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Introducing: The New James Bond

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Find the link here:




I'm not so sure, but if they are trying to get back to the grittiness of the novel's this may be the guy.


Consensus from the people in my class = U.G.L.Y.

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Hmm... I don't know. He might be good, might not... he kind of reminds me of Timothy Dalton from "Liscence to Kill" and "The Living Daylights." However, Bond movies are all usually pretty darn good, have big budgets and big returns at the box office. They're pretty enjoyable.

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I've heard this rumor has been debunked, FYI.


Though seriously, with the rate they've been changing their minds on who to cast, I wouldn't believe anything until they've actually released production stills from the film.

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Daniel Craig'll be a good Bond I reckon. He played his role in Layer Cake well, and showed of some of both the laid-back style that is Bond, and the grittiness that they want to bring back.


I agree with 'Movieguy' that maybe Clive Owen would've been a better choice, but i'm happy enough with Dan Craig.

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