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Mark's Postcard Paradise

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Hi everyone,


My name's Michael and I'm from Switzerland. I'm 16 years and of course, I am a very, very big theme park fan. I'm also very interested in the history of the parks. I collet all from the parks: Pictures, brochures, plans, posters, all merch things... Here a postcard from Coney Island.


Are you interested on (not old) postcards from european parks?


Greetings from Switzerland




MOD EDIT: I had to delete the oversized postcard. Please resize and post again, thanks

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Hi Michael and welcome to TPR! I am honored to have your first forum posts in my postcard thread. You have some great postcards to share already...Thanks!


For postcard image resizing, I downloaded and use a program called "Fast Image Resizer". It works great. Once you have scanned your postcard, you can drag the image over to the "Fast Image Resizer" and drop it into the program. It has many size options, but I usually use the 800x600 resolution size. Once you have the image resized and saved to your computer, then you can post it to TPR. Easy as that! You can download the free "Fast Image Resizer" here:




Thanks again for the AWESOME postcards, and please share more!

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Thank you for your tap!

Here 3 cards from Movie-Park Germany in Bottrop. This park opened in 1996 as Warner Bros Movie World-Hollywood in Germany. In 2004 the park was sold and in 2005 the park re-opened with the name Movie-Park Germany, without the Warner attractions and characters...


Here in Switzerland it's now 23.30 pm. Tomorrow there will come other postcards;)! Maybe I will open an own thread with other historical things (the small "Michael's Swiss Attic" or something like this.


Greetings from Swtzerland




The inverted coaster MP-Express and Side-Kick.


The Bermuda Triangle-Alien Encounter-


The main entrance and some characters (also from ice age;).

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Finally got it together to start screening and posting some of the postcards I've collected through the years, and have got here around the house.


I thought I would start first with a set of cards Playland (my home park in Vancouver) came out with last year, to celebrate the 50th birthday of my park's awesome wooden coaster, named... Coaster!


It's a nice set of cards and the paper case that holds them all was appropriately 'logo-ed' for the occassion. The back of each card was the exact same, so that will be posted at the end.




(And a Happy 51st to my home Coaster this season!)


And this is what the back of each card looks like. A b/w 'copy' of the previous shot.


A great shot with a train of happy riders going up and over the first hill.


A sunset shot, with the PNE midway and the skyline of downtown, behind Coaster. I like it.


Looking back from the station, to the track you come back in, on.


A higher shot of the same area, with snow all over it. Taken the same time as the sign shot, hmmm?


Looks all nasty and twisted up, doesn't it?


After a thrid smaller drop, a second corner, and you get to see what's ahead of you, still.


Going down drop number 2! Note that the nerds are in front, and the wusses are in back, heh heh. With just a lovely lapbar to hold you in.


After the first hill, the first corner. The annual PNE midway is all behind.


A 'different' overhead view of it.


The Sign. I thought it was interesting that this card showed SNOW in it! Must have been taken "off-season" lol.


And the back of it, showing all the cards found inside.


Here's the front of the paper case.

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^ Mark, Coaster is still one of the best wooden coasters in the world, IMhO, and it's still a great throw-you-around thrill, every season I ride it. I always enjoy getting back to it, right after I return home from another amazing TPR tour, lol!


They seem to take pretty good care of it, as some re-boarding was done on the lift hill and parts of the structure, prior to it's "50th" last year. General maintenance is always monitoring the ride and it's all done by a good seasoned crew of ops.


My only year-to-year complaint about it, is the way the line is handled, up to and into the load station. It's all a single line until you hit the station. Then, everybody piles up at the front, because the majority of riders want the front seat. So now everybody gets 'polite' and don't go past this front 'jam-up' into the rest of the station. And some seats get unfilled because of this, which I would be happy to be on, lol.


I wish they could somehow design and build a "Front Seat Line" for it. I think the space is there to allow it, but they don't seem to want to.


Still, a small price to pay for a really great coaster ride.

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Just caught up on looking at all of these.

Fantastic collection Mark!! I have a few of those.

I have a few I have scanned I will post now but I will try to dig out more of my oldies.

I always love collecting postcards from the parks I visit....sadly they are harder and harder to find now.

Great thread though.




Cool pic of Thunder run before the Heavy reprofile


Will never see them interlocking again..... so sad


moment of silence


I promised myself I wouldn't cry


Anaconda postcard from 1992 (notice no waterpark)

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Carrying on with my previous unofficial winter theme (ok so I'm stretching it just a bit with this one), here's a coaster I was fortunate to ride at least half of before SFGAdv modified and then tore down...Batman and Robin: The Chiller. Robin was the only side open during my one visit to SFGAdv back in '05. I remember the ride op was having a hoot teasing the riders with the launch. It was hilarious, and I wish more ride ops were like her and had fun with their jobs. The scan of this card doesn't really do it justice as it shimmers when moved and tilted in the light. Yes, it's supposed to look all icey and cracked too.



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OK I got most of my oldies scanned. I know I have more somewhere but here are some of the ones I have that are mostly really old. (to me at least)


This first one I think is hysterical because the park looks like a total DUMP! in the picture when usually most postcards are picture perfect.




not hard to find but easily one of my Favorites


at least it worked


Didnt get to ride it but I saw it


back when Wildcat was the ONLY thing past Tidal force





back when this was everyones #1




Predator before ROS


when Shockwave had a cool paint job



a few pics of RY with the 2 position bars


I really liked the Name Hurricane Reef (Very Original) sucks they changed it


These next few are from 1993 (right after Paramount bought them)


W.E.C....... Super Genius


bad ride/ cool postcard


the Zinger


When Timber Wolf was world class



This was a good Arrow coaster



In case you did not know what a Kumba looked like


Before it sucked


Scrapped =(




Before Nick Universe


Before it was 6 Flags America it was....


I really miss her (I might not miss it so much if they would have replaced it with something good there)


More Drachen fire (better DF postcards on previous page)


Big Bad Stoner Wolf




a better look at the corkscrew


Memories.. this is when the Pavilion was half the size it was before its demise.

The star attractions were an arrow corckscrew and a Galaxi


what the hell happened to the park?

postcard from 1991

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WOW Jeff I can't imagine the time you spent scanning and then posting all those cards! Craziness but great. I guess I know what I'll be doing the rest of the night and possibly on into this week and next...indexing hah!!! Awesome contributions and many thanks.


The Myrtle Beach Swamp Fox card looks like a major hurricane just hit. At least I hope that's the excuse for the area around it looking so bad! I really like the vintage SFOT card.


Shane...very cool Python card back when the park was still Dark.

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