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  1. Better to give the post number (17201) as the number of posts per page can vary. And Tapatalk doesn't even do pages.
  2. I'll be there in about an hour. Hoping spring break crowds take Sunday off.
  3. Based on the end of last year and comments from Pete at Winter Warm Up, I expect it to be up opening weekend and running consistently.
  4. https://www.dollywood.com/PigeonForge/Included-With-Your-Cabin-Stay I believe the "with tickets" suff is if you buy tickets as part of the reservation. DW cabins are pricey compared to most in the area. You have to decide if the extras are worth the higher price. (As a gold pass holder they aren't) If you decide on 2 days, I'd suggest passes. Make one gold, the parking and discounts pay for it pretty quick. The gold discount for FastPass matches the cabin stay discount, covers parking, and pass get early access too. As for cabins, I've rented through Aunt Bugs a few times. More recently I've used VRBO instead. Better pricing. Really worth looking around. I really liked the convenience of the ones down McCarter Hollow Rd past the DW entrance. Not the greatest views (still nice), but the location made up for it. Sadly most of the close places I stayed in the past are no longer listed the same way. They change companies and names and I can't find them anymore.
  5. No slip. May has been the target opening for months. Right, but this is the first time (that I know of) that they’ve put it on any of their “public” marketing material. I wouldn't exactly call those blog posts "marketing" material.
  6. No slip. May has been the target opening for months. From November I've seen it mentioned other places too. Pete said May on Feb 23 at Winter Warm Up and it was bit a surprise to anyone.
  7. I was trying to plan a Spring Break trip and noticed that Anakeesta has opened Rail Runner. https://www.anakeesta.com/rail-runner/ Surprised it was not mentioned in this thread. So has anyone ridden it yet? How's it compare with the other mountain coasters? (I've ridden them all except Ober's) $22 just to get in at Anakeesta has been a turn off considering what they include (mostly shopping like Ober) and the extra $13 for Rail Runner makes it rather pricey compared to the others (even with half price re-rides). At least Ober has more to offer (depending on time of year).
  8. I was surprised to hear that answer too. Pete seems like a great guy (talked to me and my daughter a bit once on the LR platform) and understands us. Oh, forgot the talk of Slidewinder. Closed for 2019 but no long term decision yet. But then he sounded like he didn't think it'd reopen.
  9. Nice bits in the Q&A. LR mentioned. Still saying the launch wasn't the issue and implies it was mostly the cars. Also TH is getting multi-year track work, replacing the bed with an imported wood (iron wood variety) for better life span.
  10. Seems to be a play on words, and I can see them mistakenly saying sticks. That's the whole point of the play on words. Expect it will mistakenly be called stick until they close/rename them. I personally dislike them. I'd rather a traditional fountain with a decent selection. It is a neat idea, but doesn't work. Too many choices causes people to spend wat to much time. And a large number of the options are bad. Like the flavor ad-ins (cheery, grape, orange, etc) never seem to be the right mix. Normally to weak. Maybe a limited version with the top 10-12 choices, all visible on the main screen.
  11. Well, that's quite the development. The AG seems to have screwed up a lot. No excuse considering how easy it is to get an indictment from a Grand Jury historically.
  12. Got email about Festival of Nations. Info up on website. Of note, the food should be back up to snuff after last year's poor showing. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Festivals/Festival-of-Nations/Passport-to-Foods
  13. Ugg. Are quote tags that hard to get right? BBCode isn't complicated. And trimming quotes seems to be a lost art too.
  14. Did you mean to say something? All I see is a quote.
  15. Well it does offer some nice views of Wild Eagle. It wasn't a great zipline, but was enough to get my daughter hooked. I will miss Slidewinder if it's gone. The Wikipedia edit was done Feb 10 by "Chicagolandcoasters" along with adding Wildwood Grove info. Only other edit from them was same day, with edit for SFGA (adding Maxxforce)
  16. LR ran great this fall once it reopened. The Luminights stuff has increased the late October crowds, but yes everything is running except some water rides.
  17. Not clear, is that one timesaver, 10 uses, for one day, one for the whole stay but good multiple days, 10 uses per day, or the unlimited use version for the whole stay? Given the cost (same as one day, 10 use with gold pass) I expect it's 10 rides total and unlimited shows on any day of the stay. They've already booked so I don't know if they could finagle the pass discount. But yeah, given the prices on most DW cabins wouldn't taken long to pay for the gold pass. Then get length of stay passes for everyone else.
  18. Yeh, always have to check the perks of where you stay. I considered not getting a pass and just staying at DW properties since I won't make as many trips in 2019. But camp sites and season passes works out cheaper for my expected visits.
  19. Bummer if it's spread to PF too. If I remember correctly, Nov 2017 was still, free samples in PF, at least at Old Forge (next to Old Mill). Still free at Tennessee Shine Company out Wears Valley (the PF location, on Teaster, wasn't open yet). I didn't check last year.
  20. Is that still just Gatlinburg or has it spread to PF and beyond? Well, staying at the Dollywood cabins offers you a length of stay pass for $70 ($57 for kids) and free parking. While a Gold Pass discount would be good, takes a lot to justify the added cost. $194 vs 70. To get $124 in discounts you have to spend $620 on food and merchandise in the park. Really have to do the math on that one. How big is the group? How many meals expected? Budget for merchandise at park? Sure if there for several days with 4-5 people it would be beneficial. But if you only plan 2 days at the park (only 1 meal each day) then it's less likely to be a win. Then again, $600 in merchandise isn't hard to spend if you budget allows for it.
  21. I've rented a lot from one company and several months VRBO. Never an issue. I'd be curious about the bad companies you found (PM as not germaine to thread). As for tips/gems, what are your interests? I really enjoy the trails in GSMNP. And zip lines. Haven't found a bad one yet, though liked some more than others. Legacy Mountain has been my favorite.
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