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Favorite 600 Park!!  

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  1. 1. Favorite 600 Park!!

    • Western Wonder
    • Forest of Despair
    • Riverside Park
    • Africana

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I think it'd be fun to see who can create the best 600 park. For those of you who dont know what a 600 park is it's the smallest map the game allows. I have been working non-stop all day and have created a fairly decent one I believe.


But lets see what everyone else can come up with.


And the overview of the park.


another veiw of Roughrider


Rattlesnake, the corkscrew coaster. and Roughrider, a B&M mini-floorless.


This is one of the many eating establishments throughout the park. also you can see the mini-golf


Wildcat. an over 4,000 ft twister. very compact and very popular.

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Here's my (possible) entry, called Forest of Despair. It's pretty much a gloomy old park that has been built in the center of a swampy forest area. Enjoy!


Overview. Oh yeah, and by the first turn on the Legend, there is a small car ride called Old 49. Hope you like it!


Forbidden's final brake run and Giant Drop, a roto-drop ride, which is also the tallest ride in the park.


A little quaint log ride that is themed to the black river that flows through the local area.


Two flat rides in the center of the park.


A nice little kiddie coaster called Parasite.


The station and part of the indoor food court area.


The first 125 foot lift hill and drop on the Legend.


The very photogenic turn on Legend.


Following the train on the back half.


The Turnaround on "Legend", the main coaster in this park. It's basically one of those coasters with a steel support structure and wooden track. Built by the Gravity Group.


First, an awesome B & M twister called "Forbidden"

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