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Bay Beach Amusement Park Discussion Thread

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So, I actually got to go to Bay Beach the end of July with my friends, and I absolutely loved it! I got to ride Zippin Pippin, which was my first woodie outside of the two at Worlds of Fun.... and I LOVED it! That surprise bunny hop at the very end there was crazy! We also rode Scat.... and I will never, ever, ever do that again. That was the worst ride I have ever ridden in my 33 years of life.


To end on a positive note, I really, REALLY loved the fried cheese curds there. And I got a light-up souvenir mug to take home with me. I'm hoping I get to go back next year!

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Going to park for the first time in a couple years tomorrow, very excited. Looks like they are doing "Boo Beach" for Halloween. This park is so underrated. The coaster is tops, too.

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^ Just curious, did your head line up with the headrest on Scat? I rode one at Beech Bend and my head was above the headrest so the Gs pushed my head against metal. Once I slouched down, I was able to really enjoy the ride.


Hmmm... I honestly can't remember. The ride had me so sick after riding it that the memory of being on it is literally rather a blur. I'm guessing, though, that my head wasn't above the headrest, as I am rather short (5'3").

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