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  1. Wow. Never would have thought that. While I used my phone it was with wifi (Spectrum in my case)
  2. Seems to be working now. I got to the checkout page to enter payment info. That was w/ Chrome on my phone.
  3. I don't think so. Maybe if you want a dining plan for only your home park it might be an issue (maybe?) but otherwise I can't imagine there being any issues. May have been the bring a friend discounts, which I intended to use. But there was some reason I needed to switch. I also noticed the prices vary across parks. Memberships at SFOG are cheaper than SFNE.
  4. No. Your plan is totally fine. Aren't there some benefits that can only be used at the "home" park? I grabbed a membership in New England and there was some reason I changed it to Georgia (took some effort to get it cancelled/refunded so I could buy with SFOG as home park). May not matter to Shavethewhales, but they should be aware of it.
  5. Major suckage if true. And the ADA being used as a weapon like that (or even being implied) makes me mad. No one gets to enjoy something if it can't be made compliant. Let's just year down/destroy anything that requires 2 working arms and 2 working legs.
  6. I'd expect it to be like any other year. The day before official opening. If the plan is for WG to open with the park in March, pass holder day would be the Friday (Mar 15) before opening weekend (Mar 16). But no official opening date for the area yet, so just speculation. But that's the best bet for a pass holder exclusive. Any later date would mean controlling entry to the area separate from the main entry and that's less likely.
  7. But if you buy a '19 pass now you get guest vouchers. When you activate the pass on first visit in '19 you can also use vouchers the same day if it's a valid date .
  8. Yes, they can be used immediately, as long as you are in the valid date window.
  9. I suggest calling DW. They can advise and my be able to process the discount.
  10. Richter (ML) isn't used anymore (though media mislabels the strength in reports) and the moment magnitude (Mm) scale has no upper bound.
  11. Nice pics and video. http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/wildwood-grove-dollywood-december-construction-update/
  12. For one thing, the "seating" process is much more involved than it is for a regular coaster. I had no issues with seating the first or any other time. Hence my query. My daughter's height and build doesn't work well but is it that common? Wish I could afford one. Lots of "fads" have come and gone, but they weren't all bad. They just get overdone causing burn out. Interesting bit on the conversions. Makes sense though.
  13. Nightmare? Wow so real dislike there. I'm really curious why such strong feeling about them. Worse than old arrow loopers? Worn out/unmaintained woodies? Maybe there's a thread I haven't seen? I rather enjoy them. Would like a bit more as they are sort if tame. Give me higher G's and more inversions, but still a fun ride.
  14. I wonder if it's just specific body shapes/sizes? My son and I both enjoy it (similar height/build). My daughter is shorter and isn't a fan.
  15. Dozens of rides with same/similar restraints. Even at DW, Tennessee Tornado has similar restraints. They are a product of their time. Lots of newer designs but not many rises get new/refitted cars. That said, I've never had issue with MM, TT, or any other ride with that style. Honestly I prefer them to the vests on WE.
  16. I said the $10 increase was reasonable. But up $25 on the gold pass? Has the additional value of the pass really increased $35 in 3 years? (from $40 to $75)
  17. I do recall such an issue at DW. They used a newly developed bank of "ultra capacitors" from Velocity Magnetics that charges at 200 amps but can discharge at 6000 amps. https://patents.justia.com/patent/10046644 And it has a smaller footprint than flywheel generators, important for lightning Rod as there wasn't much room. That said I'd be surprised if there was a power issue in Atlanta. It's a lot different than the rural mountains of TN.
  18. Along with the oddity of pulling passes off the site last week, they are back with a big jump up on the Gold pass. DW Regular $104.00 -> $114 Super Regular $154.00 -> $164 Super Gold $214.00 -> $239 $10 more for the regular passes is OK, but $25 increase for gold? Gold pass is now $75 more than regular pass. For 2016 the gold pass was only $40 more (and Super Gold was only $175, a $64 increase in 3 years). I'm really going to have to reconsider passes now. Some changes and the low sale price ($56, I wouldn't pay $200 for them) lead to me getting Six Flags passes. While I much prefer DW the prices are just getting rough.
  19. I'd hope not. Would really suck to loose a ride due to ADA. But it wouldn't be the 1st time ADA has made things worse. The goal was to increase access for some not remove access for all.
  20. 40k? We get them often in a town of 1200. And the town of 10k nearby several each week.
  21. I don't recall that ever happening. They just rolled over to next year without a break. And I thought '19 passes were already being offered. (Back in August there was a presale mentioned in an email) I've bought in Oct many times. Just guessing, but i'd expect them to be back up before the 10th when park reopens for Christmas. (maybe a glitch with the new site updates) But I'd recommend you call and ask. Explain you're planning a trip and wanted to buy a pass for it.
  22. Was at the park last night. Surprisingly light crowds. Most coasters were walk-on. Only Batman and DDD had much of a line and that was late, after 8. The performers were not out like they were back in late Sep either. Lots of closed food stalls as well. I know it was Tue, but expected it to be busier the night be fore Halloween. It was nice not having to wait much and rode all coasters except Scorcher. Could gave done a lot more but we just took out time and looked around the shops a lot. Longest wait was for funnel cake up front (only one open) at 9:00.
  23. LR and MM didn't open with park today. Maybe the rain. Saw LR launch just after 10:30 but app still says TC. Waiting for rain to clear out before walking over.
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