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What should the park name be?  

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  1. 1. What should the park name be?

    • Lake Benbrook Grove by Giovanolafan
    • Six Flags American Dream by rckrazy06
    • Adventure Park America by texasgiantrules
    • Crystal Creek Park by IWantrevenge
    • Calm River Plains by Kingbooba

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I am using the SFB template and I will most likely destroy all the pre-built rides and make my own.


Here are a few teaser pictures.


Rumor is that a flat will be going here.


I talked to the GM and this ride will be demoed by seasons end.

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I have added a few rides and the SLC has been demoed. There is now a B&M Floorless in this spot. The point has been cleared and a sub ride has been put there. I have no clue on how to theme the sub ride.Any ideas?


Also Update tomorrow.

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Update 9/26/07


Here is kind of a mini update.


Today at the park, I learned that Tornado is the next ride to be demoed.


Here is a new woodie. This is at the back of the park. The construction finished ahead of schedule and the trains will not arrive for 1 month.


Radja River has been demoed now. Rumor is that a B&M sitdown to go here.


The new B&M floorless named Wild Bounty. Here is the station.

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Update 9/27/07


Here is another update. Next update to happen on Saturday. It will be a big one.


Here is a little teaser of Rattler. There will be a section in the Sunday update just about Rattler.


Cobra is also a fan favorite, It will stay also.


Because of the popularity of the ride, Calamity Mine will stay.


Wild Bounty has closed for the season. The park is unsure if it will ever open again.


Tornado's land.


The Tornado track.


The trains have arrived!!!!!!

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