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Pointless new attractions

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DCA although I dont mind the turn it is currently taking. Did anyone else just go "what" when they found out a park was being themed to Calfornia. I love screamin though and if it left I would be sad. I totaly hate it when disney does not theme rides well because they are the best themers/landscapers in the world. I honestly believe that if all the rides at disney sea dissapeared I would pay for admission just to walk around. Now Californai is confusing becuase we have a mix of California/ Cars route 66 which actuaully kinf of fits. Little Mermaid WTF. And toystory WTF. I love Grizzly Rapids and Soarin becuase in my opinion they are both beautifully themed.



Maliboomer just because it is not very well themed for disney

Same with


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I think Sidewinder, Crazy Legs, and Rodeo at Sfot are stupid.

I Mean 3 spinning flats in one park! I can understand a fair or even a carnival but not a themepark.


That's funny you said that. All themeparks have spinny rides. Those aren't your class of spinning rides. In other words, you don't like them.


Cedar Point has a Scrambler, Flying Bobs, Himilaya, Octopus, Troika (which you complaining about), Max Air, Chaos, Observation Tower (technically spins), swings, Calypso, Tilt-A-Whirl, Merry-Go-Round, another horse go around in circles ride, and an Enterprise.


The way those rides are run in that condition, you can't even compare tham to carnival or fair rides. To me, Crazy Legs, and Rodeo are relaxing rides. Scrambler is the most intense out of the three, and that's a Scrambler. That's not a Super Sizzler, or a Sizzler which you would find at a carnival. That breakdance is really tamed down, and boring. It's so much different than the Ohio State Fair Twister breakdance.



As for the ride I think, I think Skyhawk was a stupid idea after you got Max Air. People thought it does the same thing as Max Air, and people were less likely to check it out.


I think the Zamperla Rock N Tug that SF put in at multiple parks is a complete waste of money. I go by them, and there is hardly anyone in line for them, or riding them.


I wonder if people think Hydra is a waste of money. How many people are going on that ride? Did it really help Dorney Park, or not? I really like that ride, but I wonder how many people do.


Mission Space was a waste of cash completely. Even without the accidents, I think the lines will be just like they are anyway because of the intense factor of the ride. To me, it's intense but it's boring at the same time.


Alien Encounter was also a stupid ride in my opinion. They changed it to Stitch, but why would you put in a ride that is meant to scare kids who come to Disney World. That's just stupid.

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I've always wondered "why don't they?" as opposed to "why did they?" when it comes to Marineland in Niagara Falls Ontario. Huge expansive property that takes you forever to walk between rides, it's mostly park land... a big collection of Huss rides and Dragon Mountain. I have always thought that the area is ripe for a huge B&M maunfactured monster. But I guess finances wise, maybe they don't have the ability to invest upfront for a big B&M or something similar. It would certainly help them catch up to other Marinelands though.

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Kennywood's Cosmic Chaos. A theme that has absolutely nothing to do with it's park, or surroundings.


Kenny Kangaroo's Spinning Spaghetti Supper-Plate would have been better, and much more funnier! Kenny statue in the middle of the disk, holding a knife and fork, with streaming noodles all over him. And the sound-track could have been "On top of Spaghetti"....

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I thought it was pretty pointless for Knott's to remove the Corkscrew and add Boomerang. They already had a backwards coaster (and a far better one) Montezooma's Revenge. So with the removal of Corkscrew they then had two coasters at the park both which went backwards.


Going back a few years - I'd have to say the Knotts 90s strikeouts, count 'em: 3 in a row.


Mystery Lodge

(wait three years)




I hate a lot of what Cedar Fair has done, but the Knotts' had terrible taste in rides.


Knott's did do some pretty pointless things back in the days

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What does Mission:Space do anyway? All I know is that it's really forceful...


It's a spinning ride that is choreographed like a simulator. You're inside a little pod that is a part of a centrifuge and how quickly you spin determines on what is going on in the movie. There are parts of the ride, such as the launch and the landing, where you're supposed to feel high G's, so it spins quickly. There's also a "zero-g" part of the ride, but it's not really zero g's (I don't think the ride can go below 1g because it's a centrifuge, but correct me if I'm wrong).

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