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  1. I'd say this is kinda throwing me through a loop too. Twisted Colossus's lift is almost at the point of being obnoxiously loud, meanwhile on Boring and Mild coasters they've basically perfected the art of the lift hill with practically silent lifts. Even on their 325. I wonder if this is something RMC knows is going on or if they're just like, eff it. This is how our lift hill is gonna go, this is how it's going to be.
  2. No. Still being alive is a good consolation prize though. Can't argue with that.
  3. Well nobody ever really posted a picture of the actual VR units after they've been used, and looking at that picture there's no way in hell I'm putting that gross thing on my face. If they threw them through a wash like say Star Tours I'd be down, but that's gonna be a nope for me, dawg. Losing Roaring Rapids would SUCK as it brings them down to 2, but really just 1 water coaster I'd want to go on because I'm over the getting soaked on Tidal Wave. Pains me to say it but that's gotta be a HUGE power bill running all that water on Roaring Rapids all the time, and to add Roaring Rapids is just "kinda" fun and closed whenever I have visited. It would be great if they would eventually bring an up to date Rapids ride, something like the one at California Adventure. Whatever is going to be going down in that back of the corner sounds to be HUGE, I would love if it was a launcher or one of the bigger MACK coasters that have been installed around the world.
  4. I'm interested in knowing which GP Guests single handedly visited Magic Mountain specifically to ride Lex Luther since it opened. I'm more of the opinion, like Spinsanity when it opens, that it was one of those attractions very few people heard or cared about, and just decided to "ride" it once they were walking around and saw it as an available attraction at the park. Of course this is after they decided to go with their friends to ride Goliath. So in that retrospect, adding VR is not going to "breathe new life into an old attraction" it's just making the line longer for an attraction people only see once they get to the park. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever waited in the LL queue! I think I looked inside once, saw the line and the Lex Luther statue, then me and my buddies did the SRL and got on in 5 minutes.
  5. When they begin to test coasters usually they just want them to make it all the way through the circuit, break in the bearings and wheels, and pick up some of the required ride cycle testing time. Also it's to make sure if the brakes at the top suddenly don't work, can the train handle the extra forces? Most coasters that are being initially tested go through this and let the train go hog wild. I expect as the days roll on we will see the train testing as it will when the ride opens. However, as per any RCE, I would be stoked to take a ride with the way they are running it now lol.
  6. Good God there fellow RCE, what an amazing idea. And what a way to link the parks together! I wouldn't go on and say do it at EVERY Cedar Fair park, in fact Cedar Point might be the only one to do it at. But if people don't like chicken at Cedar Point, and from what my experiences are with food at Cedar Point, I would have to agree, that would be a killer alternative. Ms. Knott's Chicken at Cedar Point, what a novel idea. Then don't go. I don't think they'll miss your business. Every time I go there's a friggin' line so, your just another person not in front of me.
  7. Honestly, Viper at Magic Mountain is a very underrated ride and while hated on by most people young and old because of how "rough" it definitely is, to me it is a HUGE symbol in how much the roller coaster industries at the time were pushing the boundaries of taller and faster rides. From Arrow, nonetheless. The biggest problem with Viper is it was basically a Goldrusher technology ride with much bigger, faster, loopier proportions. I don't care what anyone says, a backseat ride on Viper will pretty much tell you exactly what was going on in the early 90's with roller coasters, and the first half is violent and intense, but my gawd so much fun. The last half is just pretty much jerky "let's see how much we can turn you upside down" but still to me that pic of the double corkscrew looking North is iconic. It is also probably the most photogenic coaster the park has ever had. The rides name fits the coaster tracks angles, and it was in "Baja Ridge" with a dessert theme with CACTI (man those Six Flags guys really knew how to theme rides and areas of a park back then, I miss that!). My very favorite photo of Viper. https://rcdb.com/25.htm#p=77
  8. Is there a reason Knott's can get their Sky Cabin up and going but for some reason Magic Mountain has an issue with their Sky Tower up and running? From what I've heard it's a California thing but Knott's seems to get it together with them, and considering the Sky Cabin is a much bigger, more intricate kind of system I feel like Six Flags could get a simple Intamin elevator type attraction going. Especially considering Intamin is still around and should be able to manufacture anything Magic Mountain needs. Is this really more of a Six Flags not wanting to spend the money type of thing, or is it a whole different kind of issue? So odd to me. And also, Xcelerator being down for so long is such a bummer, I hope they figure that thing out. Is Kingda Ka down too? I know this is the Knott's thread but all of these things seems connected by Intamin so it's just a weird coincidence.
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