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An ACEr that lost weight?


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I am at 23 stones (330) down from 335 from 2 weeks ago. For the first time in a long time I am losing weight and I feel better just having lost that 5 pounds. I have been taking vitamins and have had a lot more energy, drinking a lot more water ant watching what I eat. I have been going to the gym at my local community college since I am a student and get free access. I want to say congrats. to those out there losing wiehgt and to those trying to I wish you the best of luck I know form experiance it is not an easy thing to do but you can do it.

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^ I'll tell you the truth, it won't be easy the first few months...but it's well worth the effort.


I look and feel so much better.


I've been kinda sickly this week with some type of bug and I miss my workouts. I've walked a couple times but with being sick and all I can't get that intense workout I like.


Hopefully I'll get over this mess soon.

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Wow this thread is crazy. It's already had like 2600 views!


So is anyone else out there losing weight too?


I gained a few over the holidays, but I'm back on track and hope to have another 10 or so off by the end of February.


I watched the national body challenge this morning (from last night on Tivo) and it's always interesting to watch other people's stories.


There was a cool idea for BBQ pork, you get lean pork tendorlone and use apple juice and marinade it for about an hour. It looked really good and it was a lot less calories and fat than a normal BBQ sandwich.


Anyway...I'll check in next time I have an update. I'm hoping to hit the 60lbs mark (weight loss) by the end of February.

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It's good to see so many people interested in getting a bit more healthy. I'm still at about 30lbs loss, but I'm hoping that because I am also working out at the gym, that some of the weight on me now is muscle gain?!


Great job everyone...it's easier to walk around the parks without some of the extra baggage....



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I just want to fit into TTD! I don't care about looking good as much. lol


It's funny wearing clothes you havent' worn in 2 years going, I'll never fit into that...and I do!


I've been bad the past 2 weeks, but I'll get back on the ball here soon. I'm still stuck at around 50lbs lost.

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