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  1. Well holy crap I must have been lucky as hell because I went to Kings Island on Sunday 10/21/2018 with my my Dad and Uncle last minute never thought it would happen travel trip and I got to ride pretty much everything worth riding before 4PM. We left Detroit, MI at 6:45 AM EST and got to the park at 10:45 EST in time to park, walk up to the entrance, and arrive at the fountains before they opened the park. I liked how they let us into the park, but waited until 11AM to let us go past the dropped ropes to get where we wanted to. These are my ride experiences, in order starting at 11:10am. Diamondback: Back Outer Seat: Temps at 50 degrees: Some good good airtime, a ton of fun before the brake run...after it...nah. They classically B&M trimmed the one before the left handed turnaround, even as cold as it was. I'd later learn that KI loves the helixes before the end of the ride kinda thing which I really appreciate as it adds to the duration of the coaster but really does nothing in terms of ride experience. Mystic Timbers: Back seat: Pretty sweet woodie. Super smooth. Love the duration and maneuvering through the woods. Dug the direction changes, but after the first couple of drops very minimal airtime. The shed was a disappointment and weird for my Uncle and Dad. I'm the kinda coaster nerd that gives no heads up to anyone just to see how they feel, and I will say, the end just sitting there was really just...confusing to them both. Same for me. The Beast: Back seat: Beat the crap out of us. Really hauling ass and really amazing how it spans through the woods, but a 1 time ride was enough. I was impressed by the tunnels through the terrain, but this was pretty much a fast traveling coaster with flat sections, trims, and unexpected turns. Highlight was absolutely not knowing where it was taking you, and the crooked track before the helix after the 2nd Chain lift as it was so fast and terrifying even if it wasn't a record breaker man that thing felt like it was hauling faster than any woodie I've ever been on. After that since we were in the corner and Windseeker was open, me and my Uncle went for it. So silly, I lived 5 minutes from Knotts when they opened up Windseeker and had a pass and only rode it once because it was always closed. Since then I've ridden the Mondial at Cedar Point and now Kings Island. I don't get scared easily but for some reason I force myself to ride these cause they freak me out and I like doing that to myself. Not to mention 300 or so feet up in the air when the ground temp is 52 degrees is shiveringly cold! Vortex was closed at the time, and I so so so hoped it would open. An old classic Arrow, I'll talk about later. Backlot Stunt Coaster: Really fun, too short. Weird considering how Kings Island seems to try and extend some of their coasters even at the benefit of the ride. We like the launches, the fire and helicopter elements were working (big thumbs up!) and I think the saving grace was the dark portion that really could have used a helix to throw you through a what the heck is happening element. Still, good fun! The main reason I came to visit because of its upcoming removal: Firehawk: 5th Row: Wow! This was a GREAT ride. So SO smooth. Very amazing technology going on despite its lengthy history. We were all blown away with how smooth it rode. No headbanging. Visuals were amazing. This was probably the surprise of the trip for all of us. You're not going to beat Tatsu as far as I'm concerned but both my Uncle and Dad and I were very impressed with this ride. Wish the loop would have been better but that might have been where we were sitting. Flight of Fear: It was cool watching the launches going but the ride lagged a bit. Basically stopped us ala Goliath @ MM style at the MCBR. Really hauled towards the end. Hey, at least the tried with this one. Another nice surprise, although not much in the thrill department. -----Uncle and Dad Break back to the front of the park for Starbucks Coffee and Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Pretzel Break, damn, that was a good pretzel!----- The Racer: Red Side: The one that turns left out of the station: Back Seat: This beat the crap out of us. Damn. I love woodies, but the pounding, oh the pounding. After the first drop we couldn't wait for this to end. I'm glad my dad passed on riding this one. Drop Tower: Best part was the ride up. The drop was lame. Dunno why. Would rather take Supreme Scream for the thrill factor. Banshee: Front Seat: Amazing B&M powerful invert. Loved the elevation changes. That front drop that felt like it was vertical was awesome. Hauled until that final in-line inversion: something unexpected from B&M. A great ride. This thing HAULED. Loved the top of the lift audio with the screaming banshee. RIP Son of Beast. Invertigo: Holy crap how was this the smoothest boomerang I've ever been on? Love the strange seating. No headbanging. If they replaced every regular seated Vekoma Boomerang with this I'd say they'd be a lot more popular. Phenomenal forces. This ride was GREAT. The Bat: Back seat: Rode Twice without getting off: Well this was a must. Considering Arrow Suspendeds are so unique and going away, I'd have to say this one was a real winner. That first drop and the speed was remarkable. What can you say? These things lose a lot of momentum due to the swinging but man, this was a great ride. I loved the out of the park feel, this ride was all on its own out there. A trek to the station to say the least. Arrow really had something going with these suspendeds that I wish were around much more. Not to mention I'm now really really interested in the original bat and where it was located. I haven't been able to find much about it. Adventure Express: I really liked how this ride just took off out of the station and rode the terrain before the first lift. A great mine train. The ending lift hill with the theming struck me as a Mystic Timbers kind of end where you were expecting more. Vortex: Back seat: They opened this ride after it warmed up a bit and I got on it at about 3:30PM, and I have to say this was a fantastic unorthodox Arrow that I had not had quite an experience with before. That first drop gave a pop of air, the maneuvering through the awkward elements was much smoother than I expected, but all and all I was very happy with the ride. The non-close-to-the-ground-double corkscrew being much higher in the air before the batwing element was...unexpected after riding Viper @ Magic Mountain for at least 50 times but I'm sure 30 years ago was phenomenal and unheard of. This ride had that slow helix to end the ride I found to be a signature move for Kings Island, and hell, why not! I will say this, Kings Island is a world renowned park with coasters that travel through unknown terrain. You get on the coasters inside the park then they take you through parts of the woods you don't expect, then at the taller portions of the rides see other peeking all around. Really, surreal. All of the crews at the rides were not lazy at all. Pretty much everything was walk on except for Firehawk and Flight of Fear. All the employees were friendly, and all the ride ops knew how to get the operations going. Seeing 3 trains on almost everything even with the park being substantially empty was a breath of fresh air. I would recommend anyone planning to visit this park to go on a late October Sunday, get there early, and you will have the time of your life. THANK YOU Kings Island for making this a coaster trip that was WELL worth spending a day on! I got to add 12 coasters to my roster in the course of 6 hours, and they were amazing. Even if it exhausted me and my Dad and Uncle!
  2. Weird, right? I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was about the night but something was amiss. I've been to haunt events that have felt lame because there just weren't enough people there to generate energy, but that wasn't the case here I don't think. I've never found Knotts to be particularly extreme, but something about it just did feel very — for lack of a better word — seasonal. I've felt this way about it for a while now and only go if there's free tickets. I just don't think it's that good. My friends and I have had a lot more fun at Universal.
  3. If anyone's trolling, it's you. Your comments are much more annoying than my logical criticism of this addition. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. I didn't even know about Submarine Quest, just watched a POV. And I dunno, that ride looks preeeeetty crappy, even for kids. With the money they're spending on Tidal Twister, I would have preferred them make that Sub Quest ride a lot better. It seems like it had potential. Or I'd prefer they just skip next year and not do Tidal Twister at all. Again, hasn't anyone watched a video of that Harley Quin ride? The ride is super super loud? And the ride experience is terrible. And the capacity stinks. The entire thing just has question marks all over it for me. In a nice serene park it just seems like this ride is going to be a nuisance, and if it's anything like Harley Quin, not worth riding after 1 time. The thing for me is that I love SeaWorld San Diego and I just hate seeing these Six Flags type budget rides being installed. Just feels so cheap.
  4. Dang, what an awesome meet up that would've been! I'da helped if I saw your message and was in the area. I'm 5 hours away. Sorry your +1 flaked. I hate when that happens. Hope you went anyway. An X2 ride would have been a MUST RIDE.
  5. Wait? Is this the "only positive comments allowed SeaWorld Sand Diego Discussion Thread"? Or is this the one where we're allowed to give our opinion that the park could've skipped this attraction and done a lot better? Because I think the park deserves better.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see they are investing money in attractions in SeaWorld, but something like this? Ugh. Rides like this belong with a traveling carnival, not in one of the finer theme parks that's been around for 30+ years. Plus based off the experiences I've seen and heard with Harley Quinn, the rideability is not that great at all, the systems are clunky and ugly, and the ride is loud as hell. Way louder than they should be for a serene park like SeaWorld. For doing something so basic it sure doesn't seem like these rides know how to do it well. I don't think this is a good installation for Sea World, and I'd rather they had skipped a year in put in something more fitting to the park. This just seems like a crappy quick marketing tool. I can't see it bringing in people to the park that wouldn't have gone there in the first place, I know it won't for me.
  7. How on earth have you ever managed to get from Buena Park to Santa Clarita in an hour? Driving at 3am? I don't know if you can do it anymore considering the population/vehicle increase the past decade or so...but I have definitely done it during the day/morning with friends trying to get up to Magic Mountain. 91W, 710N, 10W, 5N is the best route with the least amount of traffic, I've found. The hardest part is that horrible crush of 10/5/101 connectors in East LA, that place is rarely not a mess. Hell, about 10 years ago when I lived up there I'd come down to Orange County for the weekends, and drive back up there on Sundays after 10 PM. I coulda sworn I did it in 45-50 MINS going about 80MPH the entire way (not that I would EVER do that anymore I'm a much more conservative driver as I've aged lol). Also just wanted to say to rachelis -- I really liked your TR and especially your photos! These 2 in particular are my favorite, even though I've seen pictures of these rides a MILLION times for some reason these stood out to me, and I think they're great! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Depends on queue switchbacks, trains on the track, etc. How 'bout we just skip wasting time and go for: WAY TOO LONG AND NOT WORTH IT!!! Pretty much I'll only ride Goliath anymore if it is walk-on. I will consider riding if it is at the beginning of the turn right before the stairs -- but rarely. That's if I'm there with a friend/friends that INSISTS on riding it. Sometimes even that walk from the big Goliath entrance sign to the station seems to take forever, so by the time you get in line it's like screw it, we've gone this far...
  9. Uhhh...you can't be serious if you think Stella tastes anything like a Bud Light. And if it's only going to cost another $1.75 after I'm already paying an arm and a leg for a beer? And it's DRAFT instead of a bottle? DURRR. Yeah, I'm going with the Stella. Everytime. Don't hate on Stella cause it's got it's own fancy chalice and your beer doesn't.
  10. does anyone have confirmation of this? I wouldn't doubt it. I was always kind of scratching my head why they removed them anyway? Not that I'd ever want them to even use them during normal operations, but they can atleast be emergency/block brakes to dispatch one train while the other is finishing the course. Also who knows, maybe the trains are beating up the rather newly refurbed track faster than they thought it would? So maybe they've decided they're gonna dumb it down again for maintenance and longevity sake. Which would suck for because every time I've been in town either it was down or I had no time to ride it after the refurb with new trains and no MCBR. I heard it may not have been *AS GOOD* as original Ghostie but hey it would have been nice to be the judge of that. I really wish they would have just plug & played the ride El Toro style which still, I've heard, has a fairly decent track which has never had extensive maintenance, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Even if El Toro's rough it never got Ghostrider re-align your spine rough, and it's a much more intense coaster.
  11. That side of the park is ridiculously stacked now That's one of my biggest gripes about this. They got this huge unused area of land all over the west side of the park, and they keep cramming rides on top of each other in the exact same side of the park on a big sea of hot concrete with no trees or shade? And then because of the awkward layout of the park, all you end up doing all day is walking in a big horseshoe from one end of the park, all the way around to the other all day, (even though there couldn't be more than 200 feet from where Wonder Woman and the SkyScreamer stand as the crow flys) with practically nothing to do in between. It's kind of annoying. And I agree there's a lot more money that could be spent on improving the animal areas that look like they haven't been touched in at-least a decade.
  12. Yes unfotunately. However they're allowing anyone who came today to come back another day for free. Nice of them to do that! I wish parks got more credit for this kind of stuff. They don't have to do it and it's enormously generous. Did Ghostrider at Knott's make the list? I'm not a fan of award for coasters, but come on, that's gotta be up there, right? Or The Voyage @ Holiday?
  13. I guess... It's long winded. Drawn out. Sluggish, meandering. Got a bit of an old school B&M snap on some of the inversions, but I've ridden it plenty, and I'm over it. Nobody in my group wanted to ride it again on the last trip. This might throw you through a loop but I'd much rather ride a Batman. When you got TTD or SteeVe or Mr. Magnum right around the peninsula, why waste your time with Boring & Milds? If the kid cousins said "no", I pretty much agreed.
  14. Nah. I've literally heard kids in line say "this one looks JUST like the other one!" It's cause they are. My 15 year old cousins have been to Cedar Point twice. The first time with me, they wanted to ride everything. This year, we passed on Raptor, Mantis, Gatekeeper, and rode Valravn twice at the end of the day because they didn't make us get off the train. All they wanted to ride was SteeVen, TTD, MF, and Maverick. B&M's can be very good coasters. I love the Batmans, Riddlers, Medusa's of old, good up until probably 2005...but give me a break. As a veteran coaster rider, I just don't expect much from them. Yes, from a park perspective they're great! Reliability forever. But I'm not a park owner, so why should I care? Such typical Boring & Mild rides over-trimmed with no forces. Yawn yawn.
  15. yeah, people here suck at parks. I'd say that speaks to the culture of California not the rest of the nation.
  16. If you have a reservation at Breakers, you have to give them your booking number at the Main Entrance Parking Booths and they will give you a Breakers parking ticket to guide you through, and around the peninsula with no parking fee. I imagine if you tell them the car behind you is staying with you, they should be able to get a Breakers parking ticket. There is an additional parking attendant before you drive under Magnum to the Breakers lot that will usually look for the ticket as well. If your guests are not staying at Breakers, and just want to drive around the peninsula and park in the Breakers lot I don't know how lenient they are in that regards. For a one day visit not sure if they'll let that fly. That being said to anyone visiting the park for more than 1 day, I would HIGHLY suggest getting a Hotel Breakers reservation with your tickets. It just makes everything so simple. For 3 people, it was $420. We showed up at noon, got free parking, early entry for the next day, free drink bracelets, and the rooms were quite pleasant. $140 per person to have 2 days at Cedar Point with a night in a hotel room with a view of the park was an unbelievable deal as far as we were concerned. For some reason people live in this fantasy world that if they aren't 1010% satisfied they need to be compensated somehow? It's a joke. Man I hate to bash but Rougarou is just crap. I didn't like Mantis either. I have skipped it on my last 2 trips because...I don't know, it's one of those coasters that does nothing for me. If you want to ride it I'd suggest the back seat, but I just can't figure that coaster out. Riddlers Revenge is so much better even in the stand up trains. Magnum is weird, too. I typically enjoy that ride in the front or the back. I can't remember the exact row but it was perhaps the second car in a wheel seat or something and damn that thing was brutal on my last trip. I'm no wuss when it comes to riding coasters but it was borderline not enjoyable, so I would suggest riding it in the front or the back cars.
  17. I don't know what the work culture is currently anymore but I worked at the park about 10 years ago, and when I tried to do ANYTHING to make the park a bit more pleasant for the guests (sweep under parts of the station that were visibly dirty, scrape gum off things, take care of an overflowed trash can, etc.) I was repeatedly told "that's not your job, we don't do those types of things, don't spend time doing that." It was infuriating especially the fact that most of these things take less than 5 minutes, and they make a HUGE impact on a guests experience. I'd see employees and even "management" walk past trash without even a second thought. I really thought as an employee I could make a difference if I just showed everyone how easy it was to make a BIG impact, but I was discouraged, and it sucks to say, but after a while so much discouragement just wears on you and eventually I gave up. It was really frustrating on my part as SFMM has always been my favorite park (after a recent trip to Cedar Point it is becoming less so), and I was enthralled to work there, but the culture of employees was obnoxious, and the management who really didn't seem like they knew what they were doing, and didn't seem to belong managing anyone, just wore me down. Needless to say, I did not care to be employed there very long. Sad to see even though the park did have a short stint of quality for a couple years around the Tatsu days, it's back to business as usual. There's a reason I stopped buying a pass and haven't visited the park in over 3 years.
  18. I agree, the ride is phenomenal from start to finish and considering what Mean Streak used to be, it's such night and day regarding ride experience. I am not a fan of some of the rides at Cedar Point, we skipped Rougaru and Raptor because I don't care for them anymore, we rode Gatekeeper which is a yawner, and Valravn is fine, but no doubt besides TTD's amazing launch with just lapbars and the quick experience, MF's just power and re-rideabilty, Maverick being just straight up fun, SteeVe is up there among the most amazing coasters I've ever ridden. It's almost overkill for how long it is but that doesn't matter, it's SO much fun. I remember saying during my first ride and with my family that the coaster just doesn't give up and every fricking inch has something thrilling. It's definitely up there with X2 and Deja Vu/Goliath at SFNE in regards to intense ride experiences as far as I'm concerned. I like intensity and prefer it over being smooth, I like being scared out of my wits, and SteVe has done it remarkably well, even with how insane the ride cycle is, it rides like butter. It gets to a point where there's no rating rides like this, they're different on their own merit and it's great to have that kind of variance. Stop eating/drinking carbs and run a couple miles NOW! Sweat your balls off and drink lots of water. When you get in the train suck in that gut, get that seatbelt fastened, and tell those ride ops to push the lap bar in as hard as they can even if it takes 2 of them. I have faith in you! I'm not even a big guy with a gut and had the biggest bitch at Wicked Twister, couldn't get the seatbelts locked so I had them push on my restraint till it happened.
  19. I'd go with Hershey and risk the weather. 2 days at the beginning of October for Cedar Point will be PLENTY of time to do what you want.
  20. I didn't want to paste your big quote of text, so I included this part only, but I just wanted to say, great job with that post. That's EXACTLY how I see it. If they didn't like it, they should have told them when Disney gave them the heads up the location was being moved 8 months ago. Not after people lose their jobs and renters have left DD and Disney has been thinking for the last 8 months this is a "go" until mere DAYS before their meet up with the council. And for a second, let's ignore technicalities, and just be practical here: moving the hotel 1000 feet away on the same property is by NO MEANS a reasonable justification for any of this City Council crap, and is absurdly petty. It's going to be advantageous for the city no matter where it is. What seems to be happening, is they're hoping by pulling a fast one at the last minute, that Disney will just say screw it, and still move forward with the location change, thus annulling the tax breaks. Very shady sleazy way to go about business if you ask me. Also, I just want to add: I was an Orange County resident for 30 years before I moved a couple years ago (because I was fed up with California) and live about 10 minutes from Disneyland so I was always driving by the park on the 5, or driving around the park to different locations in Anaheim. And I don't know if this was all Disney but back when CA Adventure opened, Disney pretty much did a complete face-lift of the entire surrounding area of the resort. I'm talking redoing streets, a carpool lane bridge off the 5 freeway, lightpoles, medians with huge nice trees, even BUS stops were improved. The ENTIRE AREA was redone and it was done SO well, and it still looks good today. I'm definitely not in the "let Disney do whatever they want" boat, but for craps sake, anytime they do anything, it's nothing but good for the entire community. Even if you're just on Harbor going South, all the hotels and restaurants just have a "community" and resort feel to them, and it's extraordinary. There would be nothing like that if Disney wasn't there, so I am of the opinion the city should be a little more lenient with a company that has practically put Anaheim on the map and has driven the surrounding economy for the past 40+ years.
  21. Xcelerator will be there until they find something better to replace it. I pray to gawd this B&M dive garbage trend is done by then. Ugh. It kind of boggles my mind CP gets TTD going pretty consistently, but KBF has a pretty terrible Xcelerator track record with keeping the ride open especially the past couple years. I would argue over the past 5 years TTD even with its limited seasonal CP schedule has probably been open more days than Xcelerator has been with a yearly schedule. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the footprint? For example, Xcelerators launch is probably half the length of TTD, but goes 70% as fast. The tophat on Xcelerator definitely gives some airtime while TTD kinda lacks that, so also more wear on the trains. I have to believe it's a budget thing. When I walk around KBF, it just does NOT seem to get any love anymore. Yeah, they popped in that dive thingy coaster, but I dunno. Ever since Cedar Fair bought it KBF just seems like a "for sure" cash grab and it just doesn't seem like the park gets the upkeep love and attention it needs. Which sucks because the park used to have so much charm, and when I've visited it just seems like it's gone now.
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