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  1. I was gonna be going to the park tomorrow. Is the press event open to the public?
  2. Parkbros posted a video on YouTube a few hours ago. Apparently they've been asking a lot of the employees and the general consensus is that it's gonna be a "family themed" coaster. Magic Mountain better start polishing up that silver platter that they're gonna hand their Thrill Capital of the World title over to Cedar Point on.
  3. The whole point is the ride opened almost 2 months ago, and we got little gangbanger wannabees already making it look trashy. Can't we have ONE nice thing?
  4. What I would really like to see for 2019 is Hurricane Harbor implement some kind of membership locker program. Tired of paying $15 for a locker every time I go!
  5. Viper is down for a refurb. Crazanity was down with some kind of major issue all day Sunday when I was there. Not sure if they got it fixed since then but I'm going tomorrow so I'll let you know.
  6. It seems like Crazanity is having major issues today. The rides been closed all day and they currently have part of the lighting package under the ride pulled off to work on some seats. Does anyone that works at the park know what's up?
  7. At the park right now and one thing that keeps bugging me. Everything is SO DIRTY! Like, can't they take a couple nights and pressure wash some areas of the park?
  8. I live about 45 minutes from Magic Mountain and I go alone all the time. It's kind of nice to be around people but not feel pressured to actually interact with anyone. (I know, sounds weird)
  9. At the park right now and viper is officially closed. Does anyone know how long it's gonna be down for?
  10. To be honest they do have a lot more land to work with than it looks like. Especially if they remove the go karts. They already confirmed that Aftermath is coming back for fright fest this year at midsummer scream, but that space could very well become part of the project after fright fest.
  11. So I was just getting some ice cream near the front of the park and noticed an abc7 news van parked outside the main gate. They're getting a camera set up now. It's pretty smokey here too. Does anyone know if there's a fire nearby or why the news is here?
  12. At the park right now. They have a Tweak and Innocence meet and greet going ahead of Fright Fest!
  13. Sorry for the triple post, but two quick operational notes that were bugging me: The ride ops suck at enforcing the line jumping policy. Saw people cutting in front of me all day and the attendants saw it too and wouldn't do anything about it. Also dining pass: I got in line at the ice cream place at 7:25 to use my snack and get a scoop of ice cream. Buy the time I got to the front of the line it was 7:32 at they said I couldnt use my dining pass. That's such a load of bullshit. (Pardon my French) but shouldn't they give a little leeway after 7:30 for the people who were in line beforehand? Kind of a big F U to their passholders.
  14. Dang, I was off today an wanted to go. My friends were saying its too hot and maybe next time. Let me know how it is? Might driver our for the afternoon. Crowds at magic mountain weren't too bad, but hurricane harbor was packed (as usual)
  15. So, Crazanity was broken down when I got to it, but it was testing so I decided to wait. Sure enough, it opened after 2 tests and the whole que filled up instantly!
  16. I'm gonna do a lap around both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor today if anyone has any questions about operations/construction, etc
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