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RCT pairs A fun and unique new RCT2 competition

which park do you like best  

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  1. 1. which park do you like best

    • colorado escape
    • ny park
    • other park

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I did that once before, also rircoaster. I will send you a screen shot of the coaster, and the finished station, which is really cool. I still have to theme the rest of the ride though. It's a castle theme/wooded, mystery them, possible a dragon.



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Okay everybody, here is a sneak peek at what Colorado Adventures currently looks like. All we have so far is the terrain and the entrance plaza. Feel free to comment and share your parks too!


Entrance Plaza!


Overview of the park.

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I just don't think it would be fair to judge a kiddie coaster with a huge Intamin or Beemer. Sure, its a credit, but there isn't really to much you can do with a "realistic" kiddie ride. And if no one wanted their coaster for the month to be a smaller one, then none of the parks would have kiddie coasters, and that is also unrealistic...


But that's just my opinion.


Anybody else want to share?

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So your saying if its a family coaster its good?


Well heres my entry its late but thats my fault. I was in the hospital sick with diabetes, so I'm sorry to my partner that I sent it i late. It should be in your email though.


I didn't know if we had to show a picture of our coaster or not. So I will this time.


My coaster!

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^That looks really cool!


Here are some pics of our park so far:


The whole park! Well, so far, that is ;)


A nice little restaurant...


My coaster: Wind Chill!


Ghost's coaster: Rocky Mountain Rumbler!

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When is this due by for the first month. Because the contest officially started April 11th, so does this mean it will end May 11th. This will greatly help me out, becuase of whats been going on. I promise if you allow this it will not happen again, and I'm very sorry.

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