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  1. Gonna be heading to the park for a couple hours tomorrow. Has anyone heard anything about the status of Viper? I know it was testing for the last week and a half.
  2. It was still on one train as of Sunday, but it's 3rd train has returned from refurbishment and they are in the process of disassembling the second train. Viper has been testing since last Tuesday and should be opening soon, if it didn't today. Also I heard that Twisted Colossus was only scheduled to be down Mon-Thurday through last week, so it should be back to operating daily.
  3. Tried going for a little bit yesterday. They had so many people packed in there, walking through the midways i had to shuffle because everyone was packed shoulder to shoulder. I was able to get a quick ride on Xcelerator (1 hour wait) and got the hell outta Dodge. I should of known better when I had to park in the middle of a grass field!
  4. Had a horrible experience at the park earlier. Viper was testing so I was just hanging around by the ride watching it.dI had a security guard come up to me out of nowhere, and accuse me of going under the chain and into the closed off/exit area. Which I absolutely did not. He then proceeded to tell me that since the ride was closed, I wasn't allowed to be anywhere near it. Including the OPEN walkway going past the ride. He had his name tag covered by one of those neon vest things so I wasnt able to get his name but I did make a complaint to guest services. I hope something is done about it as it was very offensive to me as someone who has been going anywhere between 1-3 times a week for the last three years.
  5. Went to Knott's yesterday and finished my night with my 5th time of the day on Ghost Rider!
  6. Check the status of Viper pretty please! I heard a rumour it's supposed to be back up in the next week or two!
  7. It's been a while since I've had a Knott's pass. I see the Platinum is on sale right now for $200. How much is it normally? Does it include Scary Farm admission?
  8. Was at the park today and not much has changed at the WCR site. They were just removing more trees from by the go karts and I also noticed from Ninja that the Cyclone Bay sign has been removed sometime in the last couple days. Other than that operations were suprisingly somewhat decent.
  9. So, i was looking on the six flags website considering getting the season flash pass and I noticed it said something about locking in 2018 rates before their "huge increase." Curious, does anyone know how much memberships are going up next year?
  10. Just got to the park and as I'm to Goliath, HOLY HELL! LOOK HOW HIGH SUPERMANS GETTING!
  11. Just got to the park and as I'm to Goliath, HOLY HELL! LOOK HOW HIGH SUPERMANS GETTING!
  12. Evacuation order was finally lifted for my house on Sunday so I got to go to the park for a couple hours today to unwind a little. It seems like they're ready to go for Holiday in the Park. Twisted Colossus was running with 3 trains. The only (unusual) closure was X2. Gate was closed and nobody was guarding the bridge. Viper had crews working on the transfer track. Heard a rumour recently that it might not be back up till next year. From Ninja I saw that they were digging and doing prep work for footers behind the Epic Rides store. Other than that not much change around the WCR area. Another thought, was there a fire by the park recently? I noticed that the brush behind Batman was all burned. Also, because of the fires LA county and Ventura County schools are out till after Thanksgiving, so expect the park to be more crowded than usual on weekdays through then. When I left around 2:30 the second lot was starting to fill up to the picnic area. Oh, and still no signs of life at Green Lantern, even though Neal mentioned it should be up and running by the time WCR opens.
  13. It's easy to avoid the headbanging on Viper if you're not tall. Just lean forward a bit so your head isn't between the otsr. Gonna head to the park today to see if there's any changes.
  14. Magic Mountain. It's happened every time I try to get my skip the line.
  15. Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade on the membership? I upgraded to diamond during the flash sale for the skip the line, but every time I go they say that they are "sold out" of skip the line passes
  16. They're still working on Viper, they had a crew working on the mid course brakes and the transfer track today. For Twisted Colossus I'm not sure. It was fine on Sunday but today it was surrounded by cranes and they seemed to be doing some kind of track work
  17. The West Coast Racers construction area is officially closed off. By the Go Karts By Tatsu
  18. Most of the bigger scare zone props are taken down within the first two days. The rest takes a bit longer since the main focus is usually getting the big/obvious stuff out first. It's a bit harder now though since the park is open 365 and everything has to be done at night or very early in the morning. It was a true luxury getting to come into an empty park during the day to do all of the work... That's what I was wondering, like if there was an overnight crew there to remove the Demon's Door and Nightmare Props last night since those are the two closest scare zones to the front of the park...
  19. So I wonder, now that fright fest is officially over, how fast do you think the decorations will disappear?
  20. After my visit to the park today I gotta wonder, does the park actually have a set maximum capacity? Or do they just keep selling tickets. It was packed shoulder to shoulder everywhere in the park tonight!
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