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RCT pairs A fun and unique new RCT2 competition

which park do you like best  

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  1. 1. which park do you like best

    • colorado escape
    • ny park
    • other park

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hey guys I know I said it would be due in the 11th but since this thread is so far down on the list I figure it has not been read much recently so you have until the 15th for coaster submission. If you do not post you will be disqualified.

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My partner got banned from here, and he says for no reason or he was hacked. I do believe him, hes honest and we keep in touch a lot. DBru knows this, and I believe we sent him the park with his entry. We are still in this, I will just have to post his updates. I will be starting a topic at my site for this contest, and DBru is a very active member there and he can verify all of this. He can also verify that these are his entries. So he did send the park to me, and DBru, if he didn't DBru, I will send it to you. Ghost if you want I can send it to you also.


So we are not going to drop out, and will be in this. I don't have my PC right now, I'm using a mac, so I can't post his picture. But like I said we did verify that it is finished.


Sorry for the complications,


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hey thats totally fine, I am a member of your site also so this will work out fine. If you would like send me a link and I will post it on the first page so people in the competition will be able to see the page.


Oh and there will be a twist in the next month of competition so be ready. Announcement will be posted so,metime tomorrow afternoon probably around like 4 ok

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Also, I will host all files for you. If you want me to. I can set up a file database for each person in the contest with unlimited space if anyone is interested. Also yes it is free. So you can host your pictures and parks, and all that good stuff.


Also could you guys just re vote at the other site. I added a poll, and it's just checking a box and submitting, not hard, haha.

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