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  1. This is my coaster. Western Wonder [InvertedRollerCoaster]Western Wonder.trk Western Wonder. I like the corkscrews Western Wonder. Birds Eye View Western Wonder Western Wonder
  2. i havent been reading to much about this but i have seen the path that is probably going to take and i think it will be an intimin rocket coaster. they are getting popular and knowing how storm runner fit into hershey one could fit itself into magic mountain.
  3. you know your at a six flags park if the entrance says six flags. kyuk kyuk actually you know your at a six flags park if you can bet on how many coaster clones their are i the park. im not very good at this game
  4. here is the attatchment for JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! [WoodenRC]Jungle Boogie.trk
  5. JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! is rct3 "soaked" does that count becuase im using a different computer
  6. i accidently submited with out putting in two more picks JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! type of photo that is just a photo and really doesnt have an expanation like birds eye view or somthing JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! birds eye view
  7. JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! (its the coasters name... ) JUNGLE BOOGIE!!! with no support view JUNGLE BOOGIE!!!
  8. i think their is a tutorial for it but if not you make a vertical rise or lower in the terrain (no slope) and run the track through it. If it wont let you it probably means that you need to raise or lower it more. the terrain will be highlited if needed. if you want you can out cave entrances and stuff on it from the scenary selection.
  9. i found my pics in paint and i think im suppose to put the file in the atatchment box and i did but that doesnt work. thanks in advance ^^^^^^ ive always wanted to say that. lol
  10. their is so much else going on like music and effects the ride isnt very intense but fun. you go through a doughnut! as for the launch, its awsome the 3 2 1 really gets you pumped and you have plenty of time to get ready for it. besides the launch only lasts about a second and your on the main part of the ride.
  11. We went into park and headed right to Batman after seeing that it looked like it may storm and Batman was the ride i wanted to do most since i have never been a on anyother Batmans, let alone any other SixFlags. Their may have been maybe 100 people in the entire park, so we didnt really have to wait in anylines except for the loading station ones. When we were getting on Batman i was hoping my mom wouldnt get off it having to puke. It ended up that she loved it and it was quite obvious because i could hear her during the ride. We got off Batman and headed to Zydeco Scream. This was my first boomerang coaster. Their was basicly no line and my mom was freaking out saying stuff like "so were going up backwards going forwards than backwards again?" and "why is everybody sitting in the back?" and so on until the train actually dropped and then she started again once we started going on the lift for the backwords part. When we got off we noticed that the storm was gone and headed to MegaZeph. My mom doesnt like woodies but she went on it anyways. I realized why it was called MegaZeph as we were going in the entrance where a sign said "Sponsered By The New Orleans Zephers". MegaZeph had a good layout and looked like normal woodie but was not bumpy, but extremely bumpy as in getting air time when not even at the top of the hill and getting it again and again... Their was also some really intense lateral G's that hurt. It would be an awsome coaster if it where a little smoother. We got off and my mom wasnt to happy about the coaster so we went on MardiGras Madness, which was a shooter darkride which was pretty corny and we waited in the longest line for it. When we got off we where beside The Jester which people kept saying hurt your head and was painful, but we where there and you just cant go to a theme park and not go on a coaster. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. It was actually kind of good but not enough to want to ride it again. After getting off we headed to Bayou Blasters, which are the freefall towers. After that we headed to Batman but we saw Ozarka Splash and decided to go on it. It was a pretty good log flume and a ride op. was dancing on the platform next to the last drop. We got off pretty wet and headed toward Batman again. Their was no line for front seats so we got them. It was cool going over the lake on the first car but the last corkscrew hurt a little but it was still very nice ride. We got off and headed toward exit. When we where leaving to go meet someone for dinner we got lost and by the time we got there they had already finished dinner. Overall the park was great. It was very well themed with New Orleans and i think gave me an idea of what other SixFlags parks are like. It doesnt take long to do all the coasters and other rides but once again it was a great park.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i just saw what you have for your avatar on a sign in a store today lol. anyways, i havent been on Curse Of DarKastle yet but i think it is going to be hard to top Spider-Man. < its the best
  13. the video was awsome! The lateral G's and the turns that arent banked seem intense. Why not use banked turns? Your video was awsome though!
  14. you made 3 different slides and connected them. the first goes up to first vertical part of the loop. the second connects the one that goes down and into the splash pool and the one that goes up. and the third is the one that goes down and into the splash pool.
  15. lol, i when i saw the new movie i was thinking that would be an awsome ride( pretty sure a lot of people thought that) and here it is.
  16. im only 12 so it might be kind of wierd but im not sure when i am
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