. Although....)


The Tennessee Tornado was really cool in the dark. (But, the pictures of it in the dark, weren't. :OP)


For obvious reasons, all the water rides are closed during the Christmas season.


Still one of the weirdest coasters in existence.


The park was not busy, and the folks that were there were more show-oriented.


The Huss ride is working! The Huss ride is working!


Later, I would get my first chance to ride Thunderhead at night. But, first, some nice, cold day rides!


Off to Dollywood. Hey, someone stole the butterfly planter! Harrumph.


Right next door is one of Misty's favorite restaurants. Yes, it has a carousel in it.


And the mirror maze is one of the best I've been in.


The pirate-themed blacklight mini golf is really good.


One of the newer attractions in Pigeon Forge.

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Wow, some of those photos are amazing. I still haven't made the trek to DW yet, so I'm always pleasantly surprised to see how well the park's atmosphere is being kept up, even with all the big new additions. That's the number one thing that I truly appreciate about both the major Herschend parks.


Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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It sure can be busy this time of year, but closer to Christmas its insane.


Actually, it wasn't busy at all. Both Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado were only running one train, and neither was even coming close to filling that.

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Ahh! Ya beat me on a TR by a couple weeks!


Yeah, I tried to strike early. I only live, like, a mile away from the park, and I'm pretty sure I somehow managed to get scooped last year by Jarvis or somebody.


I'm sure you'll enjoy it...even though the rapids ride will be closed.

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Nice trip report. I can not wait to get back down to Dollywood. I will be going Thanksgiving weekend. I will be getting there early and hitting the Polar Express first due to expected long lines for that attraction.


And a note to anyone who doesn't know the Polar Express 4-D Experience:

attraction opens 30 minutes prior to Park opening times; queue line may close before the end of the day if the wait time extends beyond the Park’s closing time.
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I know Melissa and I are heading back for SMC the Saturday after Thanksgiving. A couple friends of ours suggested we rent a cabin together in the mountains of Western NC. One of the first things Melissa and I decided we needed to do was visit Dollywood again. As we did our search for a cabin, we found that not many were available in Western NC, but we found one right in Pigeon Forge! We are definatly looking forward to visiting again!


-Gary "I'll be fasting the day before since I intend to enjoy the Dollyfood more" T.

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