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  1. The thing with the child is not quite right. But I find NO point suing because they wouldn't let you ride a inverted coaster with a prosthetic leg. I would not let that guy on a inverted coaster at all. I don't care how good it is connected to your leg, you have no control of your leg once your riding it! Better safe than lawsuit.
  2. Twister,I was thinking of that kind of a ride! It still won't beat Spiderman though! That has one of the best endings of any ride! I wish it had Venom or Carnage though, at least they have Scream in it so i'm happy!
  3. The big reason I don't like SGE is not because AE was sooo much better.(Well AE was better!) It's because they had a chance to make a really fun ride with Stitch,but they didn't. I would have liked it if they made a ride that we were with Stitch in the red spaceship escaping to Earth! SGE may have looked good on paper,but they didn't use it in the best way possible! They did not put the money into it.
  4. O.K.,o.k. I get your point. Give the people a better sense of safety,But of course not too much light or we have a not so good show. The people that work at Disney are great. I agree with you that they got the short end of the stick when they had to make Stitch."We don't need our animator's to do the preshows! There's a outside company that can do it for dirt cheap! At Disney,we like to cut corners!" That's what I thought when I figured out they used a outside company did the animations!
  5. I do like your idea's Stitch,but one major problem. You need the darkness otherwise you have NO show at all! It's because of the binerual sound! That is the major thing that made AE work. It gave you the feeling that something was right behind you. If you just saw Stitch on hologram most of the time,then why do they have the OTSR's for you? You need the darkness so the effect can really work,take it out and you are just watching Stitch move around. That would be a bit boring in my opinion. Of course many little kids don't like the dark so Disney can't tone it down all the way so they won't get scared because if they did,they won't have a good show! This was preatty much doomed from the start! Oi! P.S. George Lucas helped with AE! If you saw the sign,it had his name on it!
  6. This is were I come in! I have seen SGE last spring break,let me tell you,it's not good. When I saw the concept drawings for SGE,I started to think. Seeing Stitch in the middle of the room and everyone having the same OTSR's that AE had,"This won't do so good." popped in my head. They would just take out the Alien and the theming of it. But keep the effects that made AE scary,and put in Stitch. "I do hope Disney knows that many little kids don't like the dark!" I thought. Just to let you know,AE was my fav. thing at Disney. But I knew,ride SGE with a open mind,and I did. The day I saw it,I got Fastpass because I didn't want to wait for it if it was a dissapointment. Once I went in,I noticed that the first preshow was the same, T.V's where on the left and the Galatic Federation name was on the right. When the preshow started,the first thing that caught my eye was the poor animation used for the preshow. It was not Disney animation I knew that,some outside company did the animation! After we were brifed on that we are at a prision transport center,we went into the 2nd preshow. Looking at it,it looked like AE's preshow. A tube on both sides of the room and a AA in the middle. Sir from AE is now Sarge,it looks like they just put a hat on him and a pillow to make his stomach. At least Skippy was still there! Wacthing the preshow,you could tell SGE was ment for little kids with the potty humor. The kids laughed,i'm 15 and it did not make me laugh. When Sarge "oils" himself when we are alerted that a real bad alien just came in.(a level 3 alien) I slapped myself in the head. It sucks when you see a good AA go dumb. Then we went to the main show. Once we were locked in,they transported the level three alien to us. (We are supposed to watch over him) Of couse we get Stitch.NOTE: When I saw SGE they added a sound effect that was shortly taken out and I will tell you why. When Stitch appered,heard a little kids voice say "Look mom! It's Stitch!" I wanted to puke right there! Remember,this is the prequel to the movie! I have to say that Stitch is a really good AA! So are the DNA cannons. Stitch moves around a bit,looking at the cannons that follow him. he laughs before he spits,making the cannons go haywire,shooting the tube he's in. The power goes out,Stitch is free,the theater is pitch black and I already hear kids crying! I hear that little kids voice again saying"Wow,he's fast!" HOW THE HECK CAN THAT KID SEE STITCH WHEN IT'S PITCH BLACK!?!?! Stitch then steals a chili-dog from someone when we all know you can't bring food into rides! He then burped it on us. I can tell you,it did not smell like a chili-dog! They pumped that smell twice on us! I then heard that stupid kids voice say"This is fun!" If a ride or show tells you this is supposed to be fun,it's a bad show! After sitting in the dark with nothing happening besides kids crying.(I only heard 1 other sound effect,Stitch said "Well you be my friend?") They turn the emergency power on and the dna cannons come back to life. The kids stop crying(But not for long!) Stitch is up in the rafters and he spits on us. The DNA cannons go crazy shooting at us. The kids don't like this cuz they start crying again! Because the cannons are shooting at us,the power is shut off. Putting us in darkness again. Stitch then starts to jump on us as a light happy music clip is heard. The music does not fit at all. It's strange hearing this happy music in total darkness. Our OTSR's push down like Stitch is jumping on us. Then AE's tongue effect goes off,making everyone scream.Not a happy scream,but a I don't like this scream! After sitting in the darkness some more I hear that fricken' kids voice again say"Look he's rewiring the teleporter!" I am not making this up,it did say that. We then see Stitch in the tube as he is about to escape. Captin Gantu says"That's impossible!" Stitch replies "Not impossible for Stitch!" PLOTHOLE! Stitch has not met Lilo yet! When then see Stitch transport himself to the Magic Kingdom to Cinderella's Castle. He annoys Cinderella before licking the camera. Since there is no purpose of keeping us here,they release us and that's it! This was done soooo wrong! This is boring for adults and teens and too scary for little kids! SGE was made for kids! I watched people come out of SGE for along time. Some people liked it,but that was hard to find. Everyone else,little kids looking like they have seen a ghost,people with no happy faces. I have seen some people leave the show early because their kid was scared out of their wits! I have heard comments like"Stupid,boring,disgusting." The best comment I heard was when I saw a mom and dad rush their little crying boy out of the show and the father said "They should have a age restriction for that!" I just was not pleased with it. I'm glad they took that kids voice out of it. But it's still not good. I do like Stitch,but they did this in the most stupid way possible! I wish AE was back, at least what it did,it did it so well and it did fit into MK! It was part of the Tomorrowland Intergalatic Convention Center. I know people say it does not fit because it scary. It was one of the few rides just for the Adults and Teens! it had a edge none of the other rides had! They proved that they can give you a good scare with a fun storyline! Mr. Toad also had a edge no other ride had,it took you to HELL! Anyway,you won't see me go into SGE again. Not unless AE came back.
  7. Oi! That was too crazy cable! "What's the matter? Do you like Monty Python?" No,I don't like SPAM! "You evil BOINK!" But I do like shirtless dancing guys! "QUACK,SPLAT,DING,BAND GEEK! Oi! Oi! Oi!" That was strange.... :? "I LIKE BAPHOMET!" I got nuttin' to say about this.
  8. This is easy for me. Sly Cooper 3:Honor among thieves. I really liked the first two games and this one looks even better! It's cool that I live in Washington because the company that makes this game,Sucker Punch Productions,is in Bellevue! Not to mention Nintendo headquarters is in Redmond!
  9. Hey,Gregg has hair again! Um...did Gregg have hair as a kid?
  10. To bad you didn't see AE, It was my favorite thing at Disney. It was a very original show,and very well done. I can fill a entire page ranting how stupid Disney is for making SGE. They simply did not think how this was going to affect the target audience they wanted! SGE scares the living crap out of them and bores everyone else. SGE is so bad that if someone took a sledgehammer and distroyed the Stitch AA, I would laugh like a madman. Disney lost a very good E-ticket and now have a half-baked "I have no clue what ticket this is" piece of crap. Note to Disney. STOP putting merchendising over magic! Frank "Having AE Pride!" Melgeorge
  11. Too bad I won't be able to go to HHN. I get to go to Knott's Halloween Haunt! I don't mind that one bit. Hey Joey, did you work in C3 last year?
  12. As long as Nemo doesn't turn out like Stitch's Great Escape at Disneyworld.(The WORST show in Disney history! ) I won't mind. Frank "God I hate SGE and love AE" Melgeorge.
  13. What???!!! I was born in Nebraska!!! Yay! my state will get a real coaster! Only I'm living in Washington.
  14. I love this version. Jonny Depp played a great Willy! The music is awsome,I really like the beginning music. It's so creepy and I like creepy music! The grandparent's had some funny moment's too. Saying things like "I like grapes." But the funniest moment with the grandparents is after they see Mike T.V. and George shouted " It's a good thing your going to a chocolate factory you little B...." Charlie's mom covers his ears so he can't hear what George is saying. You can't hear anything and the camera shows George mouthing some curse words. That was soooo funny!
  15. Okay godd job everybody! Um...can anyone tell me what E.T. said in the orlando video? I think it's Tom's video. I saw the video and I have no clue what E.T. said. Bonnica?
  16. Okay, if I'm close to the station I can wait. Like this spring I was at IOA waiting for Dueling Dragons and it broke down while I was in the station. I waited and got on after a while. The same day my friends and I were waiting for Spiderman a 2nd time. But it was shut down so long they handed out free express passes so we went on Hulk instead.
  17. Question! Did you go on Villa Volta? Because I saw a video of it and I want to go on it so bad! I think I'm going madhouse crazy! Even though I never been on one yet.
  18. Even though i've never been to hhn. I have read that Castle Vampyre was the best house that year. Now I have also read that while Castle Vampyre rocked,that Universal still has not made a house as good as Scream House (first year at IOA). Oh yes, if I can go this year, what would be the best time to go and are the R.I.P. tours any good?
  19. SWEET VIRGIN MARY BEING RAPED BY BAPHOMET AND ENJOYING IT! You win the holy crap that was so insane it's cool award! I was laughing so hard when I saw that!
  20. Tremors at Silverwood Theme Park yesterday(That's in Idaho if you don't know). At night,while raining, near the front, wearing my hoodie backwards so it would cover up my face. Best on-ride photo ever!
  21. It's nice to see you are having a great time.(I so want to go to Europe ) P.S. Can you please post as many pic's of Challenge of Tutankhamon as you can? That ride looks so interesting to me. Rob, how would you compare it to MIB? Oh yeah, i'm loving the pic's with Joey and Elissa with the furries! Why does Joey like Wok so much? he he he
  22. Can anyone tell me what's the name of the song used in the Ghosterforce video? In the beginning it sounds like O Fourtuna but then it goes techno so I'm confused.
  23. Hello, my name is Frank Melgeorge and I'm 15 years old,love roller coasters and theme parks(IOA is my fav). I think Themeparkreview is a great website with some funny videos. I'm also a really crazy kid that rants on how bad Stitch's Great Escape is
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