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Sorry guys if im posting in the wrong area new here. Just wanted to ask a question its my first time on saturday going to knotts scary farm and I wanted to ask you guys what you thought about it. Mazes any rides open shows and all out scares. I went to universal a few weeks ago it was awesome only thing that wasnt to cool was the tram ride but hey it was not that bad. So if anyone can give me a heads up be awesome thanks.

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It seems this year Knotts has been incredibly busy during Halloween Haunt. It is probably due to the amount of advertising they are doing. Last year Universal's Halloween stuff was overly advertised and this year Knotts decided to go overboard on trying to get people to come. Anyways some hints are below:

  • -Buy your tickets online to try and avoid one of the many lines that you will be seeing for the rest of the night
    -Every ride and tons of mazes will be open but expect really long lines on everything
    -The maze by Ghostrider is definitely a must because it is technically two mazes. One maze's exit leads to another maze's entrance.
    -The last half four the park is pretty empty when it comes to the mazes, so be sure to stay late and run through as many as possible (but do expect the mazes to be pretty much half empty)
    -Try to eat beforehand, the food lines during Haunt are as bad as all the other lines.
    -Have some dollar bills handy for 3-D glasses and laser guns, they make the mazes better.

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The thing about Haunt is they want to sell as many tickets as humanly possible. Like everyone said, buy food before you go into the park. When

I went there they ripped us off for some burgers and hot dogs. But the best thing about Haunt is they use their theming to their advantage, like in the scare zones.

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You're gonna have fun trying to navigate these crowds. Hit Black Widow's Cavern first and then Pyromaniax. Go to Grudge 2, head down to Beowulf (skip Red Beard's and Lore because they both suck), go on over to Doll Factory and 13 Axe Murder Manor, then head over to Krazy Klown Kollege, and end up with The Asylum and Feary Tales. Stay until closing and reserve a Pre-Scare, DEFENITLY. Also, Hacks and The Hanging are two shows not to miss. Remember, have fun and get the crap scared outta you!


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If you want to do the rides then go during the day as the lines are a lot shorter. About an hour before the park closes for the day head over to TGI Friday's and eat there and wait till Haunt opens. Then when Haunt opens it's a madhouse but still fun if you bring the right crowd.


I've done the rides during the day/mazes at night thing at Knott's for the past 4 years and it seems to work out just fine.


Have fun but don't expect the awesomeness that is Universal! Instead expect the ghettoness that is Knott's

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During the day of the haunt on Saturday, it should be busy, since people are off from work and school. But Fridays should be empty during the day.


If you only go to the Haunt, dont plan on riding any rides, they will be packed. The mazes do get long lines, but they tend to move fast.


Good luck and have fun!


p.s Make sure you buy your ticket before the day of the Haunt, they sell out.

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We went this past Sunday (10/14).


Bought our tickets ahead of time so we avoided that line. They opened the gates around 6:30p and held everyone much in the same manner they do during a regular park opening. I imagine they do this due to the relatively small size of the ticket plaza.


We were able to hit the northern half the mazes including Black Widow's Cavern and Pyromaniax within the first hour (go to these first!). This also included a stop on Boomerang. Stopped to watch the Hanging and then hit the other half before catching HACKS!


The wait times for the rides weren't that bad. The longest was 30 minutes or so for Silver Bullet, but we did spy quite a line for Xcelerator while we were on the SkyCabin.


The longest wait was for 13 Axe Murder Manor at about 30 minutes. The line was deceiving from the outside due to the fact that they use the entire Mystery Lodge queue. The second longest was Doll Factory which is right across from it.


One thing I think puts Knott's above Universal is the sheer amount of things going on and having most of the regular rides open. It helps disperse the crowds. THat said, Knott's needs to learn how to manage a haunted house line, people just cut in line where they please. I'd hate to see what a Saturday night would be like. Oh, and seeing the monsters text messaging and talking to the "guides/security". BAD SHOW!


Word of warning...watch out for the horse poop walking toward the start of the Dark Realm maze. And for that matter, don't get your hopes up, it was the worst one of the bunch.

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Word of warning...watch out for the horse poop walking toward the start of the Dark Realm maze.


Oh.. is that what that is?

I thought it was just a new ride from Vekoma.


Thanks for the advice, everyone.

I plan to only go during the day. I'm not that mobile and the thought of braving a big crowd in the dark sounds unfun.

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