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Hatside Park (RCT2)

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Just read this in the local news paper.

Hatside Park is under new management by Doug Smith who wants to turn it into a thriving Theme Park.
I can't wait I'm so excited! Heres some pics I took recently.


So now that the park's under new management I wonder what they'll add.


It all looks the same so far. Hey whats that entrance to?


Could it be?


Official announcement soon.

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Ummm, those were still wood coasters. One or two did have steel supports, though, Coney Island Cyclone style. And besides, the first steel coaster did appear in 1906 in Munich's Oktoberfest, designed by Karl Gabriel. Here is a picture I scanned out of one of my ACE Magazines for use in one of my school presentations:



If you look closely, it basically looks like a steel side friction coaster.


Anyway, the park doesn't look that bad. I know you just started, but you could still add more detail to the park.

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Heres the article I found on the new coaster.

New for 1907. Ready for your world to turn upside down? Loop The Loop is the ride to go to. Designed by Lina Beecher this new concept will have you head over heels with centrifugal force.


The Sign!


I think this is a risky move for the park.


But the guest's seem to like it.........


Park Overview


More Soon!

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It's 1908 and we got another attraction this year! Called American Slide, though it didn't have it's own press release, I'll give you the stats, It's a spiral type slide with a wooden frame and a metal slide which you slide down on.


Loop The Loop is still drawing in a crowd.


The New Attraction!


More On The 25th.

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I've just received some very depressing news today. At the end of season 4 Hatside Park will shut it's doors for good. Doug Smith has gone bankrupt after the cost of the concept coaster and the slide. Plus he lost his 2nd business which he was the owner of a wood furniture store.


Loop The Loop has gotten very unreliable.


The Park's rating is dropping.


13 years later.....................


More Soon............

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No, Matterhorn was the first steel with tubular rails and started the popularity of major steel coasters. There were steel coasters well before that used sqaure rails, such Bradley and Kaye kiddie coasters like SFMM's Goliath Jr.

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