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  1. The park needs to start cracking down on ride ops that do this. Maybe if enough people complain they will do something about it!
  2. The correct way is slowing down. That's what I thought. For the last couple years though 95% of the time it fully stops on the mid course brakes though. I wish they could come up with a long term solution for that.
  3. Last time I went in Goliath a couple weeks ago it actually just slowed down on the mid course brakes instead of fully stopping. I remember it used to always run like that a few years ago. Does anyone know which way is the correct way now? (Fully stopping or just slowing down?)
  4. Nice! Good to see it's so strudy! /Scarcasm. Seriously though, hope your arms okay dude!
  5. Hopefully they're taking off the VR and giving us our single rider line back!
  6. And this place is packed. 2 hour wait for X2. Slow dispatches on every ride I went to. I'm outta here! Lol
  7. Just got here. Pro tip: they started using an x-ray machine at the left line. SO MUCH QUICKER! I hope they get these for all of them!
  8. I might be heading there today as well. I really want to see Crazanity testing in person! Plus it's been so packed the last couple weeks I've been missing out on x2 and tatsu!
  9. I saw! Thank you! I'm so hyped for this ride! Its supposed to go almost upside down isn't it? I also noticed that parts of psyclone bay now have construction walls up
  10. Thanks! I went on Monday and sat watching it for 3 hours to see of it tested, and I didn't want to waste ride time again today. Apparently it wouldn't of been a waste!
  11. Aww man! I was there earlier and I missed it! Did you take a video by chance?
  12. I work as a cook for a restaurant that's part of a hotel. We have pretty scenic grounds and a huge wine selection, so we are busy ALL the time. I average anywhere between 45 and 50 hours a week.
  13. Given Up - Linkin Park. Been stuck on this song for a while now!
  14. A 1.75 litre bottle of Jack Daniels. $32.64
  15. Went to the park today, the construction walls are down around Crazanity and they were doing a lot of concrete/electrical work. They were testing the lighting on the ride, and I saw it start to swing slightly a couple times, but no full cycle yet, at least for the two hours I was watching! I might go again on Thursday and I'll try to get some more pictures. Construction walls are down!
  16. I was there on Monday and yolo coaster was still down to one train. And the whole cyclone Bay are was still open. I mean the only thing back there is apocalypse and the little sad feeling ice cream place. Hopefully that are gets something big for 2019. By the way, now that the structure for crazanity is up, does anyone know how long it has to test for?
  17. Hi, I'm Mike and I live in Ventura County, California. My home park is SFMM and I go there about twice a week, lol. Been a coaster nerd for quite some time. Glad to find a community of like minded people
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