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  1. ... f*cking really? [attachment=0]Untitled.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]2.jpg[/attachment] Yes fucking really. Season passholders and members are let in at 10:20
  2. Just got into the park. So far I've tried X2, Viper, Tatsu, Ninja. All freaking. Closed! This is ridiculous!
  3. Silver Bullet at Knotts on Sunday. On my way to SFMM right now so I'll update tonight!
  4. The bad part is, the fire department was saying to shelter in place inside the park, and employees were telling everyone to leave. I was stuck in my car for an hour in the parking lot with no water, no bathroom, and a palm tree burning 50 feet away from me.
  5. I was there too. They weren't letting people out the gates at the front of the park, so people were literally jumping over! I ended up exiting back by Twisted Colossus along the service road where they were directing everyone
  6. For Diamond Elite, it's worded as "Priority Perferred Parking." Which sounds like it's kinda false advertising if they have open spaces for GP to buy, but say their "full" for DE members.
  7. I'm at the park now. Just took this picture. They're actually adding track already!
  8. With summer quickly approaching and West Coast Racers still obviously MONTHS away from opening, is there any chance they might make a path to Apocalypse so people will be able to ride it this summer?
  9. The latest rumor floating around is that the construction company for WCR was given a NOVEMBER deadline to finish. So looks like SFMM's new for 2020 ride will be.....
  10. Friday should be light crowds. Still one train ops, but you should have no problem riding everything.
  11. SRL on Ghostrider is barely faster than the regular line since they let giant groups use it.
  12. It's cause they're cute and I'm pretty sure the park protects them. They've been there ever since I can remember, kinda like the rooster and chickens at Knott's Berry Farm across Beach Blvd. You don't wanna get caught messin' with those Daffy Ducks, I assure you. The park doesn't do anything to protect them, or anything at all, which is honestly detrimental to both the geese and employees. The geese love Six Flags, but the employees hate them. They sit on roads everywhere backstage and won't move for vehicles, they hiss and bite, and worst of all they poop EVERYWHERE. It gets really gross in some areas due to the sheer volume of geese poop. Yeah, it's pretty gross in Screampunk and DC areas. I know this is Six Flags we're talking about, but they should really have a crew to pressure wash problem areas overnight.
  13. Good points. By the way, I went again today. I checked out the West Coast Racers site today. They're still installing footers. At their current rate, I will be shocked if we see verticle construction before late May, which means we most likely will not see this ride open until the end of August.
  14. Random question: Why do Geese like hanging out at Magic Mountain so much? Is it because it's an easy source of water/food?
  15. The hotel rates in the area skyrocket at fright fest time. Your best bet would be to research rates on Google and take the city bus to the park. It drops off right by X2.
  16. Was kinda hard to get a decent picture, but SFMM FINALLY got track pieces for WCR on site today!
  17. Question: I upgraded to diamond a few months ago, but I never really use any of the diamond benefits. Do they allow you to downgrade?
  18. The last ride I had on GL wasn't too bad, but I remember it ripped all the change out of my pockets on that last element before the station.
  19. Just got back over here. I tried going to Knott's for a little bit but it was beyond packed over there. I saw videos of Lantern cycling again today. Gonna try to catch a video of it myself.
  20. I'm here at the park now, and it sounds like Green Lantern is "on." Gonna wait a few and see if they cycle it.
  21. At the park right now. There is tons of movement on the West Coast Racers site. It looks like they are finally pouring footers!
  22. I've seen videos of people sneaking into the station as little as two months ago and it was completely covered in dirt and spider webs. There was a car on the track but it was also completely covered in dirt.
  23. why? it's not a secret a new coaster is being built. This is California, people slow down to stare if someone is getting a speeding ticket. Imagine the amount of people who slow down to stare at a roller coaster being driven down the freeway.
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