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  1. that park looks so awsome! You must have some other parks. Where can i find them?
  2. thanks. im thinking about going in the afternoon now. I would rather be hot then have to wait in long lines. i also may be a able to stay maybe an hour or two longer.
  3. Im going to be in New Orleans and may go to Six Flags New Orleans. If i go i could only go for about 3 hours. Do you think that is enough time to do all the coasters and maybe one or two other kinds of rides. Im also wondering what some must do's are. Is it a good park at night time?
  4. Im Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin too. i make myself a little queasy sometimes but at the same time i enjoy bowling. which i dont think has anything to do with the ride, but ive never been on it.
  5. i think they are good if they are like Rita or Storm Runner when its more than just a top hat.
  6. thats definently going to be an awsome coaster. nice and long and best of all airtime!
  7. whats you favorite theme park. mine is Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  8. i know this is obvious but sitting in the back can make it a rough ride (whiplash).
  9. 500 hundred foot tall vekoma boomerang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i say this.. ouch
  10. if they ever make a 500 foot roller coaster i dont think it should be just a launch and a top hat (or even an extra hill *cough KingdaKa cough*) i think it should be multiple hills with plenty of airtime and maybe and inversion or two. about the question i think it will be Cedar Point. They always break the height and speed records. It might be kind of wierd to have another coaster towering out of the horizon beside Top Thrill.
  11. its a very good expansion to the game. now being able to build underground, make waterfalls and water parks.
  12. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Paromounts Kings Dominion Paromounts Carrowinds Dollywood Islands Of Adventure Universal Studios Flordia MGM Studios (Disney World) Magic Kingdom (Disney World) Animal Kingdom (Disney World) EPCOT (Disney World) Las Vegas (not a park but has plenty of coasters) Adventure Dome Sea World Flordia
  13. i have never been to Cedar Point but it should have a woodie, it has plenty of steels already.
  14. it would be cool if they had a B&M flyer that flew around rivers and waterfalls, sort of like what Nemises does.
  15. its sweet how you can control the arobatics on it
  16. i have never been on any of those but SheiKra looks the coolest with the immelman and the 2 vertical drops and the water brake thing.
  17. the problem i think with adding a new coaster to BGW would be the saying "fear the four". they could add one more coaster and make it "fear the five" but after that they would have to get a whole knew slogan and replace all the souviners that say it.
  18. i may be wrong but i think Blizzard Beach is near the All-Star resorts. its a great waterpark!
  19. i may be wrong but i think Blizzard Beach is near the All-Stars resorts. its a great waterpark!
  20. actually i heard that Walt Disney started his company with forty dollars in his pocket... i saw this at http://www.coasterforce.com/info/designers/disney.php
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