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An ACEr that lost weight?


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Just found this thread tonight...


I've been on the weight yo-yo my entire life. As an adult I lost weight twice - 80lbs the 1st time, 50 lbs the 2nd time. But as usual for me, I lose it then gain it back.


My problem was "stress/nervous eating" - overeating when under stress or nervous. It was uncontrollable... and what did I crave most? Sugar and carbs. UGH.


In 2005 my husband and I both lost our first parent... his dad after quad-bypass, mild stroke, pnuemonia & 3 mos in the hospital, my mom after a 2-yr battle w/cancer. In between, my husband and dad both had quad-bypasses, and my husband made an emergency return to the hospital because one of his lungs filled with fluid. Needless to say, that was a VERY stressful year.


I had already gained a bit of weight, but 2005 soared me up to 215 lbs (I'm female, 5'7"). That's the most I've weighed in my life. I went to the doctor for another issue in early '05, and found that I had high blood pressure (187/151) and high cholesterol (285).


I spoke to my doctor last April about my problem, what I did in the past to lose, the stress/nerves, etc. and told her that my biggest problem was appetite... it never seems to shut off. The 2nd time I lost weight I used the original Metabolife 356, and no matter how stressed I got, I didn't eat... the pills stopped my appetite. But of course the Metabolife (original) was removed from store shelves when the FDA banned ephedrine. Anyway, I asked the doctor to help me with my problem.


She prescribed (the site marked the name as Spam so I had to remove it. PM me if you'd like to know what it is) 37.5 mg. We had already worked on the blood pressure and cholesterol, and although both were still a bit high, they were way down from where they had been.


I didn't notice much change until the 3rd day; then my appetite stopped. Not having the appetite made it VERY easy to make diet changes that I had NEVER been able to make.


At of today, I haven't eaten food from McDonalds, Whataburger, Sonic, Burger King, Wendy's, etc., NO fast food burger joints, since May 1, 2006. I've NEVER gone more than a week without having at least one of those. The only "fast food" I've had is from Cha-Cho's, which is similar to Taco Cabana, and I get one taco. And, I only do that maybe once a month.


Anyway... I used to eat a burger and fries every day for lunch, and we ate out almost every night. I can count on one hand now how many burgers I've had since May '06, and only 2 of those have been restaurant burgers (not homemade). Fries I've had maybe 6 times since May, at Denny's.


I also stopped eating candy, cakes, pies, etc. Not by choice, just didn't want them. I didn't have an appetite, so I didn't crave them. We began eating at home for all meals except one meal per week (our "award" meal), and I eat a lot of vegetable soup, tuna, and fruit, and a few other things too.


Someone earlier in the string mentioned not liking vegetables. I don't like many vegetables at all... I'm almost as bad with fruits. But the basic Campbell's Vegetable Soup didn't have anything in it that I didn't like, and my fruit consists of a daily orange and apple. I noticed that having the orange and apple each evening kept me from eating "bad" foods at night, and it also 'killed' my sweet tooth. When strawberries and blackberries are in season and not as expensive I'll have some of those, as well as watermelon. But mostly just the oranges and apples.


One thing I began to notice after a while is that I would begin a meal, get so much eaten, then gag when I took a bite - almost not able to swallow. I didn't "feel" full, but it was like my brain said "I've had enough!" and caused a reflex that let me know to stop. Usually it was after a small amount of food, which shocked me (and my husband. lol).


I also gave up caffeinated drinks. I've never been a coffee drinker (maybe 4-5 cups of decaf a year) or a tea drinker (maybe 7-10 glasses a year), but I was a diet-Coke-aholic. That's all I drank was diet Coke. I stopped drinking that and switched to clear diet sodas... diet Sprite, diet 7-Up, Fresca, diet Ginger-Ale. I must admit that, although water is best, I can't stand water... there's no "zip". I will have a bottle of flavored water periodically (Dasani Lemon), but not often.


As far as exercise, there's not a good place for walking near us, and honestly, even when we did have a place for walking I didn't do it... too boring so I didn't keep it up. Gyms are not for me... long story, won't bore you, but I don't do gyms.


So I made our theme park my "gym". We went to the park every Sunday and walked around for 3-4 hours. The walking was great, climbing stairs and ramps to the rides added to that, and it was never boring... there was always something interesting to watch, see, look at.


When the season ended I had to find another exercise outlet, so I dug out my rollerskates and went skating twice a week for about 2 hrs each time.


Between May 1 and Dec 31 I went from 215 to 145. I'm now 141. In Sept the doctor changed me to 30 mg tabs, and in Nov she began weening me off them altogether. I was completely off them for a month, but she put me back on - again, long story, won't bore you. I'm now taking 18.75 mg ea day, and that's working great for maintaining.


My blood pressure has been "hanging" around 117/75 and my cholesterol at last count was around 170, and falling.


As far as the rides, last year at season opening I was able to ride all the rides at our local park (SFFT), but although I fit into the seats and restraints, it was a tight fit.


And although I noticed changes in my clothing, I found myself measuring the loss by the way I fit into the seats and restraints... I'd tell my husband "I'm not touching the sides as tight anymore!" or "I got 3 clicks on the restraint this time!!" It was monumental for me when I began getting light bruises from Rattler and some great airtime on Superman Krypton Coaster because I was loose in the seat! lol


Hmmm... before and after photos... ~goes to see if there's a couple that'll work~ The following should do...


Congrats to all of you who have lost weight, and gotten healthier and feel better as a result!!


Me at 215 lbs (11/2005)


Me at 145 lbs (12/30/06)


Me at 155 lbs (10/2006)

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Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome. I'm officially at 185... yay! I'm hoping to lose 20 more. Hrmm... Now I should see how much better I fit into MF at CedarPoint! LOL, In August I almost couldn't ride but then I cut off circulation and I fit!


For anyone interested, there is the website called Spark People. It helps you track your food intake and tells you how much you should burn in calories a day. It helped me out a lot. Especially when you see how much those little snacks add up. Think MySpace but for losing weight.

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Myspace is the devil!!!


I think I'm going to try and do a calorie/fat tracker for a little bit and see if it helps. I get tired of doing that though. But maybe if I make myself I'll keep up with what I'm eating a lot easier.



Now let me go log into myspace and check my messages.

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Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome.

Thanks! You too!!


I'm officially at 185... yay! I'm hoping to lose 20 more.

That's great... 20 more? No problem... you'll get there!


Hrmm... Now I should see how much better I fit into MF at CedarPoint! LOL. In August I almost couldn't ride but then I cut off circulation and I fit!

The sign of a true enthusiast... what we won't do to get our rides... "Just a moment... let me 'suck it in a bit more'..." ~holds breath~ "Okay, now try to click the restraint!" LOL

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For anyone interested, there is the website called Spark People. It helps you track your food intake and tells you how much you should burn in calories a day. It helped me out a lot. Especially when you see how much those little snacks add up. Think MySpace but for losing weight.


This looks like a great site, I just signed up tonight and I'm thinking this can be good for me. I've been slacking and I think this may be a good kick in the pants.


At my heaviest I was over 280 in 2005. I know I was, but since I didn't own a scale I can't be sure, but it was a doctor's visit where I weighed in at 280 that set off the chain of events which lead me to where I am now.


By the time I managed to get a scale about a year ago, I weighed in at 264. Over the course of a year of playing DDR and slightly eating better then what I was, but no actual "diet," I managed to slim down to 229 (my current weight and losing) and I know I couldn't have done it if I didn't have the small group of friends (more like family) that are in this journey with me on another site.


My goal is too hopefully slim down to at least 200 (if not more) by the time the Spain Trip hits at the end of June.


Weird thing is I managed to ride MF with no problems this past summer and I was around the 250 mark, so it's not about weight but proportion (and knowing people who work the ride that can give a little "help" when necessary, but that's besides the point) and upper body physical strength (cause those belts don't pull themselves!)


I'm glad that people here are able to find a nice group of people to help support each other. Start PMing others people, it's sooo much easier when you have other people to turn to during the hard times, people who will celebrate your loses and who will actually care if you "slip up" every now and then and help you get back on track.

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I've been struggling with this problem. It seems most of America is. I'm only thirteen but I need to lose atleast fifty pounds. Im way over-weight. It just seems that most of America doesn't seem to really care now a days. Which makes it harder to lose weight and stay healthy. Most fitness people are trying to get kids healthier. When they need to try and focus on adults. Kids are become "bigger", but the influence that parents have on kids is greater than kids being "big" in the first place. I'm trying to lose weight. I have been to the doctor. Discussed this. He told me some advice. I took it. I've lost ten pounds in the past two weeks. Not much but it's going good. My mom loves to go to Mc'Diddy's so Im trying to cut back. I've started getting salads from school lunch instead of getting the regular. I tell you this is a huge struggle. Not just for Americans, but for all people. I've been trying to go to the gym. But the one here at my apartment doesn't re-open from spring cleaning till' tommorow. When that happens I will work on my fitness. By working out playing basketball swimming and eating healthy. I am about 80 pounds over-weight and right now my goal is about 50 pounds down. I am thirteen, at 5ft 7 inch. Yet I am at the same group as the 200+ group here on TPR. I can't do Dueling Dragons anymore because on any feet-dangling ride all the blood rushes to my feet where I dont ever get blood flow and it feels as if I'm going to black out or pop a blood vessel. I believe that nowadays more people are trying to become healthy. My greatest goal would be to by next school year. To come back to school skinny. And go up to my friends and say "Can't crack jokes about me being fat now, Huh" and being able to walk around theme parks without me having to sit down or get tired. I come from a family of "bigger" people which makes it harder to do this. I will try to post a before and after picture on here once I feel "right" with myself enough to do so.

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^ 10lbs in 2 weeks is great! I wish I'd lose that fast. lol


But you will lose weight faster the heavier you are, then as you get closer to goal it will slow down.


Good luck to you. Oh and replace the sodas if you are drinking them, with water.


For myself I've been kinda stagnant since Christmas. I've gained a few, but some of that is muscle. Or it better be with my kick-butt workout I've been doing!!!


Can't wait till it warms up again next month.

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From the following website, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2004/02/18/FDGS24VKMH1.DTL comes the following excerpts (the entire article is very interesting):


"A single 12-ounce can of soda has as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup."


"So, the answer is to just avoid soda, right? Unfortunately, it's not that simple, because the inexpensive, versatile sweetener has crept into plenty of other places -- foods you might not expect to have any at all. A low-fat, fruit-flavored yogurt, for example, can have 10 teaspoons of fructose-based sweetener in one serving."




"The theory goes like this: The body processes the fructose in high fructose corn syrup differently than it does old-fashioned cane or beet sugar, which in turn alters the way metabolic-regulating hormones function. It also forces the liver to kick more fat out into the bloodstream."


"The end result is that our bodies are essentially tricked into wanting to eat more and at the same time, we are storing more fat."




I gave up 'regular' sodas many years ago. Just cutting out the "sugar" in sodas alone didn't change my weight problems, although it certainly didn't hurt from the standpoint of what my body had to deal with.


The problem is that sodas aren't the only foods that contain this 'bad' "sugar"... the "high fructose corn syrup" that is essentially one of the biggest culprits of our weight problems.


Cutting the sweetened sodas is certainly a step in the right direction, but we also have to watch the corn syrup content in everything else we eat and drink as well. We never know just how much we're taking in without even knowing it.

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^a lot of people tend to look at me crazy because we will go grocery shopping, and they will pick up a box of something... i will grab it, turn it around and look at the nutritional label, gasp and put it back on the rack for them. I'm working on reducing my body fat percentage so a lot of food is off limits for me or fall into "cheat meals or snacks". I still need to do my fat percentage check in another month, but I did end up going to the beach and someone said that my 2-pack is in... also I was confident enough to take the shirt off... and i got a lot of people staring and not believing that I was going to be 39 in a few months... maybe I can get that six-pack by my birthday. My exercise program is a lot different that everyone elses, since I'm actively working to put on muscle weight and lift, in addition to aerobic activity and a diet... I weighed myself yesterday and I hit 200lbs (started at 178 before christmas) but I'm still holding on to the same 31inch waist (with the waist loose and the leg area are getting real tight from my squats). I think before my waist was holding the pants together, now it's my thighs and glutes because i'm wearing adjustable belts to keep the pants from falling down!


But my program is motivating everyone else, whether at work or with my friends to exercise. I see a lot more ladies at work eating "Lean Cuisine" and walking around the parking lots during breaks and weighing themselves during lunch. Also my best friend is 2lbs away from his 100lbs goal.. although work is keeping him busy. He joined a "biggest loser" program at his gym to try to keep him motivated and the gym wrote an article on him about his weight loss.


Maintaining any type of fitness or weight loss program is hard work and requires a lot of dedication. But if you are focused on accomplishing your goal, then it will be easier than you think.

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It's darn right frustrating when you read labels.


Like those "healthy" Quaker bars that only have 220 calories and 4 grams of fat have high fructose corn syrup and also partially hydrogenated oils.


It's very hard to find anything without this crap in it.


After reading the article I see why, it's cheaper.


I guess I'm headed back to the store again tonight to find something without hfcs in it.


And on an update of myself, I've kinda stalled myself since Christmas. Last week I really went overboard, but this week I'm back down 2lbs of what a gained back.


So hopefully I'll get this thing kicked back into high gear with the weather warming up soon.

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Guess what peoples. I think it's because when your bigger when you start to work out you lose alot of weight then you slow down after gaining muscle but anyways. Its been almost a month (4 days until) I have been working out eating healthy. I am under TWO HUNDRED POUNDS. I am currently at 192, which I haven't weighed for a while. I am so proud. I have lost a total of 31 POUNDS ENCOUNTING. I feel as free as a bird (well not really). Kids at school are still mocking me, but hey I don't care I don't get made fun of much. This is what I don't get.




Here is my work out plan.




Get home from school.

Do homework.

Go to gym. (bring water)



30 minutes of treadmill on 5 MPH (1 break after 15 min for 3 1/2 min)

Every other day 10 minutes of weighlifting at 130 lbs (my goal is 250lbs)

Basketball 30 minutes

Swim 30 minutes (complete 30 laps) p.s. small pool




Ab Lounge 20 minutes

100 pushups

100 situps

10 Pullups (I know I suck at those)




Grap iPod


Go running 30 minutes






20 jumping jacks before bed (speeds up metabalism)


















I eat very little a day I do not THROW UP CUT MYSELF ETC...


I lose wait the simple way AT HOME


P.S. No one supports me in my family friends etc...

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^ When you lose weight you need to do it for yourself first of all anyway.


That's sad though that they are not being supportive. But many times people get jealous and it comes out by either not saying anything or spouting hurtful things.


You really don't need to workout for 2hours a day. You can really over do the working out. 1 hour a day is really all you should ever do even being overweight.


But keep it up, it will keep coming off.

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This thread makes me wonder how screwed up the society of tomorrow will be, what with middle schoolers going seriously anorexic, high schoolers who weigh 500 pounds, college freshmen with anxiety and depression because they can't deal with the real world due to their "bubble" childhood...

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I eat very little a day I do not THROW UP CUT MYSELF ETC...


Hrmm, I don't see what the cutting has to do with losing weight. Seems more of wanting to get attention. I would say we keep this thread about what we have accomplished and not throw in those types of items.


This thread makes me wonder how screwed up the society of tomorrow will be, what with middle schoolers going seriously anorexic, high schoolers who weigh 500 pounds, college freshmen with anxiety and depression because they can't deal with the real world due to their "bubble" childhood...


Honestly, I don't understand your comments. This thread was started by one person that wanted to share his experience (and trust me its hard) in losing weight. A couple of us that are on the same path decided to join as it makes for good support. We should continue to use this thread as support and hints as to what we are doing to succeed.

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This thread makes me wonder how screwed up the society of tomorrow will be, what with middle schoolers going seriously anorexic, high schoolers who weigh 500 pounds, college freshmen with anxiety and depression because they can't deal with the real world due to their "bubble" childhood...


OK dude that it is not what this thread is about.


This thread is not "philosophize about obesity in American and how we suck".

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This thread makes me wonder how screwed up the society of tomorrow will be, what with middle schoolers going seriously anorexic, high schoolers who weigh 500 pounds, college freshmen with anxiety and depression because they can't deal with the real world due to their "bubble" childhood...


OK dude that it is not what this thread is about.


This thread is not "philosophize about obesity in American and how we suck".


There was a whole another part of the post there, but I think I deleted it (I copy my posts right before I submit them, I must have hit the delete button somewhere along the way; it's happened before, trust me). That part of the post was actually commenting on Rocker_Dude's post.


Anyways, forget it ever happened.


Found out yesterday I'm down to 295 from 320, back in September. Sort of a shock, because I didn't think I'd been losing that much. Good for me, I guess. I've been eating a lot of sushi lately and drinking those Odwallas. I've also just been eating less in general, that, and our PE class now goes to Gold's Gym on block days, which means an hour of treadmill w/ iPod. Fresno isn't what I'd call "jogger-friendly", in fact, it's practially jogger-hostile, especially for people with allergies and asthma, so it's nice to be able to jog indoors.

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OK, I guess I have to be honest...


I've gained a few back since Christmas, but nothing horrible.


But I'm still smaller than last fall for sure.


I went to Carowinds Saturday and I could buckle myself into Top Gun without any help!


It's funny how losing 20lbs will make rides a lot more comfortable.

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^Now don't fall off your program! Get back in the gym!


I know it's hard work and it helps to have people encourage you. For example I talked to by best friend back home and he said he's celebrating his 1st anniversary of being in the gym by losing over 100lbs. He said his encouragement is my workout program and how much trouble I'm starting to get myself in and it reminds him of "old times" when we used to hang out. So he says he refuses to be left out!


Now lets go and hit that program hard!

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Well, I have been on a "diet" for 2 months now, that I may just keep for life. I have never been so successful at weightloss.


February 1, 2007 I weighed in at 195

March 26, 2007, I now weigh 165!!!!!!!

30 pounds, just GONE! It's an incredible transformation. Here's what I did.


ELIMINATED SUGAR! When I say this, I mean granulated sugar, and anything that's available as "sugar free", I choose that. Switched to diet soda, my biggest problem. It's impossible to TOTALLY eliminate sugar, ie. fruit, and sugar in nature is needed.


Eating during the day is very different for me now, and it works well. Dinner is the only full meal I have. The rest of the day, when I feel hungry, I snack on healthy things, such as a piece of fruit, fatfree light flavored yogurt, a slice or 2 of fat free luncheon meat, fruit cup, etc. I don't worry what's for dinner, I eat what I want. But since loosing the weight, I find myself eating a lot less at dinner, and getting full faster.


Now, when I start to feel full, I stop eating. It's like I can't over-eat. I used to be able to scarf down 4-5 pieces of pizza. 2 big slices is my max now. And I struggle to eat that without feeling bloated.


So how did I get off sugar? Strange, but true....

I started with drinking a flavored diet soda. (Lime diet Pepsi) As with anyone not used to diet soda, aftertaste sucks. But with a flavored version, it's tolerable, and the aftertaste seems like it comes from the flavoring, not the artificial sweetner. So, after 3 days of diet lime, diet lemon, and pepsi Jazz, I went and tried regular diet pepsi. TOTAL SHOCK! I couldn't taste the sweetner.


From then on, I used the same sweetner in my coffee and other foods. (Aspertame=Nutrasweet=Equal). Now totally converted with no aftertaste!


Just posted this incase someone else might wanna try this! I'm still in shock I'm off sugar, and so skinny!

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Well, I've been pretty bad since I first commented in this thread a few months ago. I thought I had topped out at 300 around X-mas time. I weighed myself Sunday and I was at 316 and I'm supposed to run a 10k on Saturday.

My goals:

To be able to fit on Griffon when it opens.

To be able to fit on CP's Intamins by the end of the summer.

Overall--to lose around 100 pounds.


My weight loss plan:

Meal replacement bars and shakes (Met-RX and Myoplex)

Lean meats--turkey, fish, beef, chicken

Carbs--yogurt, wheat bread, fruits, oatmeal, Kashi, small portions of pasta

Vegetables--salads, V8

8-10 glasses of water

Try to eat around 5-6 times a day with small portions.



Running/cardio 3 times a week

Lifting weights 3 times a week to start, then 4 times a week

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I have a good update for a change!


I've lost 5lbs this week!


I got serious about watching my carlories and fat and exercising and it's really paid off in a hurry!


I've lost 45lbs to date and want to lose another 20 (which is very possible) by June...just in time for Coastermania!!! I'll be able to fit in TTD for once!


I'm riding the bike again (a road bike, not stationary) like I used to and hope to build up again to where I can ride 10-20 miles a day without a problem. I also walk, do free weights and aerobics on the bad weather days.


EDIT: Wow. Who would have thought my little thread about losing weight would get 6300 hits!

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^That's really great news!


I know I'm still paying for all those years of good eatin. I know in the past I hadn't been really good about my aerobics or situps, so I've been really getting that together... So even though i had the muscle development, it was buried in fat. I did my body fat percentage in january and it was a shocking 22%, but most of it is in my midsection for all that good eatin .


I got cornered yesterday by the gym trainers and they did the measurements again. 16%! No wonder I'm starting to get cruised in this place! Most of that percentage was in the midsection (I cut down on all that good eatin'), they could hardly find any fat in my arms or legs. So I'm working on getting more aerobic activity in my program to get to about 13-14% (as well as more situps) so I can be really ready for the summer. I got a few beach parties to attend!

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