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  1. I think you're mistaken, as they didn't theme that mine-shaft tunnel. What you're looking at is bare reinforcing underground steel material. It's the same stuff used on the tunnel after Cheetah Hunt's "tree figure 8" which isn't themed at all either. It's the same stuff street construction workers use to keep the land on their sides from collapsing when they're working underground. Why they don't spend a couple thousand dollars freshening up something so ugly after spending 10's of MILLIONS on a coaster, is beyond me. Hell, even bolting some 1x6's to the sides would look sweet! This actually bugs me about this coaster. In standard B&M form, besides the initial tunnel, they ignore everything around what they're building and just "plop" the thing on top of everything. That spot after the first dive loop is a perfect example of "Welp, we'll just build OVER it!" I'd prefer if B&M would incorporate the existing rides around what they're building and adapt the coasters' circuit to them. It would make their rides seem SO much less cookie cutter, and arguably, this one comes off just like the latter. Debbie Downer Alert: I dunno. B&M just does not impress me anymore. These dive machines, or a lot of their rides these days are just so watered down, to be honest. Yukon Striker as a Dive Coaster goes SO slow on some of its inversions, they're forceless, that MCBR is laughable, and I've been on more than a couple of these now: but after riding one, you've pretty much done all of them. It's just not something that would ever "entice" me to go out of my way to visit a park that I didn't want to visit in the first place. Even friends and family that have been on these with me would literally rather "skip" them on their next visits, because they all suck.
  2. This is my biggest gripe about the park. Discovery Kingdom is HUGE and yet they smash everything together on top of each other in a typical Six Flags blacktop laden treeless wonderland like they have NO ROOM else, and it completely ignores and fails to incorporate the amazing tree laden natural atmosphere around 3/4 of the rest of the park. Even worse, the rides are on a big "horseshoe" guest walkway designed around the entrance of the park which is smack dab in the center of all the major rides. So if you're on one side of the park where Joker is, and want to go ride Medusa you have to walk ALL THE WAY around the horseshoe to get over there even though it's literally as the crow flies, a stones throw away. I think a bridge over or tunnel under the entrance plaza would be an AWESOME addition! What's sad is they don't seem determined to keep any of the animal exhibits up to par either, so I'm not sure why they keep installing rides this way. Really a shame considering they actually have a beautiful park and some pretty decent rides. I wish they'd "round out" the park and spread the attractions considering how beautiful the rest of the park is. Last but not least, kinda sick of the flak Scream gets for having a reputation as a "parking lot" coaster when literally Medusa is the exact same thing. You can *still* see the parking lot lines beneath the coaster several times. But besides that, I love the park! Great selection of rides, great atmosphere away from the cluster crap of rides, will probably be visiting this Summer for my brothers birthday since we had a pretty good time on our last visit! But pick somewhere else to put rides for gosh sakes!
  3. I think it comes down to personal preference. If non-stop thigh-smashing twisty disorientation (RMC / Skyrush) is your thing, you'll most likely find Goliath boring. But if you dig big, protracted elements, a sense of speed, and less-aggressive airtime (think B&M hypers), you'll dig it. I guess you could say I don't have necessarily have a preference but like to view every ride as being unique and special in its own way - and having something different to bring to the table. For example, I just can't help but to my rolls my eyes at the tiresome and beat-to-death "Millennium Forceless" trope anymore (honestly, the dead horse had been beaten long ago; its since been fed in to a meat grinder, incinerated, and repurposed as spiringtime fertilizer. I've also never found it all that clever to begin with, nor funny!) Sure, its not the most intense ride, but isn't that what Maverick, TTD, and now SV are for? And for the context of when Millie was designed, I would imagine they weren't concerned about putting a ton of airtime on it, considering the former marquee attraction (Magnum) had no shortage of it. (Not to mention how challenging it is to fit the world's first giga into the footprint they did - that was a feat alone, I can't imagine they worried themselves about what hardcore enthusiasts decades later on internet forums would gripe about it being "forceless") They wanted something very different from Magnum - something the world had never seen before, and that they got. This is similiar to why the Beast is designed the way it is (not much airtime, terrain-hugging etc.). They didn't want what some would view as just a "bigger Racer". (And this was a risky project as well, much more risky than MF I would say). Truth is, Millennium Force doesn't need neck-snapping lateral-Gs or thigh-murdering ejector airtime to be one of the best coasters... Its thrill is derived from absolutely hauling A$$ all the way through its course, so much so that even after well over 6000 ft of track, it still has gravy enough to scare the ever-living shit out of unsuspecting guests (particularly by the unloading station), as it goes into its last overbank. Or at least, thats my 2cents on Mill Force... DAE MILLENIUM FORCE TEAM STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! HOW WOULD THIS COASTER SURVIVE WITHOUT SUCH FANBOY SUPPORT?!?!
  4. Eventually you leave 1 person in line, and a family of 6 will "come back from the bathroom" 45 mins later after riding the Matterhorn. Leave it to people in California to take advantage of a system that's designed to make *everyone's* experience (most especially those 1 time visitors) more enjoyable, and they'll exploit it. I don't know why some people think they're "better" than everyone else waiting their turn in line, and why it's so hard to just play by the rules. I do however think it is great that Disnelyland is attempting to make this policy available. I don't think they should, because it just opens up a can of worms, but I gotta hand it to them for trying.
  5. I got lucky and got to ride Desperado 1 time happened to be driving to Vegas during the day which is VERY rare for me. I'd say Desperado is significantly rougher which I think is caused by lack of roller coaster maintenance staff experience (however my last ride on Magnum in 2018, man, that thing slammed me around like never before). But like Magnum it's really got some of those "hard hitting" moments where you can literally feel the train slamming into the elements because they're just so harsh. Some of the air hills on Desperado are shaped like a pyramid I don't know who thought that was a good idea for comfort but still, it was an experience, that's for sure. I'd suggest riding it at least once! Fun fact: Desperado has a taller lift hill (209ft vs 205ft), and longer drop (225ft vs 205ft) than Magnum. Well duhhh... I'd say it's on par with Bat at KI. It looks pretty straightforward on paper, but it is definitely quite a distance. There are some switchbacks before the long straight queue along the Goliath break run that you can't really get around unless you want to start hoping or ducking poles, and I'm just not about that anymore. And if the chains are being used there's 2 sets of long switchbacks before you get under Goliath's pre-lift turnaround. Not only that there's 2 sets of very long tall stairs, one right after the other, as Goliath is something like 20-30 feet off the ground in the station. Unless I'm really in the coaster loving mood, just not worth it for me to get on a mundayne ride.
  6. I'd say it's probably worth it if you're willing to spend thousands of dollars to get all the advantages and perks with having a hotel room and early entry, maybe go for the VIP experience. But why any general public feels like they need to be there opening day, opening week, opening month, for Star Wars land and be a general public visitor is beyond me. The entire thing just screams disaster. The crowds are going to be unbearable. Rides will have downtime. I imagine the 5 freeway Harbor exit will be absurd with traffic, and surrounding major roads are also going to be a headache for a while, not even for guests but people just trying to get to work. I think I recall getting in the park for free for an event a couple years back when I was around 10 years old, and good gawd it was not even worth the headache. I'll probably wait a year or two before I even think about going. But I'm so glad the park is generating an insane amount of notoriety from this installation. I can't remember the last time Disneyland was so hyped up for an attraction.
  7. I don't know what Magic Mountain did to Green Lantern but man it seems like from day 1 it was destroyed. I've ridden Insane at Grono Lund and it was actually fun. Green Lantern just hurt, and it didn't spin, and I think the neutering of the spin actually made the ride experience worse, and forced the train to come into the station upside down when it wasn't supposed to. Of course ironically, it was one of the *better* themed rides in the park, that big Green Lantern logo on the side of the coaster was sweet, you could easily see it from the 5 freeway kinda like the Superman "S" logo. Ride capacity was garbage. Good riddance! Has anyone whose ridden those newer S&S freespins Six Flags has been installing all over the chain been impressed? Are those actually any good? They must be they keep getting installed all over the chain. I wonder if MM will get one of those to replace Green Lantern, call it The Joker or something. On to Goliath: Well, I guess you could just say considering the park made such a hefty investment at the time, and while on paper the dimensions of the ride sound great, I'm just not really sure that Goliath packs any kind of punch that you'd expect from a ride that has a 255 foot drop and goes 85 mph. I mean, it sure is pretty smooth. The tunnel flashes by so quick you kinda forget it's there. It's got a kinda neat but way too drawn out floater hill. The brake run seems to kill the momentum just as the thing seems to get going. My gripe is it just doesn't seem to do *anything* particularly well to be a stand out coaster. And that first drop is okay in the very back, but COME ON a 61 degree drop when you have Millenium Force opening the same year going 80 degrees? Like another user said, it feels like a slowly drawn out ramp. Consider the period of time when Goliath was built: you look at the 200 foot Intamin Supermans that were being made at SFNE, SFA, SFDL, during the exact same time period, and have infinitely better reviews. I kinda wish Magic Mountain would have done one of those with Intamin, painted it the same orange and teal, named it Goliath and called it a day. But for some ungodly reason the general public absolutely loves Goliath to this day. Maybe it's because of that tall looming intimidating drop you can see from the parking lot. The big faux-rock entrance. I have friends that will ride X2 anyday, but for some reason Goliath freaks them out. They hate that lift hill. That drop freaks them out. It makes no sense to me. I've probably been skipping Goliath on my trips for about a decade now. The queue line is just way too long even if it's walk on, and I would rather get on Batman or Twisted Colossus an extra time or two instead. Hey, isn't Magic Mountain opening a new coaster this year lol? Or are they pushing it to 2020 now instead because nobody seems to care?!?
  8. The ride looks incredible and that is some awesome footage! I really dig the white wood and blue rails as well. In fact if Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain didn't have the 2 color track tone (which I actually like a lot) it would probably be as good looking as this. But I get MM's reason for the two colors. I only wish the ride had more than 1 big drop. It has the initial one, then every drop from that point forward is just kind of double down bunny hops and inversions dispersed in the straight sections until the brake run. Something just feels lacking. Someone also commented that it hauls until the end, and I sorta disagree. It kinda looks to lose momentum after the bunny hop at 1:10, then it kinda meanders the rest of the course. And again, I feel like this is because of the momentum lost with all the smaller drops, instead of having bigger drops that would sustain the trains speed. But compared to what this ride was before the face-lift, bar none it gives you an indication why these RMC I-Beam Topper tracks have become incredibly popular, giving new life to a coaster which 10-15 years ago would have just been torn down.
  9. Is General Admission required for getting into the event? I know during Christmastime they used to (or maybe they still do?) sell a "crafts fair" ticket for $10-$15 and you couldn't go on any rides or anything, but you could at least just go to visit the festival. I think it was more for the vendors, to get more people in the park. I really dig one of those paintings, but I'm not in California, however some friends I know are 5 mins away! They'd definitely go by the park to pick it up for me, but I'm not sure with General Admission + the price of the painting that it'd be worth it. That being said all the food looks remarkably well thought out and thorough, I'd definitely stop by if I was in the area but perhaps I will have to wait until next year. I also love how I don't see "Smuckers" anymore. Is Knott's starting to sell it's own products again, because that would be a huge plus, and really, they should. It makes something in the heart of Orange County unique to just Orange County, and KBF and Cedar Fair should recognize and celebrate that. Thanks for the review!
  10. Man that is great to see some progress! But personally, I gotta say, I'm a little bit ashamed of myself. I used to know SFMM like the back of my hand, I'd know where every photo was taken from, I used to know all the locations, but has it been...that long...since I've been to the park where I'm doubting myself where this photo was taken from?! I don't know if anyone else will know but I'm gonna guess, next to where the SkyScreamer up-pay attraction was? And that building to the right is where they used to take the old timey photos that looked like you where in the Wild West? In my head that seems almost right, but I thought they demolished the old SkyScreamer area.
  11. So true, most people think a ride is brand new after a repaint and new name, they would never know this is for coaster parts. That being said I have never seen coaster parts being shipped on the freeway, one of my white whales!
  12. I am REALLY interested to see if that rendering of the first drop with the big gap between the top and bottom supports actually happens. Maybe it allows some give to "pop out" some airtime with the flex of the ibeams, but anyway, this looks to be another insane RMC creation. Never been to BGT, but I gotta say, this certainly makes the possibility more attractive!
  13. I gotta say, maybe it's the time of the year you went, but being "pricey" is just not true. I went with 3 people last May to get on Steel Vengeance, we paid for 1 night in a 2 bedroom hotel room with queen beds and a view of the park. We got tickets for both days (the day we arrived, and the day after we stayed the night at the hotel), we got drink wristbands for both days, and early entries on both days if we showed up early enough the first day. Stay Duration Mon. May. 21, 2018 - Tue. May. 22, 2018 (1 night) Guests 3 adults [48" and taller and under 62 years] Room Room 2 Queen-Size Beds & Sleeper Chair Rate 2 Day Ride & Refresh Total $410.64 ($387.40 + $23.24 Taxes & Fees) At $136.88 per person, that is an effing bargain to visit Cedar Point and stay on the peninsula for 2 days if you ask me.
  14. Great update and thanks for the pictures. I want to do a DL trip this year, but I'm not sure the crowds are worth it. BTW am I the only one having a terrible time reading the descriptions under the photos because they're highlighter yellow on a white background?? Is there anyway OP can change this?
  15. With what happened on opening day with the trains ramming into each other and all the bad press it got I would guess the park was not looking for any more safety situations occurring on their new coaster Steel Vengeance. Their complete ban on phones was not a big fan maker for sure, but pretty reasonable I think considering reading that tweet they were having 30 phones A DAY fly out of peoples pockets. That's just absurd. I'm glad they're adding the pouches, people SHOULD be able to have their phones in a 2-3 hour line, and without really having any space for a locker area before loading/getting back to the locker area after unloading (kinda like X2) it seems like a good solution. But I wouldn't doubt we'll see phones flying around again, and I wonder what this will do for capacity. Those are some great photo updates, and thank you for them.
  16. Wow! I gotta say, they're doing an excellent job with not only this ride, but everything going on around it. They're actually putting in PAVERS instead of just flat boring concrete *cough* Six Flags *cough* And that fireplace, my gawd, that is not a cheap addition! Hat's off to Carowinds and their new installation, this actually looks like a ride I'd make a trip out of my way to go actually ride Copperhead Strike and enjoy the other festivities at the park.
  17. Oh I can't have my phone but this dudes allowed to bring a plate of fried chicken and spaghetti?!? No wonder the seats are always so sticky. I never understood why Goliath is such a fan favorite, it is not that good. I wish they'd tear it down and replace it with one of the Intamin Supermans.
  18. Wow it's one thing for X2 to have a walk on, it's another for Tatsu to have a 10-15 minute long wait, that is pretty remarkable! Sounds like Bring a Friend for $10 day is well worth visiting and Bring a Friend for Free is NOT lol.
  19. Super unfortunate to hear. That back seat first drop was, one of my favorite first drops in the park. Even at its age Viper is a great ride that any park in the world would be glad to have. But...the ride is the last of the Arrow 7 loopers...for a reason. Thankfully SFMM maintenance is legit, one of the best in the business even if they're underappreciated and understaffed. Think about Arrow Suspendeds and how well Ninja has held up, a big part of that is the Magic Mountain maintenance crew. Viper will be going on to be 30 years old, unheard of for a coaster of its era! Not to mention one of the most reliable rides in the park, I can't remember the ride ever being down for an extended period of time beyond this last rehab. I doubt the park *wanted* to neuter it, but I also don't doubt the ride was beating the crap out of itself, daily welding for structure cracks, etc. It just was not designed to do the elements it does in the same way rides are built today.
  20. Honestly, I'd bite the bullet and get the car. Even if it costs you $100-$200 more because of your age. Think of the time you'd save. You can get to Magic Mountain from Knott's (well, atleast I used to be able to do it) in the off traffic hours in about 60 minutes. I would suggest doing Knott's, waiting until 11pm, then driving up to SFMM to sleep there at a local hotel to wake up in Valencia for your day at Magic Mountain. Traffic in Southern California is effing stupid, horrid, pull your hair out imaginable. I can't fathom the price of an Uber or Lyft mid-day. Public Transportation is a joke around there. One of the many many reasons I left California and don't visit Magic Mountain anymore even when I visit home (which is 5 minutes from Knott's). Hate to say it, but it's rough. Rent the car and go in the middle of the night or spend $100 each way on a ride sharing app. Man, I'd be pissed if I was in OC driving for lift and it took me all the way to Santa Clarita LOL!
  21. I have to say Chuck, I do really enjoy your TRs. I like your photos and your humor is fun. One question I do have is about this monorail photo which I'm so glad you shared! I have never seen it before at Tokyo Disney. I was trying to figure out what that little "Timetable" box in the bottom right means? What do the numbers on the left in the blue box represent, and what do the numbers in the white box represent? I can't figure it out and I tried to think about for a while! If someone could explain that would be great! Thanks for sharing, visiting Tokyo Disney is definitely a goal for me, but until then, your reports really hold me over!
  22. Well, let's consider Twisted Colossus has been running consistently with no major issues or downtime since 2015, and Viper is almost 30 years old. Also I cannot remember the last time Viper was ever closed on a visit. I'd guess they're getting some tender love and care. I don't know if anyone enjoys Viper the way I do, but they can take as long as they want if it means the thing will be opened for another decade. That being said, has anyone ever rode Vortex at Kings Island? I was absolutely blown away with how well designed and non-slam-into-the-headrests the ride was. Except for after the MCBR into the double corkscrew, holy crap for some reason Arrow could just not figure out how to design a transition into those double corkscrews for either rides! They are SO obnoxiously bad! Also the Vortex restraints were not that bad at all, and for all the insane kind of elements going on and 1 less inversion, a much more pleasant experience as far as I was concerned. For some reason Arrow went with those terrible awkward hard OTSR's on Viper that never made any sense to me at all. Last but not least, I've never needed a Flash Pass for SFMM before May or After September. Yes, you may wait an hour in 1 or 2 lines while the others are 15 Minutes or walk ons, but unless you're in the butt middle of Summer, as always explained around these parts...get to the park, scope it out, then decide if it's worth it.
  23. Well thank the lord the Dodgers are 0-2 so far because anything with a Dodgers logo on it is trash to me. I will GLADLY allow the BoSox to have their name on the Revolution coaster as such, because that way the only California Baseball team with the most current World Series title is the Anaheim Angels. With Studly Stud Man Mike Trout one can only hope they try to get him a ring before those low-lifes!
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