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  1. Never again will I complain about DW, especially ride ops. I was at Six Flags NE yesterday. Operations were really slow with no good reason for it. My last SF park was Texas 6yrs ago and though a slow day the ops were on top of things. Yesterday was just bad. DW has me spoiled. 3 of 8 coasters were down all day (2 apparently all year). None of the 5 running were particularly memorable. Especially disappointed in Wicked Cyclone. I hope Twisted Cyclone fairs better when I get to ride it. Really makes you appreciate how special DW's rides are.
  2. Pretty sure they still have a dropoff option. I'd call to verify the details as I think they may have a dropoff point and tram instead of driving to entrance. I wouldn't worry about TimeSaver and you could always get it in the park if you think it's needed. Can't help with the routes there. I come through Chattanooga. I'm still using a pass from 2015. It's even been changed to a gold pass in the system this year. Only an issue for shops that don't scan the pass.
  3. Yes, River Battle is gone. Big plaza with astro turf and a fountain there now.
  4. They had to level the ground, build infrastructure (power, water, sewer).
  5. Again, aerial map views show it all well. As I said, the HR and training offices are back there. So is the clinic (was an urgent care clinic plus occupational health). It's also the route the trolley takes (avoiding the parking lot booths and Veterans traffic) So far they haven't had problems to need a gate.
  6. The road passes under the area before the launch starts up the hill.Aerial photos on maps show it well. I don't remember anything under it at the bottom of the big drop. The track there goes under the track that goes to the triple (quad?) down.
  7. I recall that from the late 80's too. I think Veterans was just 2 lanes back then.
  8. Pretty sure someone did that already, back in 2016.
  9. Yes. That's also the route to the HR building and clinic. As mentioned, Upper Middle Creek is named DW Lane at Veterans. It changes names around the entrance.
  10. I've seldom seen the gate from the main lots open. But I've driven up to the HR building a few times from the other side. Neat going under LR. I'm often coming from the south end of town. And Veterans usually isn't bad going south. Just stay off the parkway. I've learned lots of alternate routes
  11. Since that's also where you'd go to apply for a job (so not controlled/restricted access), I plan to drive over to look while I'm in town this weekend.
  12. I'll be in the area next weekend. Not sure what days/times I'll be at DW and/or SC. Bummer that LR is down again. Still lots more to do, and many new attractions in the area.
  13. No time shown. Click to the ride page and it says closed.
  14. It was worth visiting before the build LR. It's just as worthy now.
  15. Report I saw from divers said it went down in shallower water and slid to rest in deeper water. I forget the depth they mentioned, but I think it was ~10ft. Not sure why PFDs were distributed when the waves picked up, long before the video started. I've spent a lot of time on the water and would have wanted one in those conditions.
  16. The "feeling" is by design, but there's no actual danger. But these people aren't saying "cool, I felt like I was being thrown out." They don't get it, and spread fear because of that.
  17. What are you talking about? I almost flew out myself. If it had not been for the seat belt and the lap bar I would have flown out. Good thing I decided to use the seat belt and lap bar. While I suspect get was tongue in cheek... The belt in LR us just a back up. Normally it does nothing. But the whole point of the primary restraint is to keep you in. But with it you never "almost" anything.
  18. Nothing DW could say that wouldn't be misconstrued by some and then spread far and wide. I do the same, but it's a loosing battle. The GP has no clue about operation or safety. The think shoulder harnesses keep you from falling out when inverted.
  19. I certainly wish someone was more open about the issues. But then you see idiots in the GP that misunderstand such, think it's unsafe, even dangerous and you realize why they don't say much. They almost have to say everything us great because the least indication otherwise leads to rampant fear mongering. Even info on the most esoteric sites makes it to the GP. Look at how fast and wide the rumors about it being "too fast" spread.
  20. I think it was posted/noted that LR has a lot of new subsystems/sensors that haven't been used or used together by RMC.
  21. Why are so many blaming the launch, especially the LSMs? Aborted launches don't mean the LSMs are faulting. Could be any of dozens of sensors on the ride. A lift doesn't solve sensor issues.
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