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An ACEr that lost weight?


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^ You and me both. Although my last White Castle trip last year after Six Flags St Louis wasn't as good as my other 2 visits.


But I love those burgers. I wish we had them in the Carolinas.


Actually a lot of parks now are going healthier. It's a lot easier to eat healthy at parks than it used to be.


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I'm so freaking worried about being able to buckle those belts at Cedar Point in August. I've been on a diet and walking 5 miles every day. I've lost 17 lbs so far but I'm still worried because I've read that it's actually not so much your stomach that's the problem but your thighs and I've got massive thighs, always have. I naturally have a muscular/thick lower body and I'm scared I won't get to ride the coasters now because of it.


I'd be afraid to even try to get on if I didn't think I could because that crap's embarrassing being told to get off because your too big.


So what's most people's experience with these rides, like what do you all think is too big?

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Fast food = disgusting! I get all my food from the grocery store. I go to restaurants for those extra special occasions, though. About once or twice a month, I'll have a candy bar. Once you get into the habit of eating healthy, you'll never get out, unless someone force feeds you McDonalds.

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Oh wow, I LOVE chipotle...it's one of my weaknesses, along with popcorn and pizza and buffalo wings. Back on subject...has anyone done the specific workout on the body for life website? I've never seen one like it before. Terrance pointed me to it and I'll start it monday but I'm curious...

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^Sorry I didn't get back to you; was a bit under the weather.


I followed more of the diet aspects of body 4 life; but I kept my body groups separate: chest & triceps, back & biceps, legs and shoulders. Also I did a few protein powders a day, although you wouldn't need as much for weight loss.


Also I made sure I got my aerobics in every time I went in and did my abs.

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Hello world!


Well I'm done riding coasters (been riding since Wednesday) and have very good news.


For the first time in a few years, I wasn't denied ANY coasters!!!!


It was a tight fit for sure on Millie and Dragster, but I did fit and that's what matters!


Another 10-20lbs and I'll be able to buckle that sucker myself!


I'll be home tomorrow, so I'll have more then (and about 600+ photos to upload).


Anyway, I had a blast and I'm very tired, but my stamina held up quite well thanks to my weight loss and exercise.


Oh by the way, my parks I hit were Cedar Point, Geagua Lake, and Kennywood.


That's all for now.

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^That's great news! Keep it up!


You know if you stay focused, you'll notice slowly how your lifestyle will be modified by your fitness goals.


I had a conversation with my friend that lost 110lbs yesterday and I commented on the topics we covered. In the past before he lost the weight, we talked about food and the restaurants we went to; this time we talked about different diets, exercise programs and supplements we take. I told my friend that he was taking more stuff than I was and he just wants to lose the weight! Looks like he's trying to get those abs really flat too!


But you can hear it in his voice how his weight loss is changing his life; he's more active, goes out more instead of sitting at his computer eating, and he's always shopping--but he said he has to cut that part out since he bought too many clothes!


He said I got a few more compliments; one said he was skinny and another said that he always sees him in the gym and that is how he's getting such great progress. He also got invited to a pool party so he's buying board shorts for the occasion; before he would have never went because of his weight.


Although he dreads coasters (I was the one that made him ride them in exchange for going on roadtrips), I hope his example can be a bit of encouragement for you all.



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I'm not bragging, I'm just so happy.


Just a few minutes ago I saw how far I could take my belt.


I can take it all the way to the 5th hole! At my heaviest the first hole was tight!


I still have a ways to go, but I'm very happy that I've come this far.


Trust me, if I can do this...anyone can. But it won't be overnight.

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I am working on y wieght right now. I go to cycling lessons 4 times a week and sweat my ass there.

I cant believe that 10 years ago I was too thin and now I am over weight. People who didnt see me long time just cant believe it as I was so so so thin.

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yeah it's easy to gain the weight over time if you don't watch your weight.


I weighed somewhere around 185 back in 1998.


That was without a good bit of muscle though I've put on over the years.


I'd say I need to get to about 215 to 220 to get to a healthy weight for my build and muscle mass.


I bought a nice new cycling outfit today, I might have to take a pic of myself tomorrow and post it. My gut is getting smaller and smaller.

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Referring to your previous post..."I'm not bragging"...why not? Considering how far you've come and how hard you've worked, you deserve to brag a little. I have my weigh in tonight so we'll see how things go. As a side note, getting back into the gym is proving more difficult than I first anticipated.

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OK you've been warned. Spandex ahead. LOL


Yeah, I like the new outfit. It's all comfy and nice when you sweat as much as I do in this Carolina heat. And you can really see how much my stomach's gone down.


I'm wearing clothes I couldn't even fit in last summer.


Sorry the lighting isn't the best.

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Referring to your previous post..."I'm not bragging"...why not? Considering how far you've come and how hard you've worked, you deserve to brag a little. :


Exactly. You should be proud of your accomplishments. It's hard work and takes dedication; not everyone can do that much. My friend is proud of his accomplishments and I'm definitely proud of mine. I looked in the mirror the other day, wearing just a pair of shorts and said "You're hot!" Not to mention I'll rip my shirt off in a minute at the club to get the people staring!


As a side note, getting back into the gym is proving more difficult than I first anticipated.


It always is. I do my workout right after work; I change in the bathroom and go. If i had to go home first, I would never make it. Of course the most difficult is getting out of bed in the morning in going. I did that for a while and my friend has done it for three weeks to up his aerobic activity.


You just have to make yourself go, no matter how tired you think you feel. Go! Then you'll get used to it; you body won't fight you anymore... unless you get the flu!




P.S. I'm not brave enough to wear spandex.

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^ LOL well it comes in handy on the bike. Cuts down on wind and makes riding a whole lot more comfortable.


My workout is usually after work or on my lunch hour.


I either ride my bike about 5-10 miles, walk, do weights/aerobics or sometimes in an odd moment I'll do some yoga for extra stretching and relaxation.


I find that I'm not getting bored with it like I used to when I did cycling all the time.


Plus I'm in the habit of 4 times a week, no matter when I'm getting at least 30 minutes of exercise. No questions asked.

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Current weight 249 (but I'm muscular)

Waist about 38


I also have muscular legs and that effects you being able to get into the belt.


Your leg size really affects it more than your waist.


But if you're much bigger than a 40 I'd say you're in trouble.

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Crap then I still have a long way to go before I am back to MF riding shape again.


Well just use that as motivation to lose the weight like I did.


I was so close to not fitting on Top Gun and that's what started me on my weightloss journey.


Now I can do 3 clicks in the back row and buckle my own belt!

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