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  1. Just saw this picture on Instagram. Looks like more supports are arriving at the park! I'm surprised they're not covered or in a shipping container or something! Credit: OurMountainThrillpark Instagram
  2. So, apparently Goliath got evacuated at the top of the lift hill yesterday. Again. Anyone know what happened?
  3. That's awesome! Today it looked as though they're ready to start setting the footers. At this point, it seems the only thing holding them up is the weather...
  4. Lmao, it's not even raining (yet) and the park just posted on Twitter that it will be closed today. They should just give up on the whole 365 thing and go back to weekends only.
  5. I don't know about that. It's only February. I have a feeling once the track pieces arrive the whole thing will go up rather quickly. If they're starting to put in footers this week, that means supports and track is likely on the way.
  6. So, I heard that there's rebar for footers on the WCR site so, that's a good sign, right? Right??
  7. It's supposed to be 76° and sunny Sunday. That with bring a friend day..... You may want to get a flash pass...
  8. Call me crazy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the motor failed because of them shortening the ride cycle/ending it early because of crowds or someone taking their phone out on the ride. Either way, I just saw footage of it testing today on Instagram, so hopefully it will reopen soon!
  9. At the park now. Does anyone know what's going on with Crazanity? This is the third week in a row I've come and it's been closed with no crew.
  10. Just looking for an update on this? No one responded when I asked last week. Thanks in advance. Not sure since I am only Diamond. Download the app and add your pass and you will be able to see all of your benefits. Also, the sun is out and I'm off work so I'm heading to the mountain for 3-4 hours this morning, then heading down to Knott's for the afternoon!
  11. SFMM just posted on their Twitter the park is closed again today. I'm guessing it's gonna stay closed till Friday.
  12. The park is closed for today. Man they are jumping on every little bit of rain they can to keep people from coming to use their dining pass!
  13. First weekend of Fright Fest was pretty dead last year. ( No pun intended). Did all the mazes and got night rides on most major rides (except Crazanity, that ride always has a crazy line) and got outta there by around 9
  14. Was at the park yesterday. Does anyone know what happened to Crazanity? It broke on Sunday apparently and was still closed yesterday. Riddlers and BFM were closed as well....
  15. West Coast Customs released New concept art for the WCR trains. Notice anything different than the announcement renderings?
  16. If you want to take public transit your best bet would be to see if there is a train that runs from the SCV to Orange County, then look in to the local tranist systems or take an Uber/lift to/from the rail station. Train schedules can easily be found through Google.
  17. They extended Holiday in the Park and 2018 passes through this Saturday, so the park is gonna be insanely crowded all week.
  18. I just saw on the news that they had to bring in CHP to completely shut down MM Parkway. Has this ever happened before?
  19. If you're considering going to the park today don't bother. I just tried and I couldn't even get close.
  20. If you think Magic Mountain is packed, just go to Knotts on a Saturday. Magic Mountain wont seem so bad then!
  21. Where did you read that at? A comment on a picture of Green lantern on the Our mountain Thrill park Instagram page. Someone said they know someone who does contracts for the park.
  22. I know Neal said ad WCB that they were planning on reopening Green Lantern in 2019, but I read a rumor yesterday that the plans to reopen have been scrapped and the park actually plans on removing the ride in the coming weeks. If that happens, what do you think they would put in it's place?
  23. To me it seems a little smoother. The chain lift moves the car up slightly faster and the trip brakes after the first loop actually work now. I only had time to get one ride in today cause I had to work this afternoon. I'm off tomorrow so I'll be at the park for at least a few hours.
  24. I am extremely happy to report, that after 4 months of being closed, VIPER IS FINALLY OPEN!!!
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