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RCT pairs A fun and unique new RCT2 competition

which park do you like best  

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  1. 1. which park do you like best

    • colorado escape
    • ny park
    • other park

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Only one rule made me want to drop out. The whole rule about park guests. Park guests are unrealistic for a reason. They get lost and are stupid. I think I've already met the flat quota. But I don't know if we are going to be able to do this any more. We will have to re design everything for dumb peeps.


Also this is unfair due to the fact you already knew about this. You are the contest runner and had the advantage of designing your park, and rules to your liking. I kind of agree about the others, but this one is upsetting. Also there are trainers to get your guests, and park rating up and have it un detected. So don't make me cheat, lol, jk.


P.S. I just noticed it was 10 days till my b-day, yay.

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All right Teller we will still open the park but you can have as many guests as youi would like as long as it is over one. And yes DBru I am just making sure that people on TPR who are involved, puffer and riccoaster, upsidedown know the new rules just in case. If you would please post this on Brandons site.


Teller is Riccoasterr is banned tell him to make a new account and email Robb or Elissa. I had a 24 hr. ban but then had it lifted becuase I made a new profile an pm'd Elissa. Needless to say I am back becuase she lifted it about tywenty minutes after I pm'd her. Just keep in mind that admins can bwe busy and they sometimes need reminders.

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I did post these updates over at the other site. But I figured I should share them here to. I will be doing both coasters for this month, and my partner will do both for next month.




Also I think all voting, and polls is over at the other site now.



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It will, there is going to be a lot of changes in the rules, so, I am opening up this thread for rule discussion(rules on page 1) and see what will make the game more fair. I WILL NOT be playing in this game, so if you want any more rules besides that, use this thread for discussion. When we come up with rules that everyone likes, there will be a new thread. I will still be the starter of the thread, but, I will act more like DBru did in the 6 month coaster contest. Please post what you want to happen/see happen!

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