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You may remember a topic that I posted about 16 months ago about why I wasn't around that much. That was when I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety. Recently, I have gone to see a new therapist and psychiatrist. Apparently I have been misdisagnosed through out the years, most recently by the school psychiatrist who gave me a medication that "I should have never been on in the first place" - the words of my new psychiatrist. So now I am in a fight for my acamedic life, since I was told that I was dismissed from my univerisity due to poor grades last semester. I am so close to graduating that I am determined to go into the appeal meeting on Tuesday and provide a good, solid case that I can succeed in college.


Now, when the word bipolar is read I'm sure may people automatically think of someon being nuts or a wacko. There are a lot of people out there that suffer from bipolar that you probably wouldn't even know that they had it or are being treated for it. I would like to hope that the people on this site that have met me think that I am normal, most of the time...


I have posted some links about bipolar for your reading pleasure.





I certainly will not be riding too many roller coasters this year, and I can accept that. I might be able to hit up a few parks here and there, but that is about it. It has been nearly 2 months since my last ride. Between work, summer classes and treatment, I'm kind of booked. But it is ok, I have to work on myself before I worry about fun and games.

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Jay, I know quite a lot about this stuff, I really do empathise with parts of your situation. Good luck with the appeal and stuff, if they're worth a damn they'll take you back, it's not your fault you were misdiagnosed and prescribed, which seems scarily common. Kudos for posting about this without a trace of asking for attention or sympathy.


Best of luck!

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Jay, I know how you feel as well. My sister and a friend of mine is bi-polar. It is often mis-diagnosed all the time. Which really sucks. I am glad you were finally diagnosed properly and put on the correct meds.


I hope your meeting goes well. Please let us know how it goes.

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As stated above, any type of depression, or anxiety can be crippling, and to be bipolar can add even more complexities to managing your mental state. I will give you sympathy, if you want it or not, I have also been misdiagnosed, and given medication, and treatments that nearly drove me off the edge of my sanity.

It's great that you are showing initiative to spread the word about the illness. For too long I have been thought of as insane for some rather, rapid and at times destructive outbursts, which were only multiplied by the medication.

Now, due to my age, and recent studies relating to it, I am under treatment that uses no medication, and it has been working well enough.

As awkward as it may be, being given praise from someone not much more than half your age, I still wish you good luck on the appeal, the fact that you've stayed sane through the mistakes is a testament to your determination.

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I commend you for posting this and for educating us about it. I totally understand where you're coming from- I have had anxiety/panic disorder for most of my life and have run the gamut with shrinks, meds, etc. I'm very open about my illness and am always willing to answer questions about it. I think most people follow my lead and see that, because I have learned to take it in stride, aren't scared/intimidated/whatever. You have obviously done a lot of research on the topic, which is one of the best things you can do- the more knowledge you have over your illness (any illness) the more power you have over it. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about anything.


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I am so close to graduating that I am determined to go into the appeal meeting on Tuesday and provide a good, solid case that I can succeed in college.

Jay, it's good to hear from ya again. Lately I had been wondering where you'd been, and hoping things were alright. My prayers are with you on your appeal. I know you'll come out okay. Hang in there, man.

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Thank you for posting this. It's good to see people spreading awareness like this, especially since bipolar disorder gets misrepresented a lot. I'm glad that you were finally able to figure out what was going on and get off the prescription that should've never been prescribed for you. I'm sure that helps a lot.


I read this a while ago.. http://www.matthewgood.org/2007/04/hospital-music/ Some of it's a little depressing, but it's honest and maybe you'll be able to relate to some of it. The guy who wrote it was misdiagnosed with depression and recently found out he is bipolar, like in your case. It might be worth a read if you're interested.


Good luck with your appeal meeting, I hope everything goes your way.

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Jay - hang in there man, my brother deals with the same problems and I've met many successful people in business (including some of my clients) with the same diagnosis, so I'm well aware of what you go through.


I know you haven't done a lot of parks but I'm always up for local park visits in the area (except SFGAdv on a business day )

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