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Photo TR: Being Chuck's Account of TPR's 2007 Japan Tour


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I just remembered - when we first went on the stand-up part of those "racing coasters" (wink), I remember being behind Ginny


And seeing her RISE UP in AIR TIME!


More than once!!!


That was pretty freaky to notice, only because she couldn't quite reach the shoulder harnesses at first. But she sure did, on those hops, LOL!


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Great trip report Chuck! It's bringing back some great Japan memories.


One thing though. I can't believe you found Bandit to be worse than White Canyon at Yomiuriland! My feelings after riding that (and even more-so after riding "Regina" at Tobu Zoo Park) were that I never want to hear a fellow coaster lover complain about Mean Streak at CP again!! You don't know what real pain is until you've experienced Japanese Wood! Regina took the title away from Son of Beast as the roughest woodie I've ever ridden. White Canyon & White Cyclone at Nagashima weren't far behind.

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^Hmm--actually, I did prefer Bandit (especially "Splash" Bandit) to White Canyon, Rich. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but my point was that White Canyon (ditto for Cyclone) wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe. Maybe I've just had a few rides too many on Kings Dominion's Grizzly (White Cyclone really wasn't any worse than that, I thought).


Jupiter, however, sucks.

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White Canyon was actually pretty smooth where I sat near the back IIRC. All that extra rollbar/cage padding was intimidating looking at first and prepared me for the worst, and then when it was over I was like that wasn't that bad. Not that it was great or anything, but I've certainly ridden much rougher wood...like Jupiter lol. Now that was a total letdown.

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OK, I'm back from Knoebel's, so it's time again for the TR that just keeps on giving.


Chapter 6: TPR 2, Typhoon 1—Central Park, Tegarayama Yuen, and Kurashiki Tivoli Park


Mark Twain once said that everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. Elissa and Robb did manage to get everybody back to Nagoya, even though a typhoon churning up the coast did do its best to see that we’d have to spend the night in a train station.


The day started out beautifully at Central Park, yet another mass of amusements up in the mountains of southern Japan. This quirky little park had five suitably quirky coaster credits—but those weren’t what interested me the most there.


Diavlo—What’s a nice B&M inverted like you doing in a rustic setting like this? Seeing this Batman clone here was like seeing Nemesis at, say, Knoebel’s; it just didn’t seem right. But it was damn good ride, fast and forceful, so no complaints.


Labyrinth—This was a sort of Wild Mouse with mine cars. Kind of rough, but still fun (lousy color scheme, though).


Jet Coaster—Yes, another one of those enormous, rambling family coasters that in no way resemble jets in flight (or dolphins, for that matter). OK, but nothing special.


Hurricane—A loop screw that’s OK through the former, but rough through the latter. If they took out those corkscrews and put in some airtime hills, they just might have something.


Imorinth—This was a standard Wacky Worm (and credit number 200 for me).


The park also had a first-generation Intamin Freefall that appeared to themed after a rusty oil derrick (a real “tower of terror”). Remember how these rides would pause for a moment then drop you? This one just shoves you over the edge and you plunge into sheer pain.


But the coolest attraction at Central Park was the Castle Guardians walk-and shoot! Yes, you’re given a pump-action “shot gun,” and trained in SWAT team tactics. You have to blast your way through three “practice” rooms before being sent on a mission to blast aliens! (Be sure not to blast any hostages!) Then you’re assigned a rank. How many “Silver Chieftains” and “Diamond Lords” are out there?


The “Shoking” Horror Museum walk through was pretty good, too, with plenty of surprises and red buttons to push. They actually give your group a flashlight (it’s pretty dark in there), and the biggest scare is when the op reaches out to take it back from you at the end.


Central Park also had a good mirror maze and a bizarre “fortune-telling” attraction. All in all, a nice place to spend a few hours.


Tegarayama Ruen, however, looked like a good place to pass up—a water park surrounded by a small amusement park, which was closed by the approaching typhoon, thus affording no amusement at all. We did not linger long.


Kurashiki Tivoli was more like it —a beautiful little family park modeled on Copenhagen’s legendary Tivoli Gardens. KidTums got her first credit there (as many of you probably know), thanks to the Tivoli Railroad (which slower than the average Wacky Worm). Odin Express, yet another “jet coaster,” was fun thanks to its eccentric layout that shared a mountain with the park’s rather odd, bone-dry log flume (which featured a spiral lifthill out of the station).


This “family” park also featured a fairly gory haunted walk though, in which your guide was a Viking who spoke Japanese (those Norsemen really got around), and the BEST SIMULATOR EVER—Ultraman! Yes, join the Science Patrol and help this Japanese super hero keep the world safe from guys in rubber monster suits.


After Tivoli, it was a race against a typhoon. Well, there was mostly race and wait against a typhoon. Long story short, Robb and Elissa’s quick action got us back to Nagoya before all the trains shut down. (Thanks again for that, Alveys!)


Next up—déjà vu all over again


I don't have a sign, but this was credit no. 200--trust me. More to come from Central Park.


It looks like Jeff really needs to find a squat toilet in this picture.


Wait--I stand corrected!


This was the creepiest thing at Central Park.


Actually, it's the staff's fitness trail.


Now you may think this is some sort of wild mouse.


You see? Nothing at all like Batman!


I'm Batma . . . er Diavlo!


Ow! Ow! Ow! Level of concern rising!


Now you have permission to be concerned!


Hurricane's loop is certainly no cause for concern. (Hmm--just dawned on me how ironic that name was.)


See? No weather to be concerned about at Central Park.


"Bw-a-a-a-a!" to your concerns!


Our bus driver was so unconcerned that he didn't even bother looking for the missing "e" in "Theme."


But this sleep-deprived crowd in the hotel lobby doesn't seem too concerned.


This was the day's cause for concern.

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More from Central Park (Japan, not NYC).


But it was all in Japanese, making it all Greek to me. Oh, well . . .


Still more from Central Park to come.


. . . and you have to answer a lot of questions and plug your skull into this computer.


First, they give you this cool little skull to carry around . . .


You can get your fotrune told here, I think.


This, however, is just pure evil!


It's kinda/sorta a wild mouse.


Ginny is wondering just what the hell was that ride.


Must . . . resist . . . bright . . . candylike . . . button . . .


. . . ride the Conveyer Belt of Doom!


Falafel does her happy dance to ward off evil, because she's about to . . .


And Old Man Jet Coaster just keeps rollin' a-a-a-a-l-o-o-o-ng!


Moe, Larry, and Curly show us the way.


Mirrorana was the trippiest thing at Central Park.


Yes, heed this warning! I smoke, ate, and drank in this area, and look at what happened to me!


We couldn't afford the Crypt Keeper, so Bill filled in.


The Horror Museum is brought to you by Sho King--they cook their food by dragon fire! (You have to be an oldtimer to understand this horrible pun.)

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One last set of Central Park pics.


But, yay! We're going to get a credit for me! Tivoli to come later today.


This picture really sums up the Tegarayama Ruen experience.


They had shut down all the coasters due to rain, but I'm thinking this one has been out of commission for quite some time.


Hey, when did LAX put in a water park? Oh, wait, this is Tegarayama Ruen.


As you can see, the weather was still pretty good when we left Central Park.


Then assume the position--for we are Diamond Lords!


We proudly accept the rank of Silver Chieftain!


You talkin' to me? Ain't nobody else here!


But around the corner from the "Telling Witch" was something we Americans could understand--guns!

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And now, Tivoli--a big step up from Tegarayama Ruin, er, Ruen.


Well, we gotta typhoon to catch! Thanks for a fun afternoon, Tivoli.


Only real men can ride a bear, punk!


Yeah, I'm ridin' a bunny--what's it to ya?


I love children--sauteed in butter!


Having fun, kiddies?


This delightful family park had one of the goriest haunted houses of the trip.


This is Ryan's most favoritest credit ever--and he doesn't need a rail pass for it. ;)


. . . the KidTums credit coaster.


There is a jet coaster in honor of the Odin, father of the Norse gods. At least it's a bit faster than . . .


of all kinds.


. . . and boobs--


. . . unusual statues, . . .


. . . quaint buildings and fountains, . . .


Yes, Tivoli, a nice, family park with beautiful scenery, . . .


And now a bit of Copenhagen--Japan style!

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I loved Tivoli! I wish that we could have spent more time there. If only we hadn't stopped by the ghetto Ruen park first! Oh well, who would have known they close when a few sprinkles fall from the sky? Why, I have never heard of a park doing that! For shame! What, you say Knott's does it? Aw, crap!

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^ Yes, I wanted to ride the wierd-running "animals" ride that they had. But didn't have enough time, darnit.


And the UltraMan attraction...


guys in rubber monster suits






(And more time to eat our meal, lolol!)


TRs are great Chuck.


Keep'em comin'.

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Hi Chuck,

Great TR! I also loved the Ultraman sim. After that ride, I was satisfied enough to simply take on the park's beautiful landscape. Poo on the typhoon (my 3rd typhoon/hurricane I missed this year; the 1st was on the island of Guam and the 2nd back home in Hawaii).


Looks roomy!!

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^^ Yay! Thanks Falafel. I loved my flan, lol!


Well Chuck, it really came down to a choice for me:


Dessert Ride? or Wierd Animal-tracked Ride?


Of course, desserts always win out over wierd animals.


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The desert ride was fun, but I had to get some insulin shots because they did not have any sugar-free options.


OK, who still has the "Welcome to Tivoli" song stuck in their head?


And also, why do I look fat in the photos? Oh, it's because I am fat. *sniff*

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