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Alabama Adventure 9/30/06 Photo TPR

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Hey boys and girls! This is my first attempt at one of these, and my first time going to Alabama Adventure, mainly to ride Rampage. Went up with my brother Erik. It was a very nice small park, with a very awsome woodie within. Spent a few hours here. Small crowds meant no waits.


Rampage: Really fun woodie. It had just enough of that out of control feel, but wasn't a back breaker. Fairly good airtime, but nothing amazing. Comparing the back to the front is a bit like comparing waffles to pancakes. The front was great for the views of the headchoppers and all, but was quite a bit more shakey than the back. The back was surprisingly smoove, and was awsome on the first drop, but there was actualy more airtime in the front. I really enjoyed it. Definately a hands up all the way ride.


A few complaints, but not enough to ruin anything. The arcade was crap, nothing worked. Balls missing from the pool table. No power to the air hockey table. They wouldn't let us climb in the playplace gym'a'thingy.


All the young workers could be described like this...umm, yeah, I guess so, sure, whatever. Thats not my kinda attitude! But all the older employess were tip top nice.


Overall, a nice family park. Just think if they would sell their boomerang and get a grant to expand. Maybe add one of those new Eurofighters! They got plenty of room to do it it seems.


Pics below. Thanks for looking! Heh...from bottom to top.




Here we are! Finally...after a 4 hour drive. Very vibrant signage don't ya think?


Entrance lines. This was about all the people that were there today.


Its Celebration street. Pretty nice. Check out the the green shirted person in the lower right pounding it Rockstar style.


Where are we going looking so determined? We were listening to Sepultura of course on the way in...got us in the mood.


Rampage is where! This is me in this picture. How do I look?


My brother Erik needs no introduction. He enjoys walks on the beach, futbol, and listening to heavy metal MUSIC!!!!


RAMPAGE! This is one beautiful woodie. Look at it. It beckons you. 'Where's my boy!!!', it cries out, very remisecent of Michael from Lost strangely.


No line!!!!!! Give's you bit of an idea of the turnout today. Don't bother me one bit!


Excellent drop in the back. In the front, no so much.


Going up! For all you lift hill groupies.


I love it when people put their hands up on coasters. Especially ones with great headchoppers.


Weee!!!! So much better than Mean Streak!


I love how some coasters and their respective hills have the look of waves in the ocean, only stationary and made of wood.


Second hill on the woodie.


These fountains were fun. Every city park should have one.


Rampage through the trees!!!!


This is a Coke park. Don't you forget you Pepsi drinkers. Pepsi is not nearly strong enough to handle the fury of RAMPAGE!


Here is the fairly large ferris wheel with spinning action seats. They scare me, but not enough to forge ahead for some shots up top. Also, whats with the blue pavement?


This is MASTER X and his signature move. You guys really need to buckle up and get some new moves!!! The general public are catching on. And this in front of the ladies room of all places.


Main Street from the big ferris wheel. It stayed about this packed the whole time we were there.


A shot of the swinging ship and log ride from the ferris wheel. It looks like they have tons of room to expand. Guess its just a question on money.


These three spotted something mighty interesting. It was probably Rampage.


They also got a Space Shot. I heard there used to be 2, but alas, it was torn down due to bankruptcy or something.


Ah...yes. A bench with a canopy. There was no misting spray unfortuntly.


I bought a souvenir to grace the nether regions of my mouse.


I think I might have took too many shots of Rampage.


Can you believe they have a boomerang?! Aptly named Zoomerang. I did not ride. Not really the credit whore type like some of you badass terrorizing mofo's.


Wild River Gorge(sp?) was shut down. Too bad.


No one is here!!! I was a bit disapointed that they were not running the wave pool. They make me giggle like a wee little girl when up and pumping.


Little time was spent swimming. The water was freezing! But at 78 degrees and cool wind, we didn't stay in the water too long.


Back in the car. 3 1/2 hours of Alabama fun. This park is definately worth a couple hours on your way to your final destination.


I'll leave you with one last picture of Rampage, a good woodie in a small park.

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You've got your Photo TR on backwards.


I'm interested by the spinning seats on the ferris wheel. That could be interesting. I see a trip to Visionland with the intent of annoying Elissa on the ferris wheel.

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Yup, they used to have two!




The other half is now in Lake Compounce...



Nice report by the way. I really hope I can get down there one day... how far of a drive is it from Orlando? (I know it's real far, but I'm just curious as it's closer than NJ is)

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I was so close to going to Alabama Adventures that day. I traveled to Birmingham to visit family and then go to SFOG the next day, and tried to talk my parents to go on Saturday, but we didn't have time.


Anyways glad you had fun. It's such a shame I missed out.

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It's hillarious they just left the remaining S&S tower without a top.


It's reminds me of RCT when you launch it too fast and it flys off the top and explodes!


Nice backwards TR! Were you going for the Memento effect?

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