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RCT pairs A fun and unique new RCT2 competition

which park do you like best  

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  1. 1. which park do you like best

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Here are the official rules as well as the begining of this thread. AS strange as this sounds this contest will not end for about a year. What will happen is each player will choose a partner. Now there are some rules about this because I have seen a lot of your work so if any one like BRteller, coasterdude5 (even though as far as I know heonly plays RCT 3) Steffen( same with RCT 3) RCT fan, or Wrebbit you can only choose someone who is not as amazing as you all truly are at this game.




Each team will use a scenario created by BRteller which wuill be completed soon.


Each team must add some kind of theming.


AS you have already read above their will be rules based on certain players. If you enter I will probably check other parks to make sure you are not brilliant and if you are thats okay. So someone like me could play with pretty much anyone becuase while I do theme I am not great at it.


Custom supports can be used


Every month two new themed coasters must be added to the park and they must each be built by an individuaul team member. Also an individuaul member can theme both rides one month but that means the next month the other team member must theme both coasters. Flat rides can be added as desired and the park must be available to download at all times. There will be a poll that comes out each month when the coasters are due so they can be judged for theming,creativity, and overall rating of the coaster. The poll will be voted in by TPR members who are reading and playing


If anyone downloads a park or coaster and copies it I will personally disqualify them and they will never be able to compete in any other of my competitions.





THE PARK MUST BE AT LEAST 150by 150 feet to be considered for submission.



Building cannot start until April 11th and theming can start at the beginning of April. That gives people who still want to play a chance as well as gives enough time to establish teams. HOWEVER(THIS IS THE NEW PART) I have decided to let landscaping and trees can be added as soon as Teller finishes the scenarios.


OTHER NEW PART- I will accept the use of 8cars per train but no use of scenery that you have created will be used besides tellers. 8 Car landscaping mode can be used when designing the park. If yo search 8cars per train on the search bar on the sites homepage there is a link there. Custom supports can also be used.



Newest Part- You can begin adding flats on April 1st but no coasters until the 11th because that would not be fair.


Brand new part- coaster submissions/ park downloads/voting/ begins on may 11th and end on the 18th( one week later)

during this time you will still be able to work on your coasters as they will be due a month later and so on.


TELLER is making custom scenarios for this contest so thank you. No re moddeling his scenarios. Everyone must have virtually the same scenery and ride list before the competition begins.




Hey guys I would have updated this sooner but I felt like we deserved a week update but now its back to business as usual. The rules for this month are-


1. You must open your park and recieve at least 100 guests by the by next months voting period.


2. You must still build 2 new rollercoasters to open this month.


3. You must recieve a park rating of at least five hundred


4. You must have at least 4 flat rides open by the end of the month


These are the official rules and I suggest youy begin as soon as possible. DUE BY JUNE 22nd 2008






The Ghost(aka me)



upside down

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I'm in, but could someone partner with me. I'm fine with any one. Also can you help you partner. Or maybe even teach him a few tricks. But I do understand your rule, hey maybe some people will learn how to make parks a lot better. Also I was kind of honored you put my name up there.


Sounds interesting and don't think I've seen a competition like this exactly the same.



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I call BRTeller! lol


Sounds very fun and interesting!


Oh, question: Can we please have other things in our parks besides roller coasters? I think it would be better to go for realism and have a variety of things in the parks... (even if they don't count in the contest...)

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As fun as it sounds, I'm sure this contest would last very long. You moved to this one fairly quick after hosting a previous contest for master roller coaster maker.

He said we could, also you have to leave that up to him to decide if we can be partners. I'm fine with anyone.


Also you should set up a scenario so no one has a scenery advantage or can we? If we do I suggest I make it up with the scenery. It's hard to say you can't use custom scenery becuase I don't know what is custom or not in my game.

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Hey guys. I am kind of iffy on Brteller and Dbru working together and am going to have to say no. Dbru you are great at RCT games and Brteller is probably the best RCT2 themer on the site as well as an awesome ride maker and you are awesome too so that is just too much awesome in one team. I will partner up with either one of you guys if this is okay. Just let me know if you want me on your team and I will gladly join. Also Teller you can teach your teammate whatever you want just as long as you have 2 coasters by the deadline.

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I'm sure I could whip one together. I will only put custom scenery and only in game rides so we don't have to insert missing dats. Hey if your fine with it sure you can be on my team, as long as you consider it fair. I have to ask do you just want a pretty basic landscape of 150X150 with hills some trees etc.?


EDIT: Also a lake, river or something. I can make a beach or whatever you want. Or I could if I have the time make two or three with the same scenery and size just different layouts to start with. So people have a couple of options. Just a few thoughts.

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Okay, here is my status:


I am reinstalling RCT2 just for this. All I have is some Amazing Earl stuff & a support blocker, no trainers or CS. If somebody could hook me up, that'd be great! Also, idk how to take screenshots, where to find them on my PC, or how to upload parks onto here. So before we start, I'd like to catch up on that stuff first.


Thanks! (Ready to begin whenever I learn some of the more advanced stuff!



EDIT: I think the different options of scenarios is a great idea! (And are we allowed to do extra landforms and "stuff" besides what comes with the scenario?)

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I'll take you on my team... Also did you see my post about the scenarios. Would you like me to make official scenarios for the contest? With object data and stuff so people wont have a upper hand with objects. Trust me If I make it I will supply a good amount of objects. Just post here if you want, also if you really want to pm me, and I can give you my email.


I'm also in the chat.

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all right im on Tellers Team. And yes please design one scenario but I have changed the rules so we cannot begin until April 1st with rides. The theming can be worked on until then and you can still wait until April 11th to join a team but you will be at a disadvantage.

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LOL teller of course I would put your name up their. You are probably the best RCT designer I have ever seen. I really hope I can learn a lot also because I am not great at buildings although I am pretty good at creating custom rides. I honestly think that if Dbru keeps playing and if Steffen shows up and ends up having RCT2 we will have a great competition because they are definatley both in the top five coaster designers for RCT3. Possibly their only real competition is coasterdude5 who I'm going to have to say did make my favorite RCT3 park ever but I mean HHE is a masterpiece and so is Parque de Espana. Steffans park is in a close second and I cannot pronounce the name or spell it so sorry. And thirdly Indiana Adventures is also amazing. You guys are all gfreat designers so step up to the challenge and build the most beautiful park the world has seen in RCT2.

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This contest is rigged.


The ghost: I don't think it's fair that you should be competing. Especially since your teamed up with "the best rct2 guy on this site (Teller)". You two also have an unfair advantage, as teller has made the scenario.


I think you should instead not compete, put everyone who wants to compete into two groups (Highly skilled and less skilled) and pick them out at random. Much less rigged this way.


Also, how are you going to keep track of who put what in and were? This contest is very easy to cheat in.

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Well I do agree that could work. I assure you though that I'm just making a standard map with the standard regulations. I might just add simple mountains and stuff. The reason why I'm doing this is so the game is not rigged and it has a equal amount of scenery. So far it has a wide variety for everyone to use. I plan on making two to three for people to choose one, the first one just a plain blank map. Second a river and few hills, and lastly a beach type of one. All with the same scenery and rides. I maxed out the scenarios as much as I could with a large variety of scenery. I just need to insert a support blocker then it should be ready object wise.


I really do not care who I am paired with. I just want to compete. You do have a point since he is in charge of the contest. But I really do not have a say in what goes.


I will try to have all three done in the next day or two. I will NOT be putting any buildings, or special scenery in any of them so one does not have an advantage over another. I will only insert trees, and maybe fences. That is the most that will be put in along with paths. One of them will remain blank. So this should give every one some flexibility.

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This sounds pretty interesting. Just one question, we will be making the entirety of the parks including the coasters being of our own design, right? It's just that the first post makes the contest almost sound like a pure theming contest. I think this would be fun, you can count me in.

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Ok firt of all sound your idea seems more fair so I am not on tellers team but am still not too experienced. I really do want to plat. Also if you read the rules teller is making a custom scenario and knows he cannot play until the rest of us sees it. New rule. Teams must be aproved by me b4 entering so say who you want to partner with.



CHECK RULES PAGE FOR UPDATED RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New rules look good.


I think it would be a good idea to make a register on the first post to let us know who all ha entered the contest so far. (Making it easier to select fair teams...)



EDIT: Oh, another question! Once one partner is done with his coaster and completes the themeing, can the other partner go back to the same coaster and help improve it if necessary?


This competition is going to be soley based upon trust, because like someone has said before, it would be VERY easy to cheat...



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